Game Chat – Geelong vs Port Adelaide

Written by Thommo on May 25 2017

Venue: Simonds Stadium, Geelong at 7:20pm AEST

R5, 2016, Geelong 16.11 (107) d Port Adelaide 8.11 (59) at Adelaide Oval
R11, 2015, Geelong 14.8 (92) d Port Adelaide 11.3 (69) at Adelaide Oval
R6, 2014, Port Adelaide 16.11 (107) d Geelong 9.13 (67) at Adelaide Oval
2SF, 2013, Geelong 13.18 (96) d Port Adelaide 12.8 (80) at the MCG
R20, 2013, Geelong 20.9 (129) d Port Adelaide 16.8 (104) at Simonds Stadium

Game notes: Geelong responded emphatically to its dismal 14-tackle first half against Essendon by amassing a club record 134 tackles against the Western Bulldogs last round, withstanding a gritty second-half comeback in the process. It was a swift turnaround considering Geelong laid a total of just 40 tackles against the Bombers the week prior, with the upset loss representing the first time since 2006 they’d dropped three successive games. The third-placed Cats face a six-day break ahead of the second of three straight matches under lights at the redeveloped Simonds Stadium, and must replicate the explosive intensity they showed against the Bulldogs. Port Adelaide, meanwhile, will be feeling refreshed from its early mid-season bye coming off a historic win in China. However, there’s some uncertainty how the sixth-placed Power will perform straight after the break – at a venue where they have won only twice in 13 encounters, the most recent in 2007.

Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 18 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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58 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong vs Port Adelaide”

  1. I am stuck in a tough spot here
    Option 1 TU
    Preuss -> strnadica as soldo dropped
    Balic -> danger
    And then take a doughnut from Sandi
    Option 2 TD
    Or upgrade Sandi and forget about Danger


  2. Geelong v Port Adelaide at Simonds Stadium, 7.20pm


    Geelong: Scott Selwood, Jordan Murdoch, Jordan Cunico, Steven Motlop
    Port Adelaide: Sam Powell-Pepper, Hamish Hartlett, Aaron Young, Karl Amon


  3. Only have $36k.
    Thinking of Stewart to McInnes. Money would allow upgrade of Marchbank
    TU: Do it
    TD: Save it


      1. Thanks Chillo. Well that makes thing easier. I am out and about and haven’t been able to check teams since this afternoon before teams were announced.


  4. Half time, Gee 44 v PA 36

    P Dangerfield 75
    J Selwood 70
    A Mackie 66
    M Blicavs 61
    M Duncan 58
    D Lang 58
    Z Tuohy 52
    L Henderson 51
    S Menegola 50
    D Menzel 50
    Z Smith 50
    J Kolodjashnij 46
    C Guthrie 44
    S Selwood 42
    T Hawkins 40
    T Stewart 31
    J Bews 22
    J Cunico 22
    S Motlop 20
    H Taylor 14
    J Parsons 7
    J Murdoch 3

    J Polec 69
    J Westhoff 67
    O Wines 65
    B Ebert 50
    B Ah Chee 46
    R Gray 42
    J Hombsch 34
    T Boak 34
    A Young 32
    S Gray 31
    P Ryder 29
    C Dixon 27
    T Jonas 25
    J Trengove 25
    K Amon 23
    D B-Jones 21
    M Broadbent 21
    J Impey 18
    T Clurey 17
    J Pittard 15
    S P-Pepper 15
    H Hartlett 9


  5. 3 qtr time. Gee 68 v PA 63

    M Duncan 95
    S Selwood 90
    D Lang 88
    P Dangerfield 87
    J Selwood 85
    A Mackie 79
    M Blicavs 78
    C Guthrie 70
    Z Tuohy 69
    Z Smith 67
    L Henderson 63
    D Menzel 62
    S Menegola 60
    S Motlop 60
    T Hawkins 58
    T Stewart 53
    J Kolodjashnij 51
    J Murdoch 49
    J Bews 44
    J Parsons 37
    J Cunico 28
    H Taylor 20

