Game Chat – Hawthorn vs Carlton

Written by Thommo on February 18 2016



Aurora Stadium, Launceston at 7:10


We shouldn’t expect much from first versus last from 2015 but two questions should be answered:

– How will the Hawks’ forward line structure up while Roughie is recovering from PCL surgery?

 – How will  the Brendan Bolton Blues play? Fingers crossed for zoning, webs and heaps of glorious possessions.


I’ll be keenly watching Sicily, O’Brien, Heatherley and Brand for the Hawks and for the Blues…. half the team, with value aplenty this season!

Who are you keen on in this game?

The Squads:


  • 3 Jordan Lewis
  • 4 Billy Hartung
  • 5 Sam Mitchell
  • 6 Josh Gibson
  • 7 Ben McEvoy
  • 8 Taylor Duryea
  • 10 Bradley Hill
  • 11 Brendan Whitecross
  • 13 Jonathan O’Rourke
  • 14 Grant Birchall
  • 15 Luke Hodge
  • 16 Isaac Smith
  • 17 Angus Litherland
  • 20 Dallas Willsmore
  • 21 James Sicily
  • 22 Luke Breust
  • 23 Tim O’Brien
  • 24 Ben Stratton
  • 25 Ryan Schoenmakers
  • 28 Paul Puopolo
  • 30 Kaiden Brand
  • 31 Zac Webster
  • 32 Jack Fitzpatrick
  • 34 Kurt Heatherley
  • 41 Daniel Howe
  • 42 Teia Miles
  • 43 Marc Pittonet
  • 46 Lachlan Langford
  • 47 Shem-Kalvin Tatup


  • 3 Marc Murphy
  • 4 Bryce Gibbs
  • 6 Kade Simpson
  • 8 Matthew Kreuzer
  • 10 Harry McKay
  • 11 Sam Kerridge
  • 12 Blaine Boekhorst
  • 13 Jed Lamb
  • 14 Liam Jones
  • 15 Sam Docherty
  • 17 Sam Rowe
  • 22 Jason Tutt
  • 23 Jacob Weitering
  • 24 Mark Whiley
  • 30 Charlie Curnow
  • 31 Matthew Dick
  • 32 Nick Graham
  • 33 Andrejs Everitt
  • 34 Andrew Phillips
  • 35 Ed Curnow
  • 37 Daniel Gorringe
  • 38 Ciaran Byrne
  • 39 Dale Thomas
  • 40 Michael Jamison
  • 41 Levi Casboult
  • 42 Zach Tuohy
  • 43 Simon White
  • 45 Andrew Gallucci
  • 46 Matthew Wright

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53 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn vs Carlton”

  1. OBrien, Heatherley, Brand and Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick in particular could be a surprise as the Hawks generally recycle well.

    Watching for how the blues use MacKay and Gorringe. Kerridge, obviously. Will also be keeping an eye out for Matthew Wright – yes he’s teased us in NAB before but he represents what the blues need right now, a decent midfielder who can play up forward and lead their younger players both on and off the field. Should have a good year, and probably represents as sound an investment as Bird.


  2. Final Teams.

    Out: Marc Pittonet, Lachlan Langford, Shem-Kalvin Tatupu

    Out: Marc Murphy, Jacob Weitering, Harry McKay


  3. A report on the Collingwood Intraclub match.

    Treloar , Elliot , Crisp , Marley Williams and the pies No 1 draft pick Brayden Sier didn’t play but are not faraway apparently.

    It was a pretty soft affair played over 3 30 minute quarters.

    James Aish played on a wing getting better as the game went along. Aish went in for some centre bounces and failed to gather any noticeable clearances. Aish was impressive though when he drifted forward taking 3 marks including one contested. He kicked a nice goal from the boundary line , but missed another from straight in front. NAB challenge matches will be the best guide but he must definitely be a chance to line up Round 1.

    Reid looks fit and was solid playing in defence getting fed a lot of loose uncontested balls as well as taking intercept marks.

    Pendles looks fit and kicked a couple of goals when he was drifted forward.

