Game Chat – GWS vs Fremantle

Written by Thommo on July 29 2017

Venue: Spotless Stadium at 2:10pm AEST

R22, 2016, GWS 19.15 (129) d Fremantle 5.7 (37) at Spotless Stadium
R7, 2016, GWS 14.11 (95) d Fremantle 11.11 (77) at Domain Stadium
R18, 2015, Fremantle 12.12 (84) d GWS 9.9 (63) at Domain Stadium
R17, 2014, Fremantle 21.10 (136) d GWS 9.6 (60) at Domain Stadium
R20, 2013, Fremantle 24.13 (157) d GWS 6.8 (44) at Domain Stadium

Game notes: The Giants have come under plenty of fire this week and have to get their season back on track against Fremantle, another team struggling for form. GWS has won just one game in its past six, while the Dockers have taken the points once in their last eight clashes. Another undisciplined act from star forward Toby Greene sees him in the stands for the next two games which hurts the home side significantly, but Freo has lost exciting midfielder Michael Walters for the rest of the season with a knee injury. Co-captains Callan Ward and Phil Davis have been outstanding for GWS recently but they need the rest of the team to jump onboard, or their top-four chances and premiership hopes, could slip away over the next month. A win over the Dockers is an absolute must for the Giants on Saturday afternoon.

Thommo’s Tip: GWS by 30 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.29


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8 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS vs Fremantle”

  1. I managed to loohole Ryan with Lloyd out.

    74 at half time. Welcome to M8 Jarrod Berry.

    Fyfe and Neale looking good.

    Hoping for Fridge to have a big 2nd half.

    Go Freo!


      1. I traded him because i needed the extra cash that perryman didn’t would’t of gave me to afford Paddy Ryder. Oh well i wouldn’t of fielded him anyway but still stings a bit.


  2. FULL TIME (pre-scaling)

    GWS 13.20.98
    Fremantle 13.8.86

    D. Shiel 114
    J. Kelly 105
    N. Haynes 100
    R. Lobb 96
    M. de Boer 92
    D. Smith 91
    D. Simpson 90
    N. Wilson 89
    S. Coniglio 87
    C. Ward 85
    L. Whitfield 81
    Z. Williams 81
    M. Kennedy 66
    J. Cameron 65
    T. Scully 65
    A. Corr 64
    J. Patton 58
    H. Shaw 56
    P. Davis 50
    A. Tomlinson 43
    H. Perryman 42
    W. Setterfield 26

    L. Ryan 135
    N. Fyfe 131
    L. Neale 115
    D. Tucker 105
    S. Hill 102
    B. Hill 93
    C. Sutcliffe 89
    M. Johnson 86
    S. Kersten 80
    H. Crozier 76
    L. Weller 75
    H. Ballantyne 64
    S. Darcy 63
    E. Hughes 63
    N. Suban 58
    G. Logue 57
    D. Mundy 53
    B. Cox 50
    B. Grey 43
    J. Hamling 42
    C. McCarthy 34
    C. Blakely 5



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