Game Chat – West Coast v Melbourne

Written by Motts on May 17 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Friday May 17, 6.10pm AWST

Last time they met: Optus Stadium, preliminary final, 2018: West Coast 18.13 (121) defeated Melbourne 7.13 (55)

Melbourne’s return to the preliminary final stage for the first time since 2000 could not have been a bigger disaster. The AFL’s highest-scoring team, the Demons were held goalless to half-time in a horror show that nobody saw coming.

What it means for West Coast: The Eagles have banked a couple of wins in a row and need to keep picking up the four points to stay in touch with the top four while they search for their best football.

What it means for Melbourne: The Demons’ season still has a pulse after nail-biting victories over Hawthorn and Gold Coast. Returning to the scene of their preliminary final shellacking and winning would be a huge boost for their finals hopes.

How West Coast wins: Melbourne had no answer to Josh Kennedy (four goals) and Jack Darling (three) last time and if the Eagles can get their big men enough quality supply the Demons’ injury-hit backline could struggle.

How Melbourne wins: By dominating the midfield. The Eagles have been better in the contest and getting their hands on the footy recently but haven’t hit top gear, so Melbourne’s onballers – led by Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver and Angus Brayshaw – need to win the battle.

The stat: Eagles spearhead Josh Kennedy hasn’t broken a game open this season but he is still their most valuable player and has booted at least one goal in his past 63 games, stretching back to the 2015 Grand Final.

The match-up: Elliot Yeo v Clayton Oliver

Yeo has been a big factor in the Eagles’ midfield finding some better form and the strong-bodied star is an ideal match-up for Melbourne beast Oliver, who had an incredible 38 touches and laid 15 tackles against Gold Coast.

It’s a big week for: Max Gawn

Gawn was completely shut out by Scott Lycett and Nathan Vardy in last year’s preliminary final shocker, and the Melbourne talisman needs a big performance for the visitors to cause an upset.

Big call: It’s been 13 games since Josh Kennedy bagged more than four goals in a match. The dual Coleman medallist is due and will nail at least five against the Demons’ questionable defence.

Mottsy’s Tip: Eagles by 30 points


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112 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Melbourne”

  1. Hickey late in.

    Should I still stick with Max as VC?

    T/U Yes, Grundy is safe if he flops.

    T/D nah he can’t deal with two rucks


      West Coast: Will Schofield (general soreness) replaced by Tom Hickey
      Melbourne: Nil

      West Coast: Dom Sheed, Jack Petruccelle, Tom Cole, Willie Rioli
      Melbourne: James Harmes, Billy Stretch, Alex Neal-Bullen, Bayley Fritsch


  2. Trade Brayshaw to Josh Kelly?

    TU- Elite move go for it

    TD- Hold Brayshaw and hope he picks up

    I know Kelly could be risky too, what do you guys think of him?


  3. Been doing some reverse trading this week and just noticed had c on max and vc on grundy instead of vice versa. Beware of possible rookie mistakes!!


    1. use the bye planner to look at your team, before playing on the site!! (though understandable if you are trying to look at cash generator as well as it doesn’t have most recent prices … still safer though!)


  4. Off topic, but I desperately need counsel!

    Steele or M. Crouch. One has to go for J. Kelly. Had enough of Steele but Crouch isn’t playing this week. Who goes?

    T.U: Steele

    T.D: Crouch


    1. There is still more than 10,000 trading Hately in now … is it all in hope he plays more games, regularly? Crazy trade ins at this stage …


        1. Indeed. The only concern for me is that his job-security is non-existent, which could be an issue heading into the byes.


        2. Am thinking the same. Don’t need him on field, just need the cash. On current averages, it’ll take Stocker 4 weeks to earn the same as Hately in one. Also thinking of going early on Atley. Great SAFL numbers, and with so many debuts this week, we won’t be able to get them all in three weeks time.


            1. On current averages Hately will be 292k, making ~150k in his next three games. Stocker will max out for the season at 190k, making 70k. Only a small sample for both, and it means nothing if neither is playing. Think I’m gonna risk a late in for Hately.


              1. Stoker will improve. Hately won’t play enough games. Getting Hately now just before the byes is madness.


      1. Totally agree…seems more in hope. At best, setterfield or gibbons to him on Sunday, and only Sunday


  5. Resigned myself to a low score from Satan Oliver tonight because of the Hutchings tag, in compensation however I’d love us to smash Melbourne again (circa last year’s prelim) and some big scores from Hurn and Darling. Ty.


