Game Chat – Giants vs Eagles

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 19 2017

VENUE: Spotless Stadium, Saturday, August 19, 4.35pm AEST



R10, 2017, GWS 14.14 (98) d West Coast 14.6 (90) at Domain Stadium
R21, 2016, West Coast 14.13 (97) d GWS 14.12 (96) at Spotless Stadium
R5, 2015, West Coast 18.12 (120) d GWS 4.9 (33) at Domain Stadium
R8, 2014, West Coast  30.8 (188) d GWS 12.5 (77) at Domain Stadium
R9, 2013, West Coast 23.17 (155) d GWS 8.7 (55) at Spotless Stadium



These two teams enter round 22 in vastly different form, with the Giants belting the wasteful Western Bulldogs and the Eagles struggling to shake off a determined Carlton last week. Eagles spearhead Josh Kennedy has dined out on weaker opponents since his return in round 17, but he’ll have a tough job against a miserly GWS backline led by Phil Davis. It’s hard to see how the visitors will contain the power running of the Giants midfield, with Dylan Shiel, Josh Kelly, Stephen Coniglio and Tom Scully all in great touch, and if they can continue to have an influence key forward target Jonathon Patton is likely to get plenty of scoring opportunities. West Coast enter the round inside the eight and have so much to play for, but they’ve struggled to step up in the big moments this season, so it remains to be seen if they’re ready to do so on SaSpotless Stadium, Saturday, August 19, 4.35pm AEST


Schwarzwalder’s Tip: Giants by 38pts


While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.



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19 thoughts on “Game Chat – Giants vs Eagles”


    Greater Western Sydney: Devon Smith, Nathan Wilson, Matt de Boer, Harry Himmelberg
    West Coast: Dom Sheed, Drew Petrie, Luke Partington, Tom Barrass


      1. I am with you Yiorgi except i ran with Witherden. It worked benching Shaw the 1st week of Finals , but not when he pumps out 104 and just his 3rd ton of the year.

        If the Bont was not enough as a POD up against Sloane in 2 match ups. Can sense Mad Monday barring a miracle from here.
        Facing an uphill battle in all my 5 Prelims


        1. Every time TDA. Every time. With Glass a late in, I am now playing Withers and Ryan, with Shaw and Lloyd stuck on the bench. They’ll both spud it up. When my opponents depend on Ryan/Withers they ton up. When I depended on them they coughed up a 32 and 60 odd.


  2. Bontempelli’s magnificent score of 45 means that The Salamander needs a captain.

    TU: Docherty
    TD: Merrett

    Comment: Hibberd


    1. Z Merrett:
      2017 Interstate Avg: 124.8 from 5 (low of 112 and a high of 141, 3/5 120+)
      2017 Night Avg: 122.25 from 8 (low of 87 and a high of 141, 1/8 below 100, 6/8 120+)
      2017 Saturday Avg: 113.7 from 10 (low of 87 and a high of 137, 3/10 below 100, 4/10 120+)
      2017 Avg in Wins: 112.2 from 10 (low of 83 and a high of 137, 3/10 below 100, 4/10 120+)

      Low risk attached to Z Merrett:
      60% of 2017 Interstate games 120+
      75% of 2017 Night games 120+
      40% of 2017 Saturday games 120+
      40% of 2017 Wins 120+

      RD22 Captaincy Candidates Comments
      Chillo: “If I had Zerrett, I’d be strongly considering him for the C though. He’ll be running around Metricon by himself all night on Saturday, and he’ll be keen to pay his teammates back for that brain explosion against the Blues a couple of weeks ago.”


  3. Half Time

    Western Sydney Giants: 7.4.46
    J. Kelly 87
    T. Greene 75
    C. Ward 63
    B. Deledio 60
    Whitfield 56
    N. Wilson 56
    S. Coniglio 53
    H. Shaw 50
    N. Haynes 50
    T. Scully 37
    D. Shiel 37
    J. Cameron 36
    J. Patton 35
    P. Davis 32
    S. Mumford 31
    D. Smith 30
    Z. Williams 28
    M. de Boer 24
    A. Corr 23
    J. Hopper 18
    Tomlinson 18
    Himmelberg 14

    West Coast Eagles: 6.3.39
    E. Yeo 73
    D. Petrie 58
    M. Priddis 56
    J. Cripps 47
    J. Redden 46
    S. Mitchell 44
    L. Shuey 43
    L. Duggan 39
    A. Gaff 39
    B. Sheppard 39
    T. Barrass 38
    J. Kennedy 35
    J. McGovern 31
    S. Hurn 31
    Partington 30
    Mackenzie 26
    D. Sheed 24
    J. Hill 24
    N. Vardy 22
    Hutchings 18
    J. Darling 9
    L. Jetta 9


    1. Well there goes my plan of taking Dangers VC score as my Captain. NOT what I want in the prelim final – I think I’m screwed. Having to roll the dice now on Dusty or Fyfe tomorrow, or T Mitchell or Kreuzer tonight….GRRRR!


  4. In a spot of bother in SC prelims. Glass a late in means no Danger VC loophole (plus I miss Shaw’s redemption score after loopholing him for first time this season). That is unless I forego planned Lynch to Billings trade & take Deluca’s bench score.
    T/u – Skip Danger loophole mess, make Zerrett (or Dusty/Fyfe) C.
    T/d – Loophole Danger, forego Lynch to Billings, take Deluca score


  5. Full Time (Pre-Scaling)

    Western Sydney Giants: 12.9.81
    J. Kelly 143
    Whitfield 133
    C. Ward 116
    H. Shaw 103
    T. Greene 96
    B. Deledio 95
    A. Corr 92
    N. Wilson 88
    N. Haynes 87
    T. Scully 82
    S. Coniglio 80
    J. Cameron 72
    S. Mumford 70
    P. Davis 69
    Z. Williams 68
    D. Shiel 66
    J. Patton 63
    D. Smith 60
    Tomlinson 40
    M. de Boer 36
    J. Hopper 35
    Himmelberg 34

    West Coast Eagles: 9.6.60
    M. Priddis 128
    E. Yeo 124
    S. Mitchell 109
    S. Hurn 101
    D. Petrie 97
    J. Redden 96
    B. Sheppard 84
    D. Sheed 83
    T. Barrass 81
    J. Kennedy 73
    J. McGovern 68
    L. Duggan 65
    J. Cripp 64
    L. Shuey 53
    Mackenzie 51
    Partington 51
    A. Gaff 47
    N. Vardy 45
    L. Jetta 44
    J. Darling 32
    J. Hill 23
    Hutchings 19


  6. You know what. F***k you Heater! Spend 22 weeks dealing with your mediocrity thinking you’ll eventually come good. Use my last trade to Savage at quarter time cause you were absolutely spudding it up again and potentially going to cost me the prelim. Then go on to score 103 for the first time in 14 weeks.

    I hate this game so much sometimes



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