Game Chat – Hawthorn v Carlton

Written by Father Dougal on April 28 2019

Where and when: University of Tasmania Stadium, Sunday April 28, 3.20pm AEST

Last time they met: Etihad Stadium, round 18, 2018: Carlton 7.10 (52) lost to Hawthorn 18.16 (124)

The Hawks held the Blues to just one goal in the first half on their way to a thumping 72-point win late in the season. Tom Mitchell was the standout with 46 disposals and two goals, while smalls Luke Bruest and Paul Puopolo combined for nine majors between them.

What it means for Hawthorn: On paper, this should be routine for the Hawks. But their indifferent form means nothing can be ruled out down in Tasmania. Victory on Sunday should be a settler in an unpredictable season.

What it means for Carlton: After its first victory of the season last week, Carlton will hope to replicate what St Kilda has done this year and build upon that confidence. Victory here could get the Blues on a roll.

How Hawthorn wins: By exploiting Carlton’s mid-sized defenders. If players such as Breust and Puopolo can find form, as they did last season, it could spell trouble for the Blues.

How Carlton wins: By doing exactly what it did against the Dogs. Win the ball out of the midfield, control the tempo of the game and let its key forwards get to work inside 50.

The stat: Hawthorn has won 15 of its last 16 encounters against Carlton. Remarkably, seven of those have been won by more than 50 points and two have been won by triple-digit margins.

The match-up: Jaeger O’Meara v Patrick Cripps

Cripps is the game’s best inside midfielder at the moment, with Carlton’s onball brigade delivering in its first victory of the season last week. Hawthorn’s midfield has had its issues this season, so O’Meara will prove key to thwarting the Blues’ work out of the centre.

It’s a big week for: Harry McKay

McKay continues to lead the League for contested marks, but he must find consistency in front of goal. After his bag of four majors against the Dogs last week lifted the Blues to victory, he’ll be hoping for another haul against the Hawks on Sunday.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Hawks by 10. Hawk are better than the Dogs. The Blues might be pumped and surprise, but it would still be a surprise.

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    Hawthorn: Nil

    Carlton: Charlie Curnow (knee soreness) replaced in the selected side by David Cuningham


    Hawthorn: Mitchell Lewis, Liam Shiels, Jack Scrimshaw, James Cousins

    Carlton: Jack Silvagni, Lochie O’Brien, Nic Newman, David Cuningham


  2. To field gibbons OR Atkins?

    To take Drews 62 OR go with petrucelle?

    Could be win or lose decisions in all my leagues…

    Thanks for any help & good luck!


  3. A little off topic sorry.
    I have 7 of an 8 leg multi home. I just need hawks to beat blues today. So my question is, do I cash out and pick up $83 or let it ride and potentially collect $137 ?

    Tu don’t be a pussy. Go for glory.

    Td take it and load up next week.


      1. Hahaha. Don’t worry there’s been plenty of losses along the way this year. Last week nearly broke me. Lots of swearing and vowing to delete the sportsbet app and never bet again.
        Fortunately saner heads prevailed……


    1. What was the initial stake? If you’ve already made a substantial profit, I’d take the money now and make a certainty of it.


          1. Yeah hawks back in town. Last time I looked cashout was $15. Back up $60 now. I’ve come this far might as well see what happens.


    1. It’s a tough one, I’m going Constable. More consistent and had a rest last week hopefully he’s cherry ripe!


  4. wingard need to learn how the hawks share the ball to get it fwd & how to put pressure on when defending
    all this selfish , it’s all about me crap , is gna cost us games & get him dropped to the 2’s


    1. Come on worpel Walsh gibbons fisher and Newman. Proj 2400+ lucky to get 2100 with libba whitfield Sloane killing me.


  5. Not sure how Cripps is even on 20. All of his kicks have been turnovers and his handballs haven’t really done any damage



    Q time 2.3.15 – 6.3.39

    J. Sicily 30
    M. Kreuzer 58
    J. Scrimshaw 29
    D. Thomas 35
    K. Brand 27
    S. Petrevski-Seton 35
    J. O’Meara 22
    H. McKay 33
    J. Roughead 21
    E. Curnow 33
    B. McEvoy 21
    M. McGovern 32
    J. Cousins 19
    D. Cuningham 26
    J. Impey 18
    S. Walsh 25
    P. Puopolo 18
    L. Jones 22
    T. O’Brien 18
    K. Simpson 22
    D. Howe 16
    J. Weitering 21
    L. Shiels 16
    L. Plowman 20
    L. Breust 15
    P. Cripps 19
    R. Henderson 15
    P. Dow 18
    I. Smith 14
    L. Casboult 18
    M. Lewis 14
    J. Silvagni 18
    C. Wingard 13
    Z. Fisher 12
    B. Hardwick 12
    N. Newman 10
    T. Scully 9
    M. Murphy 7
    J. Worpel 3
    C. Marchbank 3
    J. Gunston 2
    M. Gibbons 3
    B. Stratton 1
    L. O’Brien 1


  7. Accidental post in the Gee vs WC game.

    If anyone was wondering Gibbons is back to his fwd pocket role so expect him to be back to 40 points today.

