Game Chat – GWS v Saints

Written by Motts on May 4 2019

Where and when: UNSW Canberra Oval, Saturday May 4, 1.45pm

Last time they met: Giants Stadium, round 19, 2018: GWS 13.8 (86) defeated St Kilda 8.13 (61)

Inaccuracy cost the Saints on the road when they kicked 1.6 in the opening quarter and had 3.10 on the board at half-time. At the other end the Giants’ forward line clicked with Harry Himmelberg leading the way with four, while Lachie Whitfield’s 32 possessions earned him three Brownlow votes.

What it means for GWS: The Giants got back on track against the Swans last week and must maintain their intensity around the footy to hold onto fourth spot on the ladder. They’ll want to re-establish themselves in Canberra after a disappointing outing a fortnight ago against Fremantle.

What it means for St Kilda: A win over the Giants in Canberra would give the Saints their first big scalp of the year and go a long way towards silencing the doubters who don’t yet rate them as finals contenders.

How GWS wins: With weapons of all shapes and sizes inside 50, the Giants forward line has been hard to contain this year, and with Toby Greene back from injury, it’s even more imposing for the Saints.

How St Kilda wins: Midfield speed and quick ball movement can hurt GWS at times and the Saints have plenty of speedy onballers who will enjoy the deck in Canberra.

The stat: St Kilda racked up 60 inside-50s against the Giants (48) in their loss last year but wasted their opportunities in front of goal, which cost them the match. They must grab their chances this week.

The match-up: Nick Haynes v Matthew Parker

Haynes took 12 marks against the Swans last week and continually chopped off their kicks inside 50, but if he gets Parker as an opponent he’ll need to keep his eyes on the West Australian. The mature-age recruit from South Fremantle has a prodigious leap and doesn’t need many possessions to hurt the opposition on the scoreboard.

It’s a big week for: Jack Steele

The Canberra boy and ex-Giant has done some tagging against GWS before and can take his pick of former teammates to run with this week. Stephen Coniglio, Josh Kelly and Lachie Whitfield are all in outstanding touch this season, so whoever he gets it will be a massive task.

Big call: Jeremy Cameron has kicked seven goals in a game five times in his career and he’ll finally better that mark against the Saints. Mark the Coleman Medal leader down for nine.

Mottsy’s Tip: GWS by 40 points


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43 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS v Saints”


    Greater Western Sydney: Jackson Hately, Brent Daniels, Matt Buntine, Daniel Lloyd
    St Kilda: Blake Acres, Hunter Clark, Dean Kent, Ben Paton


  2. Will be keeping a close eye on Hatley. Had a great first game up. I think he will need to play a blinder today to keep his spot when Jelly comes back in though.


  3. After the debacle of last night and the PA players spudding it up – is it too much to ask for Billings & Marshall to ton up .

    If there is a supercoach god out there…..


    1. There is a sc god out there but from what I’ve seen of him he is one nasty mofo. Never tires of finding new and amazing ways to screw us over


    1. I’m looking at him too – could be a consideration given that I don’t trust a lot of the other top FWDs to keep their pace for the rest of the year. Bye definitely helps.


  4. v off Gawn cause of weather….150 please cogs. None of this 50 pt first qtr stuff and 50 for the rest of the game.


  5. If Mumford could not give away FIVE free kicks in each of the remaining three quarters, that would be great.



    Q time 8.2.50 – 2.1.13

    Z. Williams 45
    R. Marshall 30
    S. Taylor 35
    S. Ross 29
    J. Finlayson 35
    J. Newnes 28
    B. Daniels 34
    J. Billings 23
    A. Tomlinson 32
    M. Parker 21
    S. Reid 31
    D. McKenzie 18
    H. Shaw 29
    B. Paton 15
    S. Coniglio 29
    H. Clark 15
    J. Cameron 29
    C. Wilkie 15
    A. Kennedy 29
    J. Steele 14
    T. Taranto 27
    B. Acres 14
    M. de Boer 25
    T. Membrey 12
    S. Mumford 22
    J. Battle 8
    H. Himmelberg 21
    D. Kent 8
    M. Buntine 21
    D. Joyce 7
    T. Greene 16
    S. Savage 7
    D. Lloyd 16
    J. Bruce 7
    J. Hopper 15
    J. Sinclair 7
    A. Corr 14
    J. Marsh 6
    J. Hately 13
    J. Gresham 6
    N. Haynes 8
    B. Long 4
    I. Cumming 4
    J. Webster 2



