Game Chat – Hawthorn v North Melbourne

Written by Father Dougal on April 7 2019

Where and when: MCG, Sunday April 7, 3.20pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round 5, 2018: North Melbourne 14.14 (98) beat Hawthorn 11.4 (70)

It was a game marred by controversy with star Roo Shaun Higgins knocked out by Ryan Burton, while eventual Brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell had a brain fade which nearly cost him the award, when he made high contact with his elbow to the head of North big man Todd Goldstein. Outside of those incidents, it was a memorable win for the Roos who claimed a prized scalp. North led by 58 points at half-time but the Hawks launched a comeback and nearly overran an undermanned Roos outfit. Ben Brown and Jarrad Waite combined for seven goals, while Jack Ziebell chimed in with a couple as well.

What it means for Hawthorn: After a disappointing final-term capitulation against the Bulldogs, the Hawks will be hungry to bounce back. Undisciplined acts cost them dearly in round two, and they’ll need to be on their best behaviour so as not to draw the ire of the umpires.

What it means for North Melbourne: The Roos were in a winning position against the Lions for most of the game, but the momentum swung late in the final term. Brisbane kicked some quick goals from centre clearances to clinch the victory and send the Roos to a 0-2 start for the season. With plenty of new faces in their side, the Roos are still finding their synergy but will need to click fast before the season slips away.

How Hawthorn wins: For a start, having a full bench in the final quarter will go a long way. Injuries to Liam Shiels and Shaun Burgoyne saw the Hawks swamped by the surging Bulldogs. Hawthorn will need to apply plenty of pressure around the contest and try to exploit the fact that the Roos are still adjusting to the new 6-6-6 rule, which saw them vulnerable at centre bounces.

How North Melbourne wins: Despite losing the centre clearances and the inside 50s against the Lions, Brad Scott still thought his midfield was the more dominant on the day. Shaun Higgins (38) and Ben Cunnington (36) were solid and will need to bring their A-game against the Hawks. But if the Roos can dominate the middle and turn some of those stats around, it’ll go a long way to winning the four points.

The stat: The new rules have had a significant impact on the Roos, according to their coach. The Roos conceded 43 points from centre bounces against the Lions. Last year that average was around nine points per game.

The match-up: Todd Goldstein v Ben McEvoy

With centre clearances even more crucial under the new rules, the two No.1 ruckmen will have their work cut out providing best use for their midfielders. Goldstein will have McEvoy and Jonathon Ceglar to battle against, which won’t be an easy task.

It’s a big week for: Jack Ziebell

In a side that is struggling, the Roos skipper needs to stand up and lead from the front. Last time these two sides met, he was a barometer for North and caused headaches up forward. In 2019 he has spent more time in attack, but a move into the midfield wouldn’t go astray as the Roos try to arrest their issues at the centre bounce.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Hawthorn by 20. The Roos, well, they are not inspiring the confidence. The Hawks seem good enough to handle them. I have medium confidence in this pick. More than I do in the Roos.

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18 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v North Melbourne”

  1. Hawthorn: Jarryd Roughead (corked thigh) replaced in selected side by Dylan Moore


    Hawthorn: Conor Nash, Jack Scrimshaw, Dylan Moore, James Cousins

    North Melbourne: Luke Davies-Uniacke, Dom Tyson, Ben McKay, Bailey Scott


  2. what the heck is going on … worpel, Scromshaw and wingard all currently with negative scores!! shhhhessh


  3. I. Smith 38
    J. Pittard 48
    D. Mirra 35
    T. Dumont 42
    R. Henderson 33
    J. Ziebell 41
    J. Sicily 30
    S. Higgins 40
    B. Stratton 23
    S. Atley 39
    J. O’Meara 20
    J. Macmillan 36
    B. McEvoy 19
    S. Thompson 35
    B. Hardwick 18
    B. Cunnington 35
    J. Frawley 16
    B. Brown 33
    J. Impey 14
    D. Tyson 31
    J. Worpel 14
    R. Tarrant 26
    H. Morrison 13
    J. Polec 26
    J. Ceglar 13
    T. Goldstein 26
    L. Breust 9
    L. Davies-Uniacke 23
    J. Scrimshaw 7
    B. Scott 18
    J. Gunston 6
    A. Hall 17
    P. Puopolo 6
    J. Simpkin 15
    C. Nash 6
    L. McDonald 14
    J. Cousins 6
    K. Turner 9
    D. Moore 5
    T. Thomas 8
    T. Scully 0
    B. McKay 4
    C. Wingard -7
    T. Campbell 1


