Game Chat – Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Written by Thommo on May 19 2017

Venue: Simonds Stadium at 7:50pm AEST


R19, 2016, Geelong 16.7 (103) d Western Bulldogs 11.12 (78) at Simonds Stadium
R13, 2016, Geelong 16.4 (100) d Western Bulldogs 5.13 (43) at Etihad Stadium
R16, 2015, Geelong 10.12 (72) d Western Bulldogs 9.10 (64) at Simonds Stadium
R16, 2014, Geelong 10.9 (69) d Western Bulldogs 7.14 (56) at Simonds Stadium
R5, 2013, Geelong 15.17 (107) d Western Bulldogs 13.8 (86) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: The Bulldogs are likely to start favourites against a Geelong side off the boil, but the visitors will need to snap a 10-game losing streak against the Cats since 2009 if they’re to claim the four points. Another glaring stat is the Dogs haven’t won at the Cattery since 2003. Whether playing for Adelaide or Geelong, Patrick Dangerfield has been a constant thorn in the Dogs’ side, and limiting the Brownlow medallist’s impact will be central in Luke Beveridge’s planning. Something else that would be worrying the premiership coach is his side’s ongoing inability to put a decent score on the board from an adequate amount of inside 50s. Chris Scott on the other hand, was furious with the Cats’ paltry 13 first-half tackles in the loss to Essendon last week, so expect a fired up home side looking for redemption.

Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 10 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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72 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong vs Western Bulldogs”

    Geelong: Cameron Guthrie (ill) replaced in selected side by Jordan Murdoch
    Western Bulldogs: Nil

    Geelong: Jake Kolodjashnij, Steven Motlop, Mark O’Connor, Jordan Murdoch
    Western Bulldogs: Clay Smith, Lukas Webb, Bailey Williams, Matt Suckling


      1. Now you mention it I am sure the community would do everything in their powers to keep it as even as possible 😛


  2. any reason to VC Danger instead of Bont when Danger has a 3 game average of 95 while Bont has a 3 game average of 122?


  3. Call me silly, but I’ve bypassed the Bont and Danger as my VC options and taken a punt on Selwood tonight. 3 poor games in a row and the first game at SS for the year. Have a feeling he is in for a big contested night.


    1. I too, have slammed the (VC) on J.Selwood.

      He is also my latest recuit and I laugh in the face of his 150 BE.


          1. He’s building. Think Danger got off to too much of a flyer to catch. Not too displeased with the finish of Selwood though. Was always happy to cop a small price drop to lock him in this week.


      1. Wallis 133 Macrae 87. Take 16 off for Wallis’s 2 goals is still 117. Wallis’s return is going to affect Macrae’s scores. I have Macrae and I can’t understand the thumbs down. They play very silmilar games.


  4. Because you said Please Belly.

    Quarter Time

    Dangerfiled 57
    Tuohy 32
    Duncan 31
    Blicavs 26
    Smith 25
    Kolojashnij 24
    Mackie 24
    Menegola 22
    J.Selwood 22
    S.Selwood 20
    Cockatoo 18
    Motlop 17
    Stewart 15
    Bews 13
    Henderson 13
    Lonergan 11
    Parsons 11
    Hawkins 10
    OÇonner 8
    Murdoch 8
    Menzel 8
    Taylor 4

    Dhalhaus 38
    Wallis 33
    Wood 29
    Smith 27
    T.Boyd 27
    Adams 27
    Suckling 26
    Daniel 25
    Dickson 25
    Jong 25
    Johannisen 23
    R/murphy 20
    Webb 20
    Dale 17
    Morris 16
    Bontempelli 14
    Williams 12
    Macrae 11
    Cloke 10
    Picken 10
    Redpath 10
    Hunter 10


  5. Danger heading for 200 here

    I know Beveridge doesn’t believe in tagging, but he has to do something


  6. lads surely this can’t be right.. apparently 8 so called “SuperCoaches” traded out Danger for the Bont this round.. if that’s true, that is astonishing and just plain stupid..


  7. Of course went and decided that in spite of all the historical data telling me to do the complete opposite, I was going to give the VC to Bontempelli over Dangerfield…


      1. Are you sure you don’t have me confused with somebody else? I certainly don’t take pleasure in others’ misfortunes. Keep in mind that there is more than one Jack on here.

        I do sometimes make the odd tongue-in-cheek post, but it is never intended to be offensive to anybody. Hell, half the time it is directed at myself!


        1. No worries Jack i just remember someone calling a Jack to stop being a Campainer for sticking it to people if they had Captained a player that had underperformed.

          Bad Luck is Bad Luck that is all and i like to see people do well rather than be happy that things haven’t worked out how they planned.

          Anyway All Good and hope you nail your other Captain’s choice.


          1. I know exactly the Jack comment TDA but I’ve noticed about 4 people called Jack all with different email/isp addresses on SCT so benefit of the doubt on this.

            The amount of times I’ve double taked on the trades thread going, wait, but you already have him? Is ridiculous.