    1/2 time 9.4.58 – 5.4.34

    Z. Williams 66
    R. Marshall 55
    J. Cameron 64
    S. Ross 54
    T. Taranto 59
    J. Newnes 54
    A. Tomlinson 59
    M. Parker 45
    S. Taylor 58
    J. Billings 42
    H. Shaw 57
    J. Steele 41
    N. Haynes 55
    C. Wilkie 39
    S. Reid 54
    B. Paton 36
    J. Finlayson 52
    J. Marsh 32
    S. Coniglio 52
    T. Membrey 30
    A. Kennedy 49
    H. Clark 30
    M. de Boer 44
    J. Webster 23
    B. Daniels 42
    D. Kent 23
    J. Hately 41
    B. Acres 23
    J. Hopper 37
    D. McKenzie 22
    S. Mumford 34
    J. Battle 21
    D. Lloyd 32
    J. Gresham 20
    M. Buntine 32
    S. Savage 19
    A. Corr 30
    D. Joyce 17
    T. Greene 27
    J. Sinclair 15
    I. Cumming 25
    J. Bruce 12
    H. Himmelberg 20
    B. Long 10



    3/4 time 13.6.84 – 7.8.50

    J. Cameron 114
    J. Steele 90
    N. Haynes 103
    S. Ross 74
    Z. Williams 95
    R. Marshall 70
    H. Shaw 82
    J. Newnes 65
    A. Tomlinson 80
    J. Sinclair 62
    S. Reid 78
    M. Parker 60
    J. Hopper 73
    B. Acres 56
    S. Mumford 68
    J. Billings 50
    S. Taylor 67
    J. Marsh 50
    T. Taranto 67
    T. Membrey 50
    J. Hately 67
    S. Savage 46
    S. Coniglio 62
    B. Paton 45
    J. Finlayson 56
    C. Wilkie 45
    M. Buntine 55
    D. Kent 44
    B. Daniels 53
    D. Joyce 43
    M. de Boer 50
    J. Webster 41
    A. Kennedy 49
    J. Gresham 41
    A. Corr 46
    J. Battle 38
    H. Himmelberg 42
    D. McKenzie 32
    T. Greene 38
    H. Clark 31
    D. Lloyd 31
    B. Long 20
    I. Cumming 29
    J. Bruce 16


  9. Steele seems to always find a way to get himself back in scoring last minute. Started very bad tagging Cogs look at the difference


    1. I have plenty of trades left, so thinking of breaking a supercoach rule next week and trading out either Coniglio or Oliver for Fyfe as disappointed in their scoring, & they’re killing me with their mediocrity

      TU: Crazy talk
      TD: Fortune favors the brave


  10. Great to see Williams go bang again! Even better when he was brought into the Tech team. When Whitfield returns does it return to his roughly 90 scores or does he continue with these lovely scores?


    1. that’s a great question.
      I’m hoping they’ll let williams run of the back flank and Whitfield off the wing



    full time 18.6.114 – 10.10.70

    before scaling

    Z. Williams 138
    R. Marshall 104
    J. Cameron 135
    S. Ross 99
    N. Haynes 125
    J. Steele 98
    S. Reid 112
    J. Newnes 95
    T. Taranto 97
    D. Kent 78
    A. Tomlinson 97
    J. Sinclair 76
    J. Hopper 96
    S. Savage 74
    H. Shaw 95
    J. Billings 72
    S. Mumford 88
    M. Parker 70
    S. Coniglio 87
    B. Acres 65
    J. Hately 83
    C. Wilkie 65
    S. Taylor 80
    T. Membrey 61
    M. de Boer 74
    D. Joyce 60
    J. Finlayson 73
    B. Paton 59
    M. Buntine 68
    J. Marsh 56
    H. Himmelberg 63
    D. McKenzie 53
    T. Greene 63
    J. Gresham 51
    B. Daniels 60
    H. Clark 50
    A. Kennedy 55
    J. Battle 48
    A. Corr 54
    J. Webster 45
    D. Lloyd 53
    J. Bruce 33
    I. Cumming 36
    B. Long 25


    1. I kinda hope so, because it sort of messes up my plans if he gets named next week. I’m happy for him to be named the following week, though.


  12. Considering taking the bench loophole of Lockhart over Brodie Smith. 86 is pretty handy locked in D4 score.



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