Game Chat – Geelong vs North Melbourne

Written by Huttabito on April 2 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium 1:10pm AEST

Last Time They Met: R12, 2016, Geelong Cats 15.15 (105) d North Melbourne 12.2 (74) at Etihad Stadium

Game Notes: These two teams are coming off vastly different round one experiences. The Cats travelled to Perth to beat Fremantle by 42 points while the Kangaroos hosted West Coast and fell 43 points short. The Cats’ backline shone against the Dockers with Andrew Mackie and Lachie Henderson impressive, while Patrick Dangerfield and Mitch Duncan were important in the middle. The Roos were led by Jack Ziebell and Andrew Swallow, but let down by inaccurate kicking for goal from Jarrad Waite (now out with a shoulder injury) and Lindsay Thomas. Both teams played on Sunday so neither team has a break advantage, but the Cats had to return home from Perth after their victory so essentially go in with one less day of preparation.

Huttabito’s Tip: Geelong by 40 (1-1)

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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62 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong vs North Melbourne”

  1. Final teams for #AFLCatsNorth

    Todd Goldstein is OUT, replaced by Braydon Preuss

    No changes


    1. Hutta, or any of the other AFL SC legends on here, is it worth playing the kanga kid Preuss over Sandi??

      just a thought by a rookie here..


        1. hey there Hutta.. mate this is only my second season playing AFL SC, NRL back ground, but right into the AFL now as well.. I would say h2h only 100%.. was just a thought, but I’ll leave Sandi on field.. Nank from Tigers is my other rover..


      1. Thanks Weendog. May be a big 0 for me in the RUC. Have Nank in FWD but can’t do anything about that.
        Have some cash from Roo trade and was planning on Smith to Marchbank (have Hampton as E).
        Dilemma now so after some feedback
        TU- Trade Goldy to Gawn to avoid a 0 with Hampton’s score in DEF
        TD – Cop the 0 from Goldy and upgrade Smith to Marchbank

        Cheers community


  2. Don’t see how we can win this one today but I’m here and I’ll cheer on my team regardless. Just hope we can make it a contest.

    Will keep you up-to-date with the quarter scores.


  3. I was going to take Pendlebury’s 120 as the captain, until I saw Goldstein was out.

    Come on Danger, do me proud



    Geelong: 2.1.13
    North Melbourne: 6.2.38

    J. Selwood 34
    A. Mackie 30
    P. Dangerfield 28
    M. Duncan 26
    B. Parfitt 25
    D. Menzel 23
    L. Henderson 21
    R. Stanley 16
    T. Stewart 16
    M. Blicavs 13
    T. Ruggles 13
    T. Hawkins 10
    Z. Tuohy 10
    S. Motlop 10
    H. Taylor 8
    T. Lonergan 7
    J. Thurlow 6
    D. Lang 5
    L. McCarthy 5
    J. Cowan 5
    J. Murdoch 2
    G. Horlin-Smith 2

    S. Higgins 56
    T. Dumont 44
    M. Daw 34
    R. Tarrant 34
    B. Preuss 33
    S. Gibson 31
    B. Brown 28
    S. Thompson 28
    S. Atley 27
    A. Mullett 23
    M. Williams 23
    J. Ziebell 18
    J. Macmillan 18
    L. McDonald 17
    T. Garner 16
    B. Cunnington 13
    N. Hrovat 13
    K. Turner 13
    J. Simpkin 11
    L. Hansen 11
    L. Thomas 11
    A. Swallow 8


    1. thank you Roo bloke for posting the scores.. really appreciate it mate, and all the other lads on this brilliant site.. if there is a better AFL site for news scores and help then this 1, I haven’t found it..


      1. Round 1 starter for me. I know he’s a preseason tease but he’s been solid since 2015.

        It is a different missy.



