Game Chat – GWS Giants v Fremantle

Written by Thommo on April 20 2019

Where and when: UNSW Canberra Oval, Saturday April 20, 1.45pm AEST

Last time they met: UNSW Canberra Oval, round four, 2018: GWS 11.16 (82) defeated Fremantle 7.9 (51)

The Dockers got the start they wanted and led at the first change, but the Giants kicked 10 goals to four after quarter-time to win a scrappy affair in Canberra. Fallen co-captain Callan Ward grabbed the three Brownlow votes for his 34 possessions, while Nick Haynes dominated across half-back with 15 marks and 29 touches.

What it means for GWS: After last week’s outstanding win at Geelong, a first for the club, the home side must maintain their momentum by beating the Dockers. If they’re really flag contenders, they’ll win big.

What it means for Fremantle: The wasteful Dockers had their chances against West Coast last week and a similar effort will see them head back to Perth with the same result. At 2-2 Fremantle must take a big scalp.

How GWS wins: Even without the injured Ward the Giants midfield is stacked with talent and runs too deep for the Dockers to stop. Jeremy Cameron and Jeremy Finlayson are in a rich vein of form and they’ll get plenty of opportunities.

How Fremantle wins: He’s had an inconsistent year so far, but if Michael Walters can break free his impact on the game will be immense. Time to throw him into the midfield and let the skilful left-footer have an influence.

The match-up: Shane Mumford v Rory Lobb

The master and his former apprentice will lock horns for the first time since Lobb walked out on the Giants last year to head home to Perth. Lobb – ranked 131st in the Schick AFL Player Ratings – hasn’t coped well against physical ruckman in the past so it will be a massive challenge, but he has the athleticism to hurt Mumford (323rd) around the ground and forward.

It’s a big week for: Matt de Boer

The former Docker learnt his tagging craft at Fremantle and is likely to get another job this week. The returning Nat Fyfe will attract de Boer’s attention in Canberra and the Giant will know the captain’s game well after playing on him in match simulation at training for years.

Big call: In blistering form already, tough midfielder Jacob Hopper will elevate his game even more with Ward gone for the year and register 40 possessions in a game for the first time in his career.

Thommo’s Tip: GWS by 50 points.


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    Greater Western Sydney: Nil
    Fremantle: Cam McCarthy (illness) replaced in selected side by Brennan Cox

    Greater Western Sydney: Jackson Hately, Brent Daniels, Daniel Lloyd, Adam Kennedy
    Fremantle: Reece Conca, Andrew Brayshaw, Brennan Cox, Taylin Duman


      1. should never give out too much info mate , only ever has a negative impact , that being said , i’m long in the tooth & my job takes me to multiple locations , tonight i’m work’n @ the G


    1. Cogs was completely screwed in that quarter – spent a good 10 minutes stuck on interchange – only scored a few points, when he finaly got back on he was given a hospital pass on the sideline and kicked it out with no room to move – further killing his (already bad) DE … Giants need to get their bench rotations working better …


  2. Half Time – Dockers lead Giants 55 – 51

    Western Sydney Giants: 7.9.51
    Stephen Coniglio 64
    Josh Kelly 63
    Zac Williams 61
    Shane Mumford 59
    Lachie Whitfield 56
    Adam Tomlinson 56
    Jeremy Finlayson 46
    Jackson Hately 43
    Brent Daniels* 38
    Tim Taranto 37
    Jacob Hopper 37
    Nick Haynes 34
    Phil Davis 32
    Sam J. Reid 31
    Matthew de Boer 31
    Heath Shaw 30
    Matthew Buntine 30
    H. Himmelberg 30
    Jeremy Cameron 29
    Sam Taylor 25
    Adam Kennedy 19
    Daniel Lloyd 16

    Fremantle Dockers: 8.7.55
    Ed Langdon 68
    Matt Taberner 60
    Michael Walters 56
    Jesse Hogan 53
    Nat Fyfe 51
    Rory Lobb 51
    Reece Conca 45
    Darcy Tucker 42
    Luke Ryan 41
    Adam Cerra 40
    S. Switkowski 39
    David Mundy 38
    Ethan Hughes 36
    Bradley Hill 36
    Travis Colyer 34
    Brandon Matera 32
    Joel Hamling 26
    Nathan Wilson 24
    Brennan Cox 17
    Andrew Brayshaw 15
    Taylin Duman 15
    Alex Pearce 9


  3. Half time question….already looking at 2020.

    Do titch and doc get a 30% discount….thats 511k and 358k each if so. Two selections locked already !!


  4. Rolling with Whitfield Williams and Cogs in this game. Great first half!

    A bit unsure of my VC conundrum. Can go Gawn and use sweet as loop or constable as a loop and VC macrae/cripps into danger.

    Leaning towards the second option but means I need to take 2 of Atkins stack and Wagner rather than looping with constable as I’d use him as C loop.

    Anyone able to offer any tips? Cheers!


    1. Whichever one gets you the most points …. oh wait, that’s with hindsight.!!

      Tough one mate, Gawn not as prolific as last year yet, but should still score well … Macrae against the blues should score well too .. go with your gut is all you can do! (mine was wrong on Neale the other night!)


      1. Thanks mate! Yeah looks like most VC options have gone south so far

        Think I’ll go with my gut and VC macrae or cripps and hope for good scores from Wagner and Atkins!