    Cripps getting the tag from Howe & he is butchering the ball + giving away free kicks, 100+ would be a good effort


  8. Traded worpel in this week. Hasn’t touched the ball. Always the way -_-

    Need a big 2nd half from him…

    Think it will happen? TU OR TD?


      1. With a decent score today he will be up around 500k. Not exactly mid price…

        Low score of 85 in his first 5 games

        110 against Carlton last year…


    1. Contested possession, free kick for, wasn’t intended but his kick went to a contest so it’s not a clanger (I think kicks to contest are rated effective), 50m gained. The system isn’t perfect but theres reasons behind it.


      1. Considering he played on from the free kick I’m not sure how they can count that as contested, plus the kick itself would have barely made 40m. But when in doubt, and Cripps is involved, just give him the maximum


        1. Any free kick is a contested possession, the kick went 40m but with the run from play on it’s at least 50m gained.


  9. I must have an illness. I’m a bombers fan, and for the second week in a row, I’m liking the blues.
    Can anyone suggest a cure ?



    3.3.21 – 8.4.52

    J. O’Meara 74
    M. Kreuzer 73
    B. McEvoy 68
    L. Jones 63
    J. Sicily 54
    S. Petrevski-Seton 53
    J. Scrimshaw 49
    D. Thomas 52
    J. Impey 46
    H. McKay 49
    D. Howe 40
    E. Curnow 49
    L. Shiels 40
    J. Weitering 47
    K. Brand 38
    L. Plowman 47
    I. Smith 32
    S. Walsh 46
    J. Cousins 32
    M. McGovern 42
    T. O’Brien 32
    K. Simpson 40
    R. Henders 30
    L. Casboult 39
    P. Puopolo 28
    P. Cripps 36
    J. Roughead 26
    P. Dow 36
    B. Hardwick 25
    J. Silvagni 35
    L. Breust 23
    D. Cuningham 34
    C. Wingard 23
    C. Marchbank 32
    T. Scully 21
    Z. Fisher 30
    M. Lewis 21
    N. Newman 28
    J. Worpel 20
    M. Gibbons 19
    B. Stratton 12
    M. Murphy 18
    J. Gunston 9
    L. O’Brien 10


  11. with cripps & whitfield low scores , those of us that didn’t captain them should be in for a healthy rank improvement


    1. getting the right v early is sooooo important….as is having a loop. bines looking at becoming one of the greatest sc captains



    3Q time

    8.9.57 – 9.8.62

    J. O’Meara 113
    M. Kreuzer 98
    B. McEvoy 104
    D. Thomas 78
    L. Shiels 96
    E. Curnow 72
    J. Sicily 87
    L. Jones 71
    J. Worpel 74
    L. Plowman 67
    I. Smith 67
    S. Petrevski-Seton 66
    T. O’Brien 64
    J. Weitering 59
    T. Scully 61
    M. McGovern 59
    L. Breust 61
    N. Newman 56
    J. Impey 58
    D. Cuningham 56
    B. Hardwick 52
    S. Walsh 54
    K. Brand 52
    P. Dow 53
    D. Howe 50
    P. Cripps 51
    J. Scrimshaw 50
    Z. Fisher 51
    P. Puopolo 45
    H. McKay 49
    C. Wingard 43
    M. Gibbons 49
    J. Roughead 41
    L. Casboult 49
    J. Cousins 40
    K. Simpson 39
    J. Gunston 37
    J. Silvagni 37
    R. Henderson 35
    C. Marchbank 33
    M. Lewis 32
    M. Murphy 26
    B. Stratton 22
    L. O’Brien 15



    full time 13.15.93 – 13.13.88

    before scaling

    J. O’Meara 140
    D. Thomas 112
    L. Shiels 132
    E. Curnow 111
    J. Sicily 123
    L. Jones 100
    B. McEvoy 119
    P. Cripps 93
    L. Breust 106
    M. Kreuzer 89
    T. Scully 83
    L. Plowman 87
    J. Worpel 83
    Z. Fisher 87
    T. O’Brien 81
    J. Weitering 82
    B. Hardwick 80
    S. Walsh 82
    J. Impey 80
    L. Casboult 80
    C. Wingard 80
    D. Cuningham 73
    I. Smith 70
    H. McKay 72
    D. Howe 69
    S. Petrevski-Seton 71
    J. Scrimshaw 61
    M. McGovern 61
    R. Henderson 60
    N. Newman 58
    P. Puopolo 59
    M. Gibbons 51
    J. Cousins 59
    P. Dow 49
    J. Roughead 58
    L. O’Brien 47
    J. Gunston 56
    C. Marchbank 39
    K. Brand 52
    J. Silvagni 39
    M. Lewis 50
    M. Murphy 38
    B. Stratton 44
    K. Simpson 36


  14. Dammit… beaten by the clock. By half a second.

    TU: A bit stiff.
    TD: McKay would have missed anyway.



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