Game Chat – Geelong v Melbourne

Written by Thommo on April 8 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 4:35pm AEST


R23, 2016, Geelong 24.11 (155) d Melbourne 6.8 (44) at Simonds Stadium
R12, 2015, Melbourne 18.5 (113) d Geelong 13.11 (89) at Simonds Stadium
R17, 2014, Geelong 14.18 (102) d Melbourne 5.6 (36) at the MCG
R16, 2013, Geelong 13.20 (98) d Melbourne 4.6 (30) at Simonds Stadium
R6, 2012, Geelong 17.17 (119) d Melbourne 11.10 (76) at Simonds Stadium

Game notes: Two undefeated teams going head to head; one with almost a full list to choose from and the other without two key players thanks to fresh suspensions. The Cats are fairly healthy going into this clash, with just Cam Guthrie and Scott Selwood from their regular team unlikely to play, but the Demons have suffered a hit with Jordan Lewis and Jesse Hogan to sit out after accepting three- and two-week sanctions respectively. It’s a significant blow for the Demons, who have won their first two games for the first time since 2005, especially when coming up against the damaging midfield brigade of Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood and Daniel Menzel, and in-form half-back pair Zach Tuohy and Andrew Mackie.

Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 12 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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52 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v Melbourne”

  1. Geelong v Melbourne at Etihad Stadium, 4.35pm AEST


    Geelong: Sam Menegola, Cameron Guthrie, Steven Motlop, Jackson Thurlow
    Melbourne: Dom Tyson, Jake Melksham, Mitch Hannan, James Harmes


  2. Would it be crazy to not C Danger and go with Selwood instead? Has an excellent record against the dees


    1. Had Menegola as a rookie last year and he turned into a keeper.
      Noticed then that he always scored much better in the 2nd half – looks like he is doing the same this season


  3. Melbourne is fortunate to be leading the inside 50 count by 50%; Geelong is marking 60% of the time they go inside 50. If that trend continues, then if the midfield balance shifts in their favour, they’ll run away with it.


    1. Quarter time:

      Geelong’s M50 percentage is now 50%. Melbourne is up 33% in I50s (probably due to their dominance in clearances). If Melbourne’s backline doesn’t lift, things could get ugly if/when Dangerwood gets going in the midfield.


      1. Melbourne’s M50 percentage is now also very high (over 30%), albeit nowhere near Geelong’s. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.



    Geelong 5.2.32
    Melbourne 2.4.16

    T. Hawkins 44
    M. Blicavs 43
    D. Menzel 35
    Z. Smith 32
    M. Duncan 31
    Z. Tuohy 26
    T. Ruggles 26
    P. Dangerfield 26
    J. Parsons 24
    L. McCarthy 24
    L. Henderson 21
    J. Selwood 21
    T. Lonergan 18
    B. Parfitt 16
    A. Mackie 16
    S. Menegola 14
    S. Motlop 12
    T. Stewart 9
    J. Thurlow 7
    C. Guthrie 6
    J. Murdoch 5
    H. Taylor 0

    T. McDonald 37
    N. Jones 30
    A. Neal-Bullen 27
    B. Stretch 27
    C. Petracca 25
    M. Gawn 24
    J. Watts 21
    J. Viney 19
    J. Melksham 13
    N. Jetta 13
    O. McDonald 13
    T. Smith 13
    C. Oliver 11
    J. Hunt 10
    J. Harmes 9
    M. Hannan 9
    C. Salem 8
    J. Garlett 7
    D. Tyson 6
    B. Vince 4
    D. Kent 4
    S. Weideman -3


  5. 1/2 Time

    Geelong 9.2.56 lead Melbourne 7.11.53

    P. Dangerfield 61
    T. Hawkins 60
    D. Menzel 55
    M. Blicavs 54
    Z. Smith 52
    Z. Tuohy 43
    J. Selwood 41
    S. Motlop 39
    S. Menegola 38
    T. Ruggles 38
    M. Duncan 37
    J. Parsons 36
    B. Parfitt 36
    J. Thurlow 31
    T. Lonergan 28
    L. Henderson 26
    L. McCarthy 25
    A. Mackie 22
    C. Guthrie 20
    J. Murdoch 20
    T. Stewart 16
    H. Taylor 10

    J. Watts 70
    J. Hunt 70
    N. Jones 60
    C. Petracca 56
    A. Neal-Bullen 53
    J. Viney 53
    B. Stretch 49
    T. McDonald 47
    C. Oliver 43
    J. Melksham 39
    D. Kent 39
    J. Garlett 34
    C. Salem 33
    M. Gawn 30
    O. McDonald 29
    T. Smith 27
    N. Jetta 24
    J. Harmes 22
    D. Tyson 15
    B. Vince 12
    S. Weideman 9
    M. Hannan 8


      1. Did all the scores for every game the last few seasons and had been sighted sparingly on the site this season.


  6. Very very strange game. Dees should be up by about 6 goals.
    Geelong very fumbly which slows down any chance of getting ahead of the ball.