    R Gray 95
    J Westhoff 82
    O Wines 77
    J Polec 75
    B Ebert 62
    C Dixon 62
    S Gray 53
    T Jonas 49
    S P-Pepper 46
    T Boak 42
    A Young 41
    B Ah Chee 40
    D B-Jones 39
    P Ryder 36
    T Clurey 36
    J Hombsch 34
    J Trengove 34
    K Amon 34
    J Pittard 29
    M Broadbent 27
    H Hartlett 23
    J Impey 22


    1. Pendles is playing at home taking on the lions …
      Mitchell is playing away up against red-hot ex-teammates (mind you he is extremely comfortable playing at the SCG)


  6. Gee 81 d PA 79

    P Dangerfield 164
    J Selwood 135
    M Blicavs 100
    M Duncan 100
    S Selwood 98
    D Lang 92
    S Menegola 87
    L Henderson 84
    T Stewart 84
    Z Tuohy 84
    S Motlop 82
    J Murdoch 82
    C Guthrie 79
    A Mackie 79
    T Hawkins 74
    Z Smith 73
    D Menzel 57
    J Kolodjashnij 56
    J Bews 52
    J Cunico 50
    J Parsons 42
    H Taylor 41

    J Polec 132
    O Wines 106
    R Gray 104
    B Ebert 99
    J Westhoff 98
    C Dixon 76
    T Jonas 75
    P Ryder 69
    B Ah Chee 64
    J Hombsch 62
    T Boak 62
    S Gray 61
    J Pittard 61
    S P-Pepper 55
    D B-Jones 49
    J Trengove 46
    H Hartlett 43
    A Young 41
    T Clurey 41
    J Impey 39
    K Amon 39
    M Broadbent 33


    1. If only it were that simple, I would need to trade Marchbank to a rookie that isn’t playing this week, that will play in the future, any ideas?


        1. Or that guy from the Bombers who’s been on the bubble for weeks.

          Not worth upending your side for a 91 though.


      1. Def: L Ryan (Freo)
        A Johnson (Syd)

        If several dpp links:
        Mid: H Wigg (Adel)

        B Ainsworth (GC and expected to return next week)
        C Brown (Coll and father-son selection)

        Fwd: W Rioli (WC, returned from injury and had 16 disposals, 6 marks and 4 goals from limited minutes (67 mins) for East Perth Reserves)


  7. P Dangerfield:
    2017 SS Avg (including tonight): 157 from 2 (low of 151 and a high of 163)
    Avg at SS since 2016 (including tonight): 141 from 10 (low of 111 and a high of 166, 9/10 120+)


    1. Made light of this when everyone scampered for a new skipper last week and got downvoted haha. Ahhhh, the hive mind


  8. T Steward 91 E on bench. Can loophole but it’s either Newman or Harbrow.
    Not really keen on benching either but 91 is 91
    TU Newman
    TD Harbrow


    1. Both average more than 91, and have 3 round averages over 100. I’d keep Stewart on the bench. You might lose 10-15, but could gain 30+.


  9. Decision to be made for my trades tomorrow
    TU : OUT- Marchbank & Balic, IN- T Adams & D Lloyd or Perryman (to work in with Adams DPP)
    TD: OUT – Marchbank & Balic, IN – T Mitchell & Perryman (and get T Adams later on as a MID and use the DPP link to move him into DEF)


  10. Well, turns out my putting Hampton on the field to loophole Stewart “just in case” actually worked out. Thank you McInnes for not being named.

    Of course putting the VC on Titch and not Danger could end up badly. Stupid last minute match winning goal.


    1. After the success stories of JOM and Swallow this year, we’ll see how desperate I am!

      Also trades are thinning so will need to weigh up if I can afford an upgrade to him from Pickett and then another to move him on later…


    2. Considered him this week but nect week looks good.

      If you look at his history if fit he is potentially a 110 per game premo.

      At 281k he is cheap enough to be a comfirtable m9 for late in the season, and that suggests you have cash growth to burn.

      Only issue i see is i have so many fixed mids already.

      For mine him and Greenwood will be by two ins next week, giving me very healthy numbers during the Round 11 bye.



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