Game Chat – Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Written by Thommo on July 15 2017

Venue: Metricon Stadium at 4:35pm AEST

R22, 2016, Collingwood 16.22 (118) d Gold Coast 6.11 (47) at Etihad Stadium
R8, 2015, Collingwood 20.12 (132) d Gold Coast 9.9 (63) at Metricon Stadium
R16, 2014, Gold Coast 11.14 (80) d Collingwood 10.15 (75) at Metricon Stadium
R17, 2013, Gold Coast 13.7 (85) d Collingwood 11.12 (78) at Metricon Stadium
R10, 2012, Collingwood 23.11 (149) d Gold Coast 7.10 (52) at the MCG

Game notes: Two inconsistent clubs, two coaches under pressure – how can you possibly predict what’s going to happen here? Collingwood has won just five games this season but been competitive in most matches before falling right away against Essendon last weekend. The six-goal loss seemed to spell the end of their remote finals chances and brought a new wave of pressure on out-of-contract coach Nathan Buckley. Buckley’s Gold Coast counterpart Rodney Eade is also feeling the heat after the Suns’ poor showing against Sydney last weekend. Gold Coast is barely clinging to a mathematical chance of making the top eight and must deal with the Magpies to keep their dream flickering. With some experienced personnel expected to return, the Suns should have the midfield to match the Pies and the forwards to take advantage, but with these two teams, you just never know.

Thommo’s Tip: Gold Coast by 18 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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20 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast vs Collingwood”

  1. Gold Coast v Collingwood at Metricon Stadium, 4.35pm AEST


    Gold Coast: Touk Miller, Callum Ah Chee, Jack Bowes, Adam Saad
    Collingwood: Jordan De Goey, Daniel Wells, Matt Scharenberg, Josh Thomas


  2. Witts might be slightly better in the ruck but Grundy is way better around the ground. I reckon they kept the right guy…


      1. Oh ya mean the ruck! Yeah Witt’s is way betterer at that.

        How did ya make the edit button work? Now that ya fixed ya typo me post look’s stupid!


  3. Ha ha, darn auto correct. Grundy is the one I’d choose, but I don’t care who plays well as long as we win. Go pies…


  4. Ha ha, i saw your post and wondered why you were talking about who’s better in bed. Then I saw what was in my post and luckily had enough time to press the edit button


  5. I’m just using Google on my phone so no idea what browser I’m on. In regards to the captaincy, i think Adams will be our next captain but Pendles has got another couple of years left in my opinion. I do like Maynard a lot though, my daughter is getting his number on her Pies jumper


  6. Me too. It’s been a disappointing year from both of them. To be fair, the team as a whole have been disappointing


  7. Sideways traded GAZ to avoid donut last week , knew he would dominate this week as two league opponents held him. bought Cripps by the way, i do wonder if he will play out all games though!


    1. SC is full of if only, if only JPK and Greenwood weren’t out last week I hold Gaz ,but no complaints , Gaz is a gun!


  8. 3/4 TIME

    Gold Coast 10.8 (68)
    Collingwood 10.9 (69)

    G. Ablett 116
    J. Witts 79
    J. Martin 79
    M. Rischitelli 76
    T. McKenzie 73
    P. Wright 70
    D. Swallow 58
    A. Hall 57
    T. Lynch 53
    M. Rosa 47
    T. Miller 47
    S. Lemmens 47
    J. Lyons 45
    P. Hanley 44
    B. Ainsworth 42
    A. Saad 40
    R. Thompson 37
    J. Harbrow 36
    C. Ah Chee 29
    J. Bowes 21
    S. May 15
    A. Sexton 11

    T. Adams 105
    S. Sidebottom 93
    J. De Goey 83
    A. Fasolo 82
    A. Treloar 78
    J. Crisp 74
    D. Wells 74
    S. Pendlebury 70
    M. Scharenberg 70
    J. Thomas 59
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 54
    J. Blair 51
    J. Elliott 51
    B. Maynard 51
    D. Moore 51
    J. Howe 50
    B. Reid 49
    T. Goldsack 46
    B. Grundy 45
    L. Dunn 42
    T. Langdon 42
    T. Varcoe 32


  9. It’s like GAJ saw what Danger did at the G today and felt a need to remind us all who the true king of SC is. All hail King Gary.



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