    R. Henderson 63
    S. Higgins 69
    B. McEvoy 55
    J. Pittard 63
    I. Smith 53
    S. Atley 60
    D. Mirra 49
    T. Dumont 57
    B. Stratton 48
    B. Cunnington 56
    L. Breust 47
    D. Tyson 55
    J. Sicily 45
    J. Macmillan 51
    J. Impey 41
    R. Tarrant 51
    J. Worpel 41
    S. Thompson 49
    B. Hardwick 40
    J. Polec 49
    J. O’Meara 35
    J. Ziebell 47
    J. Frawley 34
    T. Goldstein 46
    J. Gunston 26
    K. Turner 39
    J. Scrimshaw 25
    B. Brown 32
    J. Cousins 21
    B. Scott 32
    J. Ceglar 20
    J. Simpkin 28
    D. Moore 20
    L. Davies-Uniacke 28
    C. Nash 17
    L. McDonald 23
    P. Puopolo 16
    A. Hall 22
    H. Morrison 14
    T. Thomas 20
    T. Scully 14
    B. McKay 13
    C. Wingard 10
    T. Campbell 2


  5. R. Henderson 95
    B. Cunnington 112
    I. Smith 87
    S. Higgins 97
    B. McEvoy 74
    J. Pittard 89
    J. Worpel 68
    T. Goldstein 83
    J. O’Meara 67
    J. Polec 81
    L. Breust 64
    S. Atley 78
    J. Impey 63
    T. Dumont 75
    B. Stratton 60
    D. Tyson 69
    B. Hardwick 59
    R. Tarrant 67
    D. Mirra 58
    S. Thompson 67
    J. Gunston 49
    L. Davies-Uniacke 66
    J. Scrimshaw 49
    J. Macmillan 63
    J. Sicily 47
    J. Ziebell 61
    J. Cousins 47
    A. Hall 49
    J. Frawley 46
    J. Simpkin 49
    J. Ceglar 40
    K. Turner 45
    C. Nash 35
    T. Campbell 39
    H. Morrison 29
    L. McDonald 37
    C. Wingard 27
    B. Scott 35
    D. Moore 26
    T. Thomas 34
    T. Scully 22
    B. Brown 32
    P. Puopolo 20
    B. McKay 15


    R. Henderson 123
    S. Higgins 125
    B. McEvoy 120
    B. Cunnington 119
    I. Smith 113
    T. Goldstein 113
    L. Breust 108
    J. Pittard 109
    J. Sicily 93
    S. Atley 93
    J. O’Meara 88
    R. Tarrant 92
    J. Worpel 82
    S. Thompson 87
    B. Hardwick 81
    J. Macmillan 85
    J. Ceglar 80
    J. Polec 82
    C. Wingard 79
    J. Ziebell 81
    D. Mirra 75
    T. Dumont 76
    J. Impey 72
    D. Tyson 76
    B. Stratton 71
    A. Hall 72
    J. Frawley 64
    L. Davies-Uniacke 65
    J. Scrimshaw 64
    J. Simpkin 55
    J. Gunston 63
    B. Scott 50
    J. Cousins 63
    L. McDonald 49
    C. Nash 53
    T. Campbell 43
    T. Scully 45
    K. Turner 40
    D. Moore 41
    T. Thomas 37
    H. Morrison 38
    B. Brown 32
    P. Puopolo 22
    B. McKay 19


  7. Worpel 87.

    Traded in before the Swans bounce for Isaac Heeney.

    50 pts lost.

    But(!) +190k to the bank account and Worpel did gather a bunch of the footy with a nice mix of tidy stats today.
    (27Ds @ 78%DE, 8 kicks, 13CPs, 8 clearances with 3 in the centre square, ZERO tackles however…heat map is strong through the centre line of the field but only had 250m gained today). The forward line has had me bonked out since preseason. Hopefully he keeps showing his potential and his tank only continues to build as the season progresses.

    Tough one to miss Heeney’s points and use a trade so early. (I actually used 2 trades this week! Simpson out for Whitfield! I’m a mad man! Kind of lost my mind a bit with the ol’ T button.) But my bank grew a lot and I am feeling (kind of!) confident The Worpedo could offer the value and consistent traits I’m looking for in the forward line. He’s had a promising start to the year.

    It’s hard to say I’m confident in myself at all the way this season has started, but I’d like to think I’m feeling optimistic! Fat stacks of cash usually helps to replace a feeling of ineptitude, right?



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