    1. Eagle/Assassin,
      Many of our Forum members voiced their concern about your posts last week. It’s one thing to disagree about the umpiring, it’s another to spam each thread with 15+ msgs about it.
      Take a leaf from “Harbour Heroes” book and voice your concern in 1-2 posts using constructive criticism. If we continue to receive complaints about your incessant umpire comments then I won’t hesitate to delete them. As I said earlier, stick to Supercoach aspect when possible. Thank you!



    Geelong 14.2.86
    Melbourne 12.17.89

    Z. Smith 98
    P. Dangerfield 89
    T. Hawkins 89
    J. Selwood 78
    S. Menegola 74
    D. Menzel 70
    M. Blicavs 67
    S. Motlop 66
    M. Duncan 66
    A. Mackie 57
    Z. Tuohy 54
    B. Parfitt 54
    T. Ruggles 49
    J. Parsons 39
    J. Murdoch 37
    J. Thurlow 35
    C. Guthrie 28
    T. Lonergan 26
    L. Henderson 24
    L. McCarthy 23
    T. Stewart 19
    H. Taylor 17

    J. Watts 101
    N. Jones 99
    A. Neal-Bullen 99
    D. Kent 90
    J. Hunt 84
    C. Oliver 83
    B. Stretch 81
    C. Petracca 76
    J. Viney 73
    J. Melksham 67
    N. Jetta 54
    T. McDonald 51
    J. Harmes 51
    J. Garlett 50
    O. McDonald 50
    C. Salem 49
    D. Tyson 35
    B. Vince 31
    M. Gawn 26
    T. Smith 26
    S. Weideman 14
    M. Hannan 6


  8. Agonised over whether to axe Parfitt or Pickett to get WHE this week. Looks like I actually made a good call (so far)!



    Geelong 20.6 (126)
    Melbourne 13.19 (97)

    P. Dangerfield 141
    Z. Smith 125
    M. Duncan 117
    T. Hawkins 115
    J. Selwood 114
    B. Parfitt 101
    M. Blicavs 99
    S. Menegola 91
    D. Menzel 91
    S. Motlop 81
    A. Mackie 74
    Z. Tuohy 67
    J. Parsons 50
    T. Ruggles 50
    J. Murdoch 49
    L. McCarthy 48
    J. Thurlow 43
    T. Lonergan 41
    L. Henderson 41
    C. Guthrie 32
    H. Taylor 25
    T. Stewart 22

    A. Neal-Bullen 122
    J. Watts 122
    N. Jones 121
    D. Kent 110
    J. Hunt 109
    C. Oliver 105
    J. Viney 103
    C. Petracca 99
    B. Stretch 98
    J. Melksham 86
    T. McDonald 76
    N. Jetta 71
    C. Salem 70
    O. McDonald 64
    J. Harmes 62
    J. Garlett 61
    B. Vince 48
    D. Tyson 45
    M. Gawn 27
    T. Smith 26
    M. Hannan 25
    S. Weideman 14


  10. Your life must be very boring and sad eagle/assassins. Perhaps you find a mate and get all your conspiracies out and leave this site for supercoachers


    1. Or that feeling when you don’t even need to check the score when the Team you are playing against is called “GawnOfThrones” .

      I apologise in advance to Gawn owners for that joke in poor taste but couldn’t resist! Mind you I’ve got Turner and Taranto on the field and they don’t, so this could spectacularly backfire!


      1. Yesterday was a sad day for my team “GawnOfThrones” with big Max doing his string.

        Thinking i should change team name to

        TU – “Darkest B4 The Return Of Gawn”
        TD – “NankOfThrones”


          1. On the bright side it is only a hammy, could have been his knee. Also Freo play the Dees next week so Sandi should make some extra points if we stick with Watts in the ruck, surely Spencer comes in though.

            More disappointed in losing the game, kick straight and the Dees are 3-0. But in saying that being a long-suffering Demons fan I’ll take a 2-1 start.


  11. 4 weeks. If you have Preuss (or Nank/Strnadica combo) do you carry Gawn on the bench?

    For me I’m lucky I went Sandi/Witts and Nank up front. It means Gawn will be at his low price point when I need to offload Witts for the bye.

    I’d hate to be facing the choice on a ruck at present. There seem to be no certainties.


    1. Gawn, Sandi and Strandica in ruck with Nank in fwd line for backup.

      Swap Nank and Strandica, then Gawn to the bench for 4 very long weeks.

      He is still the best ruck in the comp in my (slightly biased) opinion, so trading him out and then back in not really worth it whilst Nank is performing.

      One upside is that I can loophole the fwd line rookies for a few weeks with Strandica and try nail those tricky rookie scores.

      Now watch as 211 snaps in half next week.


      1. That way of thinking definitely has something to it. On a similar note (RDT though), I have both Preuss and Nank, was thinking of giving Preuss a fly and swinging the two if he crashed and burnt. Fantasy Freako saying a month is too long to play a rookie but I’m still stinging from many burnt injury forced ruck trades a couple of years ago….
        A week to think about it atleast.



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