              1. No problems, TDA. No hard feelings 🙂

                If either you or Huttabito has the link to the post in question I’ll be happy to confirm whether it was mine or not. I doubt it would have been, because I don’t tend to disparage other people’s captaincy choices etc. I do sometimes express relief that I haven’t made some particular decision myself, but those posts tend to be focused on my own fortunes (good or bad), rather than putting other people down.

                If anything, this is yet another reason why I need to come up with a more unique alias. I certainly don’t want people confusing me with Dodgy Jack!


  8. Last minute change to put the VC on Dangerfield from JPK.
    Just figured he was due and also reckoned that the swans were overrated after last weeks performance against North who were really just witches hats in the middle.
    Very very happy – just hope something doesn’t go wrong in the second half.


  9. Geelong 53, WB 27 @ HT

    P Dangerfield 102
    Z Tuohy 73
    H Taylor 71
    Z Smith 70
    M Duncan 65
    S Selwood 49
    S Menegola 46
    J Selwood 44
    J Kolodjashnij 37
    A Mackie 36
    M Blicavs 34
    S Motlop 30
    J Bews 29
    J Parsons 27
    T Hawkins 25
    T Lonergan 24
    J Murdoch 24
    M O’Connor 24
    T Stewart 22
    L Henderson 18
    D Menzel 18
    N Cockatoo 15

    M Wallis 66
    M Adams 60
    L Jong 58
    T Boyd 44
    L Dahlhaus 41
    E Wood 41
    T Dickson 40
    R Murphy 40
    C Daniel 39
    M Suckling 37
    J Johannisen 36
    C Smith 35
    J Macrae 32
    B Dale 31
    B Williams 30
    M Bontempelli 30
    L Webb 26
    D Morris 24
    L Hunter 19
    L Picken 19
    J Redpath 12
    T Cloke 10


  10. I have vc on danger , so happy , also have joel and dahl.Seriously has dahl had more influence than selwood?


  11. Errghh terrible quarter by the dogs, need to fire up in the third!

    Only silver lining is changing my VC to Danger 2 seconds before opening bounce


  12. 3QTR TIME

    CATS 59 vs DOGS 68

    P. Dangerfield 122
    M. Duncan 103
    Z. Tuohy 97
    Z. Smith 92
    J. Selwood 82
    H. Taylor 74
    S. Menegola 66
    S. Selwood 62
    J. Kolodjashnij 61
    M. Blicavs 51
    T. Lonergan 51
    A. Mackie 49
    S. Motlop 46
    L. Henderson 43
    J. Murdoch 39
    T. Stewart 37
    T. Hawkins 37
    J. Parsons 34
    M. O’Connor 33
    J. Bews 21
    D. Menzel 18
    N. Cockatoo 15

    M. Wallis 109
    J. Johannisen 81
    T. Boyd 74
    R. Murphy 73
    L. Jong 72
    L. Dahlhaus 70
    M. Adams 69
    M. Bontempelli 69
    E. Wood 67
    T. Dickson 66
    C. Daniel 58
    J. Macrae 57
    M. Suckling 51
    C. Smith 50
    B. Dale 50
    L. Webb 49
    L. Picken 46
    D. Morris 37
    T. Cloke 36
    B. Williams 36
    J. Redpath 35
    L. Hunter 26


      1. Smart pickup Hutta! I was worried Mitch might take a couple of games to get back to speed, but he’s been great


        1. Grabbed him after his 30+ disposal first VFL game back. At the time was a way better prospect so decided to jump straight on. Been warming my bench a few weeks but worth it now. Even threw him on the field for Lynch (Adel).


      2. Yeah nah don’t think he’ll pull those scores every week Hutta so u can keep him! (Well, he better not anyway)


  13. Geelong 104 d WB 81. FT (pre-scale)

    P Dangerfield 148
    Z Smith 139
    M Duncan 125
    J Selwood 123
    Z Tuohy 115
    H Taylor 105
    S Selwood 103
    S Menegola 81
    T Hawkins 71
    J Kolodjashnij 66
    M Blicavs 63
    T Lonergan 63
    S Motlop 63
    A Mackie 56
    L Henderson 55
    J Murdoch 53
    D Menzel 51
    T Stewart 50
    J Parsons 44
    M O’Connor 36
    J Bews 34
    N Cockatoo 15
    M Wallis 133
    T Boyd 107
    R Murphy 99
    E Wood 96
    L Dahlhaus 89
    J Macrae 86
    J Johannisen 85
    M Bontempelli 82
    C Daniel 80
    M Adams 79
    L Jong 76
    T Dickson 73
    B Dale 68
    L Picken 65
    M Suckling 63
    T Cloke 54
    L Webb 53
    C Smith 48
    B Williams 46
    L Hunter 39
    D Morris 38
    J Redpath 37


    1. When Bulldogs don’t run a recognisrd ruckman half the time it’s always going to happen. Hell, they had Jong at the centre bounce a fortnight ago.


  14. If anybody took the C/VC from Danger or Selwood for this round, then you haven’t been paying attention



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