    The rookie Tom Phillips mid / fwd 117k it is worth noting won the 1st 2k time trial over the pre – season beating the 2k specialist Steele Sidebottom. Phillips is a likely left footer who played on the wing and kicked a nice goal as well as gathering some nice possies , but is unlikely to play Round 1.


  4. Kerridge up around the 28 possession mark. Kreuzer, Graham and Daisy all doing well. Daisy with 20 possessions last I checked.

    Surprisingly Kerridge was Level with Sam Mitchell. Birchall, Gibson, Hartung prominent. Hodge quiet. Sicily vs OBrien 1 goal each.

    Not much to get excited about from most of the unknown names and fringe players. Even players like O’Rourke achieving little.


  5. I’ve watched pretty much the whole game from the comfort of the couch. Carlton look to be trying to implement their new game plan under Bolts. They looked ok in the 1st qtr, but the hawthorn clicked into gear and made a lot less mistakes.

    It’s hard to judge where Hawks are at, as they’re close to 5-6 weeks behind carlton in lead up to this match, so I’ll just save my comments for the blues guys:
    – I think Kerridge has walked into every team in the country. Solid game with 28 odd posies.
    – Jones…. hahahahahahahhaha… bahahahahahahaha
    – Daisy and Gibbs both looked pretty awful tbh. Thomas clearly didn’t want to get injured and played like it.
    – Kreuzer if he can build some fitness could offer some good value in the ruck.
    – Sam Rowe is a gun and if he could get some decent assistance down back, no reason he couldn’t be another H Taylor or A Rance. In the first qtr where the blues were on top, he was taking everything and stopping everything. Could be some value there.

    Anyway, just the things that I noticed


  6. im back!
    terrible year last year….. so much promise.
    rookies are my specialty and captain obvious just found Kerridge


  7. Here are the scores:


    Josh Gibson 142

    Grant Birchall 139

    Sam Mitchell 139

    Jordan Lewis 123

    Luke Breust 104

    Daniel Howe 95

    Ben Stratton 93

    Billy Hartung 85

    Luke Hodge 85

    Angus Litherland 78

    Isaac Smith 76

    Jonathan O’Rourke 70

    Bradley Hill 69

    Taylor Duryea 68

    Paul Puopolo 66

    Jack Fitzpatrick 62

    Tim O’Brien 58

    Ben McEvoy 55

    James Sicily 54

    Brendan Whitecross 51

    Dallas Willsmore 43

    Kurt Heatherley 38

    Ryan Schoenmakers 35

    Kaiden Brand 30

    Teia Miles 24

    Zac Webster 0


    Sam Kerridge 122

    Nick Graham 111

    Dale Thomas 101

    Kade Simpson 91

    Matthew Kreuzer 90

    Sam Docherty 78

    Sam Rowe 78

    Levi Casboult 70

    Bryce Gibbs 69

    Jason Tutt 61

    Matthew Wright 55

    Ed Curnow 54

    Mark Whiley 51

    Blaine Boekhorst 48

    Michael Jamison 46

    Andrew Phillips 43

    Andrejs Everitt 40

    Zach Tuohy 38

    Matthew Dick 35

    Jed Lamb 29

    Ciaran Byrne 27

    Simon White 25

    Daniel Gorringe 23

    Andrew Gallucci 17

    Liam Jones 10

    Charlie Curnow 7


  8. Good on ya, Thommo!

    Important thing is not to get too carried away with these early scores. Still a long way to go before teams are announced for Rd1. Although Kerridge was very encouraging for Supercoaches 😉


  9. Was it Jed Anderson that did something similar in the corresponding game last year, didn’t see him for the rest of the year!


  10. I’m wondering if its worth dedicating a thread to ‘TheTreloar iciaries ‘ these are the players that fill the hole of an injury ie T.Liberatore >L.Dahlhaus , or a preseason trade loss ie Dangerfield> ? or Treloar >?.
    My gut feel would B.Couch for Danger and T.Greene for Trealor. Thoughts?



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