Game Chat – Gold Coast v Carlton

Written by Motts on June 17 2017

Venue: Carrara, 7.25pm AEST


R4, 2017, Gold Coast 17.6 (108) d Carlton 12.10 (82) at Etihad Stadium
R3, 2016, Gold Coast 13.17 (95) d Carlton 5.11 (41) at Metricon Stadium
R13, 2015, Carlton 14.19 (103) d Gold Coast 9.15 (69) at Etihad Stadium
R20, 2014, Carlton 14.13 (97) d Gold Coast 8.10 (58) at Etihad Stadium
R18, 2013, Carlton 16.24 (120) d Gold Coast 11.11 (77) at Metricon Stadium

Game notes: What looked like a ho-hum game on paper a few weeks back now has some genuine interest, with both teams coming off strong wins. Gold Coast has won two in a row and sit just a game (plus some percentage) outside the top eight, while Carlton’s upset win over Greater Western Sydney has put some extra spark in their season. The Blues have won four games and been ultra competitive in many others this season. The teams met in round four with Tom Lynch’s seven goals proving the difference, but Carlton has one of the most resolute defences in the League and will have done plenty of homework on the Suns’ spearhead. Gold Coast is still missing running defender Jarrod Harbrow through suspension, but is essentially at full strength and should sneak over the line on its home ground.

Mottsy’s Tip: Carlton by 5 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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22 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v Carlton”

    1. Was an easy decision. Looking like one I should have taken the punt on in my main.

      He’s on what 21 possessions at half time?

      Murphy looking hot too. 22 possessions at half time.


  1. Not content with being the 4th-highest averaging player in SuperCoach, Sam Docherty has decided to start attending the odd centre bounce.

    On 56 at quarter time.


    1. Honestly not sure if lynch is playing that bad or jones is just playing that good ! Either way 50 point quarter Lynch? do us a favour champion data



    Gold Coast 7.6.48 vs Carlton 7.9.51

    J. Lyons 85
    M. Barlow 67
    A. Saad 65
    M. Rosa 65
    G. Ablett 65
    D. Swallow 63
    J. Leslie 60
    A. Hall 52
    S. Lemmens 50
    P. Wright 50
    J. Witts 49
    P. Hanley 47
    J. Lonergan 45
    B. Matera 43
    S. May 42
    B. Ainsworth 40
    K. Kolodjashnij 36
    T. Lynch 35
    J. Martin 33
    M. Willis 31
    A. Sexton 23
    J. Joyce 22

    B. Gibbs 142
    S. Docherty 103
    K. Simpson 102
    M. Murphy 94
    M. Kreuzer 88
    P. Cripps 84
    B. Boekhorst 68
    M. Wright 65
    J. Lamb 63
    E. Curnow 62
    L. Jones 62
    D. Thomas 61
    C. Curnow 59
    L. Plowman 58
    C. Marchbank 56
    S. Petrevski-Seton 53
    J. Silvagni 48
    L. Casboult 39
    Z. Fisher 32
    J. Weitering 29
    D. Cuningham 23
    T. Williamson 13


    1. Messing up and failing to bring him in this week is going to haunt me for a long time. Looks very costly. Fifty points so far.


    J. Lyons 116
    G. Ablett 99
    S. May 94
    M. Barlow 90
    D. Swallow 89
    M. Rosa 79
    J. Witts 74
    J. Martin 73
    A. Saad 69
    J. Leslie 69
    P. Wright 69
    A. Hall 64
    J. Lonergan 56
    J. Joyce 46
    P. Hanley 46
    B. Matera 43
    K. Kolodjashnij 43
    A. Sexton 42
    B. Ainsworth 41
    S. Lemmens 41
    T. Lynch 35
    M. Willis 28

    B. Gibbs 211
    M. Kreuzer 149
    S. Docherty 145
    K. Simpson 140
    P. Cripps 114
    D. Thomas 102
    M. Murphy 99
    J. Silvagni 98
    E. Curnow 89
    J. Lamb 84
    M. Wright 79
    B. Boekhorst 73
    L. Jones 69
    C. Curnow 67
    S. Petrevski-Seton 62
    C. Marchbank 56
    L. Plowman 53
    Z. Fisher 48
    J. Weitering 46
    D. Cuningham 44
    L. Casboult 36
    T. Williamson 27


  4. You know how I said this was going to be my good bye round? Well, about that… with Steele getting dropped, the Selwoods misfiring, and my new recruits Hannebery and Lynch (the latter having even been brought in specifically to cover for Steele’s unplanned absence) being awful, I’m now tracking for a mediocre score this week. It shouldn’t be any worse than average – probably still a bit above average for the week – but I don’t think I’ll be gaining the ground I was hoping to. That 188 point SCT Cup deficit is also looking more and more worrying.

    It would appear that the SuperCoach gods are conspiring against The Salamander this week. Still, at least Carlton won.



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