    Geelong: 7.6.48
    North Melbourne: 8.6.54

    A. Mackie 76
    J. Selwood 60
    D. Menzel 54
    P. Dangerfield 53
    M. Duncan 47
    M. Blicavs 41
    L. McCarthy 40
    G. Horlin-Smith 38
    Z. Tuohy 37
    T. Stewart 33
    R. Stanley 32
    S. Motlop 30
    L. Henderson 29
    T. Lonergan 27
    B. Parfitt 25
    J. Thurlow 25
    J. Murdoch 24
    T. Ruggles 23
    T. Hawkins 17
    H. Taylor 17
    J. Cowan 14
    D. Lang 9

    S. Higgins 83
    S. Gibson 70
    R. Tarrant 62
    S. Atley 58
    T. Dumont 57
    B. Brown 56
    M. Daw 53
    B. Preuss 53
    J. Macmillan 53
    J. Ziebell 42
    A. Mullett 40
    B. Cunnington 34
    M. Williams 33
    S. Thompson 29
    J. Simpkin 29
    L. McDonald 28
    L. Hansen 23
    T. Garner 22
    K. Turner 22
    L. Thomas 20
    N. Hrovat 17
    A. Swallow 13


  6. Observations

    * Preuss can play. Not sure how NM fit Goldy, Preuss and Daw all into the same team but we’ve two genuine ruck options and Daw’s definitely playing his role.
    * Lots of corridor footy from both teams seeming to want to take the game on. Skill level isn’t there to necessarily do it like the Doggies and Giants can.


    1. Using him as a foil for TommaHawk.

      Last year they used Kirstin and Stanley, but Kirstin is now gone and probably wasn’t ready and Stanley doesn’t have the footy smarts.

      Black isn’t a genuine tall and plays the same game as Menzel. They need to shape one of the young forwards in the reserves to play that role and bring them in the 2nd half of the season.



    Geelong: 12.7.79
    North Melbourne: 16.8.104

    P. Dangerfield 90
    J. Selwood 88
    A. Mackie 82
    D. Menzel 70
    M. Duncan 66
    G. Horlin-Smith 61
    M. Blicavs 61
    T. Hawkins 56
    T. Stewart 53
    Z. Tuohy 49
    R. Stanley 47
    J. Thurlow 44
    L. McCarthy 41
    S. Motlop 41
    J. Murdoch 41
    L. Henderson 37
    H. Taylor 35
    B. Parfitt 32
    T. Lonergan 32
    T. Ruggles 30
    J. Cowan 25
    D. Lang 14

    S. Higgins 117
    B. Brown 88
    T. Dumont 85
    B. Cunnington 79
    S. Gibson 75
    B. Preuss 71
    L. Thomas 70
    R. Tarrant 68
    J. Macmillan 68
    S. Atley 67
    J. Ziebell 65
    M. Daw 64
    M. Williams 60
    K. Turner 59
    J. Simpkin 53
    A. Mullett 52
    L. McDonald 45
    A. Swallow 45
    T. Garner 43
    L. Hansen 38
    N. Hrovat 36
    S. Thompson 30


    1. Win or lose it was important we played with a bit more ticker today; bit disappointing to throw it away after leading the whole game but a great effort nonetheless



    Geelong: 17.10.112
    North Melbourne: 17.9.111

    P. Dangerfield 138
    J. Selwood 127
    A. Mackie 101
    M. Duncan 100
    D. Menzel 94
    S. Motlop 84
    T. Hawkins 81
    Z. Tuohy 80
    G. Horlin-Smith 77
    M. Blicavs 72
    R. Stanley 66
    L. Henderson 64
    J. Thurlow 62
    T. Stewart 61
    D. Lang 60
    L. McCarthy 51
    H. Taylor 45
    T. Lonergan 45
    J. Murdoch 44
    T. Ruggles 39
    J. Cowan 36
    B. Parfitt 33

    S. Higgins 130
    R. Tarrant 125
    B. Preuss 109
    S. Gibson 107
    B. Cunnington 99
    M. Williams 91
    M. Daw 88
    J. Macmillan 87
    B. Brown 87
    T. Dumont 86
    S. Atley 84
    J. Ziebell 73
    K. Turner 72
    L. Thomas 71
    L. McDonald 68
    L. Hansen 67
    N. Hrovat 58
    T. Garner 52
    A. Mullett 51
    J. Simpkin 48
    S. Thompson 46
    A. Swallow 42


  9. As a North supporter I have watched Swallow quite a bit and is anyone with me that Swallow needs to be dropped or retire this year.



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