Game Chat – Geelong vs Sydney

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 4 2017

Venue: Simonds Stadium, Friday, August 4, 7.50pm AEST


2PF, 2016, Sydney 15.7 (97) d Geelong 8.12 (60) at the MCG
R16, 2016, Sydney 15.8 (98) d Geelong 9.6 (60) at Simonds Stadium
R19, 2015, Geelong 14.11 (95) d Sydney 9.9 (63) at Simonds Stadium
R7, 2015, Sydney 18.12 (120) d Geelong 11.11 (77) at ANZ Stadium
R11, 2014, Sydney 22.16 (148) d Geelong 5.8 (38) at the SCG


Game Notes:  The Cats are second on the ladder with 12 wins; one full game behind top-placed Adelaide after the Crows’ draw with Collingwood on Sunday. They comfortably accounted for a tired Carlton outfit on Saturday night by 65 points, which was their fourth win in six games. The victory was spearheaded by Tom Hawkins’ six goals, but came at a cost with Brownlow medallist Patrick Dangerfield suspended for a week for his tackle on Matthew Kreuzer. Meanwhile, the Swans are sixth and atop the logjam of teams on eight wins that extends down to the Western Bulldogs in ninth. Their charge to September that included seven straight wins and 10 since round seven hit a bump on Friday night when they lost a thriller to Hawthorn at the MCG. Josh Kennedy was subdued in the loss and is in doubt with a hamstring problem, but Lance Franklin is available after he escaped suspension for his run-in with ex-teammate Luke Hodge.


Schwarz’s Tip:  Sydney by 2 points


While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.






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27 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong vs Sydney”

  1. So after much tinkering and endless research…….

    I’m trading Josh P Kennedy for…….

    Josh J Kennedy!

    Leaves me with 2 trades and $180k to play with.

    Bench cover is very thin so fingers crossed for no late outs!


    Late change in the commentary box – Brian Taylor is unwell and won’t be calling tonight (or roaming)………


    1. Best News i have heard all day considering i have come down with a cold myself. There should be some actual commentary of the play tonight rather than what the boundary umpire is doing etc.


  3. I dumped Danger in an attempt to advance in Finals. (Trust me, I could go on forever as to why it makes sense for the situation my team is in).

    T/U – That type of $ making move makes sense for me too!
    T/D – Yo, bozo! You’ll regret it. Typical Final-Rookie mistake, trading out the #1 Ranked Player.



    CATS 36 vs SWANS 65

    M. Duncan 70
    Z. Smith 68
    Z. Tuohy 62
    S. Selwood 58
    T. Lonergan 56
    S. Menegola 54
    T. Hawkins 46
    A. Mackie 45
    T. Stewart 44
    L. Henderson 42
    J. Selwood 36
    C. Guthrie 33
    J. Murdoch 31
    J. Thurlow 28
    S. Simpson 25
    J. Kolodjashnij 21
    J. Parsons 21
    H. Taylor 17
    Z. Guthrie 16
    B. Parfitt 14
    W. Buzza 14
    J. Bews 12

    J. McVeigh 74
    L. Parker 71
    S. Reid 61
    D. Hannebery 52
    D. Rampe 47
    W. Hayward 44
    T. Papley 42
    K. Jack 35
    J. Lloyd 35
    I. Heeney 35
    G. Hewett 34
    G. Rohan 32
    L. Franklin 30
    Z. Jones 30
    C. Mills 29
    H. Grundy 29
    N. Newman 28
    D. Towers 27
    L. Melican 25
    N. Smith 25
    C. Sinclair 23
    K. Tippett 23


  5. 3QTR TIME

    CATS 50 vs SWANS 75

    M. Duncan 116
    Z. Smith 97
    T. Hawkins 88
    S. Selwood 85
    Z. Tuohy 84
    S. Menegola 80
    J. Selwood 71
    T. Lonergan 65
    L. Henderson 63
    J. Thurlow 60
    A. Mackie 58
    J. Murdoch 58
    T. Stewart 52
    C. Guthrie 45
    J. Parsons 45
    H. Taylor 42
    S. Simpson 41
    J. Kolodjashnij 36
    Z. Guthrie 27
    W. Buzza 24
    J. Bews 23
    B. Parfitt 23

    L. Parker 113
    J. McVeigh 95
    S. Reid 76
    N. Newman 69
    D. Hannebery 67
    D. Rampe 66
    W. Hayward 62
    T. Papley 61
    K. Jack 55
    I. Heeney 53
    C. Sinclair 53
    G. Hewett 50
    G. Rohan 45
    H. Grundy 44
    C. Mills 42
    J. Lloyd 37
    Z. Jones 37
    K. Tippett 37
    N. Smith 35
    L. Melican 34
    D. Towers 31
    L. Franklin 31


  6. The commentators still squeal when Buddy kicks a goal but seriously how long
    has it been since he was an elite rather than just a good player?


      1. Fair call Dermot , perhaps I should have said I don’t think he is a superstar
        anymore but one of a group of 6-8 good forwards nowadays.


  7. Joel Selwood took a few hits tonight and has been rested in the last qtr. Should get up for the game against Richmond next week. Didn’t see it but Duncan will be looked at by MRP during the week (hit Papley in the chest apparently)…….


    1. Knowing geelongs luck with the mrp they will probs give him a week. Looked soft as butter from papley though flopping like he has been shot



    CATS 61 vs SWANS 107
    M. Duncan 133
    Z. Smith 121
    S. Menegola 112
    S. Selwood 111
    T. Hawkins 107
    Z. Tuohy 103
    J. Selwood 83
    A. Mackie 81
    J. Thurlow 80
    L. Henderson 79
    T. Lonergan 79
    J. Murdoch 74
    T. Stewart 67
    H. Taylor 58
    C. Guthrie 58
    S. Simpson 56
    J. Parsons 56
    J. Kolodjashnij 46
    W. Buzza 44
    Z. Guthrie 38
    B. Parfitt 34
    J. Bews 30

    L. Parker 138
    J. McVeigh 113
    D. Hannebery 110
    S. Reid 108
    W. Hayward 97
    D. Rampe 87
    I. Heeney 85
    N. Newman 84
    T. Papley 83
    K. Jack 77
    G. Hewett 75
    C. Sinclair 75
    G. Rohan 62
    C. Mills 62
    J. Lloyd 59
    K. Tippett 57
    H. Grundy 56
    N. Smith 49
    Z. Jones 47
    L. Franklin 43
    D. Towers 41
    L. Melican 40


  9. Loopholed Lloyd tonight in mids , should have loopholed Buddy in fwds.
    Been a fan of Buddy for a while but he is crap at the moment.


  10. Not a great game or great start for some of the popular SC players. Have Lloyd on the bench but i think i will whack Greenwood on the field rather than take his 59.

    Gutsy effort by Selwood to come back on and save a disaster going from 37 at half time to 83 when he went off with 5 Free kicks for helping his score.

    On a side note tossed up between Beams and Parker for JPK and went with Beams.


  11. Sydney just have geelongs number. Not enough pressure and detirmination from geelong. Bottom 10 players are no where near premiership quality. Ive also been saying for years that Chris scott is a bang average coach and he proved that again tonight. His a good team builder but when it comes to tactics the bloke has no idea. All he seems to talk about is being “optimistic”. Hurts to say but no selwood and danger no geelong 🙁



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