Game Chat – Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Written by Huttabito on April 7 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Optus Stadium, Saturday, April 7, 2.35pm WST

Gold Coast will ‘host’ this encounter against Fremantle at Optus Stadium after the Dockers bought the rights to the game. It’s not the first time the Suns have sold a home game – does China ring a bell? – and the travel shouldn’t be a problem after winning their first two road contests against North Melbourne (in Cairns) and Carlton at Etihad Stadium. Tom Lynch is fresh off eight goals, the midfield led by Jarryd Lyons and 100-gamer David Swallow is working hard, and small forwards Nick Holman and Darcy Macpherson are providing relentless tackling pressure. But whether that will be enough against a rejuvenated Dockers is hard to tell after Fremantle comprehensively beat Essendon at their new home ground last weekend. The midfield depth that includes Nat Fyfe, Michael Walters, David Mundy, Lachie Neale and youngster Connor Blakely is a real weapon. Form is still hard to gauge at this time of the season, but after two consistent outings, Gold Coast deserve to be slight favourites.

R20, 2017: Fremantle 12.18 (90) d Gold Coast 10.7 (67) at Subiaco Oval
R18, 2016: Gold Coast 16.9 (105) d Fremantle 12.9 (81) at Metricon Stadium
R2, 2016: Gold Coast 19.12 (126) d Fremantle 14.16 (100) at Subiaco Oval
R11, 2015: Fremantle 6.17 (53) d Gold Coast 7.4 (46) at Metricon Stadium
R2, 2014: Fremantle 12.15 (87) d Gold Coast 5.9 (39) at Subiaco Oval

Hutta’s Tip: Fremantle by 20 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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40 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast vs Fremantle”

  1. Gold Coast v Fremantle at Optus Stadium, 2.35pm AWST


    Gold Coast: Pearce Hanley, Brayden Fiorini, Touk Miller, Darcy Macpherson
    Fremantle: Michael Johnson, Tommy Sheridan, Brandon Matera, Cam McCarthy


    1. Is Toby Greene definitely out of the gws line up? Think he will be my captain this week. Keep rollin Fyfe


    1. First year player, all the top draft picks have started off slowly. We’ve been blessed with a heap of mature agers who are doing significantly better.


  2. Half Time

    Gold Coast Suns: 6.4.40
    J. Lyons 55
    S. Day 55
    L. Weller 53
    T. Miller 46
    J. Martin 46
    N. Holman 41
    A. Sexton 40
    P. Hanley 38
    Kolodjashnij 37
    T. Lynch 37
    MacPherson 37
    A. Young 37
    J. Witts 36
    Ainsworth 33
    J. Joyce 33
    B. Fiorini 31
    R. Thompson 28
    D. Swallow 27
    J. Harbrow 26
    S. May 26
    Rischitelli 14
    A. Hall 9

    Fremantle Dockers: 5.10.40
    N. Fyfe 85
    L. Ryan 58
    E. Langdon 56
    M. Taberner 52
    M. Crowden 52
    C. Blakely 51
    T. Sheridan 51
    D. Mundy 51
    L. Neale 49
    M. Walters 48
    C. McCarthy 46
    N. Wilson 39
    Sandilands 34
    Ballantyne 34
    A. Pearce 34
    B. Banfield 33
    J. Hamling 27
    B. Matera 26
    S. Hill 25
    M. Johnson 24
    A. Cerra 23
    A. Brayshaw 13


  3. Brayshaw will have to go next week, could even start losing cash. He’s been very disappointing after such a good JLT series.


    1. Banfield has looked a lot better than him for mine. Brayshaw is a bit of a cash hog at this point, and $70k over most decent rookies… but worth the trade?


  4. Fyffe VC
    Should I do the C loop now or wait till the end of the game? Need to use Fogarty (Adel) as my loophole – 7.25 game start


  5. Full Time (Pre-scale)

    Gold Coast Suns: 10.8.68
    J. Lyons 133
    J. Martin 98
    S. Day 94
    T. Miller 86
    D. Swallow 83
    N. Holman 83
    R. Thompson 81
    J. Joyce 80
    Kolodjashnij 79
    L. Weller 72
    A. Sexton 70
    T. Lynch 69
    S. May 64
    J. Witts 63
    MacPherson 52
    J. Harbrow 52
    A. Young 52
    B. Fiorini 43
    P. Hanley 39
    Ainsworth 34
    Rischitelli 33
    A. Hall 21

    Fremantle Dockers: 13.18.96
    N. Fyfe 164
    M. Walters 130
    L. Ryan 114
    C. McCarthy 112
    D. Mundy 109
    E. Langdon 95
    N. Wilson 91
    Sandilands 91
    C. Blakely 81
    Ballantyne 81
    M. Taberner 76
    L. Neale 75
    S. Hill 75
    B. Matera 74
    M. Crowden 73
    B. Banfield 69
    T. Sheridan 66
    A. Pearce 65
    A. Cerra 53
    J. Hamling 46
    M. Johnson 44
    A. Brayshaw 32


  6. Only issue about Fyfe going huge is that it doesn’t really matter since everyone has him!

    On another note, what happened to Wittsy? Didn’t seem like Sandi toweled him up based on the stats sheet, so just a down game?


    1. Witts has always been a good young ruck. Would have been on him bar the round 9 bye. He’s a big unit too.

      Bigger question. Who lit the fire under Lyons?


    1. Oh man Jeannot, wish I could tell you what is wrong with him. I don’t do PODs but if he was one of mine before the season, I would have been stoked. Something lacking from him…



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