  5. Fyfe playing really stuffs up Mundy.
    When Fyfe doesn’t play, Mundy guaranteed off 100+ … when he’s back, Mundy seems to get badly sidelined … beware those that have Mundy …


  6. luke Ryans score keeps going up and I literally haven’t seem him do a thing in the last 5 minutes … how is this possible???!!!


    1. his score has increaed by 34 points – he has ‘supposedly’ kicked 3 kicks and 2 handballs … this is absolute BS scoring!!!


      1. his score has increaed by 34 points – he has ‘supposedly’ kicked 3 kicks and 2 handballs (since half time) … this is absolute BS scoring!!!


  7. 3Qtr time – Giants lead 73 to 69

    Western Sydney Giants: 10.13.73
    Stephen Coniglio 86
    Adam Tomlinson 84
    Jeremy Finlayson 75
    Sam J. Reid 75
    Josh Kelly 73
    Shane Mumford 72
    Jackson Hately 70
    Lachie Whitfield 69
    Brent Daniels* 69
    Phil Davis 66
    Tim Taranto 65
    Zac Williams 62
    Jeremy Cameron 59
    Heath Shaw 57
    Matthew Buntine 56
    Sam Taylor 50
    Matthew de Boer 48
    Nick Haynes 46
    Jacob Hopper 46
    Adam Kennedy 45
    H. Himmelberg 40
    Daniel Lloyd 30

    Fremantle Dockers: 10.9.69
    Ed Langdon 105
    Nat Fyfe 92
    Michael Walters 85
    Luke Ryan 81
    Ethan Hughes 67
    Matt Taberner 64
    David Mundy 64
    Darcy Tucker 64
    Rory Lobb 59
    Jesse Hogan 58
    Reece Conca 50
    Brandon Matera 49
    Andrew Brayshaw 45
    Adam Cerra 40
    Nathan Wilson 40
    Bradley Hill 40
    S. Switkowski 37
    Travis Colyer 37
    Brennan Cox 34
    Joel Hamling 28
    Taylin Duman 27
    Alex Pearce 12

    Getting increasingly disillusioned with scoring … it is seriously a joke if you watch the matches and keep the cores live while you do so …


  8. Spoke too soon about my three Giants players. Was looking at 120s each, now will struggle for tons from each of them.


    1. yeah mate, was going to say something earlier … then thought “i’ll stay quiet too and not put further mocka on us” !!!


  9. Setterfield a blessing in disguise…meant I couldn’t v cripps and went Whitfield. Ahh well…just have to put c on cripps instead !!


  10. Coniglio just had two kicks (1 inside 50) a handball and a tackle – his score went up 1 point!!! FFS – CD are a joke!!


    1. yep – meant to post here that his score went from 95 to 96 at the time … CD have seriously ripped him off alone a good 20 points in this match …

      Sammy, I wasn’t watching Lachie enough to see if he was being similarly badly scored, but he didn’t get it anywhere enough – so would think he is down a bit …

      ON the other side, Luke Ryan received ridiculous favouritism – when I posted above, went from 41 at start of 3rd to 75 with only 3 kicks and 2 hbs and nothing much else at all … not sure how at all possible – (ie i mean, watching, he literally didn’t do anything!!!)


  11. I’m inclined not to post final scores out of protest … seriously we need to get a lot of people emailing SC and complaining …


  12. Here’s the BS SC scores from CD …

    Western Sydney Giants: 11.16.82
    Stephen Coniglio 101
    Jackson Hately 94
    Josh Kelly 91
    Adam Tomlinson 91
    Zac Williams 90
    Sam J. Reid 88
    Lachie Whitfield 83
    Shane Mumford 83
    Jeremy Cameron 82
    Jeremy Finlayson 81
    Phil Davis 81
    Brent Daniels* 79
    Jacob Hopper 66
    Tim Taranto 65
    Matthew Buntine 62
    Nick Haynes 60
    Heath Shaw 59
    Matthew de Boer 57
    Sam Taylor 57
    Adam Kennedy 51
    Daniel Lloyd 45
    H. Himmelberg 40

    Fremantle Dockers: 16.10.106
    Michael Walters 139
    Ed Langdon 127
    Matt Taberner 113
    Nat Fyfe 104
    Luke Ryan 92
    Jesse Hogan 82
    Ethan Hughes 82
    David Mundy 81
    Darcy Tucker 80
    Brandon Matera 78
    Rory Lobb 78
    Travis Colyer 60
    Bradley Hill 60
    S. Switkowski 55
    Reece Conca 53
    Adam Cerra 52
    Nathan Wilson 52
    Andrew Brayshaw 50
    Brennan Cox 46
    Alex Pearce 34
    Joel Hamling 28
    Taylin Duman 27


  13. How has Walters gone so unnoticed this season? Just checked and he’s only in 3% of teams, with scores of 109, 50, 120, 103, and now 139. He’s playing a lot of mid time too, and after this price increase will still be under $500k.


    1. I had him in my team up until a couple of days prior round one. And guess who I decided was a better option. Darling… FFS


    2. I was talking him up in the preseason a lot once Blakely went down – was the obvious replacement for midfield time.

      Ended up not starting him cause I thought freo could suck and because I was repeatedly warned of his injury pronity.



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