  6. Parker can take a seat on the pine.

    Field Corbett against Port T/U

    Field Balta against Hawks who isn’t 1st duck T/D

    Comment: Parker


  7. TU: Walsh and Drew out for Macrae (field) and Hately (bench), $43k ITB
    TD: Save the trade for future rounds (only $5k ITB, 25 trades remaining)



    Q time
    wce 3.2.20 – 3.4.22 D’s

    S. Hurn 45
    J. Harmes 34
    E. Yeo 42
    N. Jones 32
    J. Kennedy 35
    C. Petracca 31
    L. Jetta 27
    T. McDonald 27
    A. Gaff 27
    M. Gawn 26
    B. Sheppard 26
    J. Viney 21
    J. Redden 25
    O. McDonald 20
    D. Sheed 25
    J. Hunt 19
    T. Cole 24
    B. Stretch 19
    L. Shuey 23
    C. Salem 17
    J. Cripps 23
    M. Hore 16
    J. McGovern 21
    J. Wagner 16
    T. Hickey 20
    T. Smith 15
    O. Allen 19
    C. Oliver 15
    W. Rioli 17
    O. Baker 15
    J. Petruccelle 16
    A. Brayshaw 12
    L. Duggan 13
    H. Petty 11
    M. Hutchings 11
    A. Neal-Bullen 10
    N. Vardy 9
    J. Lockhart 7
    L. Ryan 6
    J. Garlett 5
    J. Darling 4
    S. Frost 3
    D. Venables -3
    B. Fritsch 1


  9. Had VC on Gawn at 8pm and took it off him. Hickey late in made me take it off (not sure why his shit anyway!) FFS !



    1/2 time
    WC 5.4.34 – 5.8.38

    E. Yeo 77
    M. Gawn 84
    S. Hurn 70
    J. Harmes 69
    L. Shuey 56
    C. Oliver 48
    D. Sheed 54
    O. McDonald 46
    J. Redden 50
    J. Hunt 45
    J. McGovern 46
    T. Smith 44
    A. Gaff 43
    C. Petracca 43
    J. Kennedy 42
    M. Hore 42
    W. Rioli 41
    C. Salem 42
    B. Sheppard 40
    N. Jones 41
    T. Hickey 38
    A. Neal-Bullen 35
    L. Jetta 36
    B. Stretch 32
    T. Cole 36
    T. McDonald 32
    O. Allen 34
    J. Wagner 32
    M. Hutchings 31
    S. Frost 28
    J. Cripps 30
    J. Viney 28
    L. Duggan 28
    A. Brayshaw 23
    J. Petruccelle 25
    J. Garlett 21
    J. Darling 24
    H. Petty 19
    L. Ryan 24
    B. Fritsch 16
    N. Vardy 16
    J. Lockhart 15
    D. Venables 10
    O. Baker 14


    1. Yeo had 11 tackles from RD1 to RD4 and from RD5 onwards including tonight he has had 43 tackles from his last 4 and a 1/2 games.


  11. Glad I put Brayshaw on the pine,woulda been gone except for other carnage in mids-i.e Coniglio and crouch


  12. Hmmm tossed up vc on Gawn and Grundy and went Grundy. Hopefully Grundy will turn it on (not too much I’m a saints supporter) tomorrow night. Supercoach players without 2G’s are going to regret it.


    1. Tough one….I have v on Gawn tonight, but no Grundy cause of r13 bye…have Goldy till then and ROB on bench so two rucks each week of byes. Gawn comes in R14…in the meantime, I have an extra premo elsewhere.


  13. Why isn’t Brayshaw dominating the SC score like last year is it because he has been moved to another position?


    1. last year he played outside mid in a dominant team
      this year he’s not gettn the feed
      looks like he’s drop’n back as an extra in defense tonight



    3/4 time
    WC 7.6.48 – 8.12.60

    S. Hurn 110
    M. Gawn 104
    E. Yeo 97
    J. Harmes 92
    L. Shuey 80
    J. Garlett 72
    D. Sheed 75
    J. Hunt 69
    A. Gaff 71
    M. Hore 64
    J. Kennedy 70
    C. Oliver 64
    J. McGovern 67
    C. Salem 61
    T. Cole 55
    C. Petracca 58
    O. Allen 52
    T. Smith 58
    W. Rioli 50
    N. Jones 55
    J. Redden 49
    J. Wagner 51
    B. Sheppard 47
    O. McDonald 50
    L. Jetta 47
    T. McDonald 49
    T. Hickey 47
    J. Viney 47
    J. Darling 45
    A. Neal-Bullen 46
    J. Cripps 44
    B. Stretch 45
    L. Duggan 42
    S. Frost 39
    L. Ryan 37
    A. Brayshaw 38
    J. Petruccelle 37
    H. Petty 37
    M. Hutchings 32
    B. Fritsch 35
    N. Vardy 24
    J. Lockhart 30
    D. Venables 10
    O. Baker 23


  15. With so many premos out this week rookies scores will be even important than usual. The overall scores sure to change significantly.


  16. Ouch. Brought in Macrae instead of the gut choice POD Yeo. He’s killing it. Trade radar for sure next round.


  17. Harmes going good in the guts. Remember his last 9 last year?! Shame he doesn’t have FWD status.
    McDonald looking better every week. Cheap as chips with a 3RdAve. of 90. Post-bye target?


    1. Normally I would say “eww gross” to McDonald, but with the forward line the way it is this year it wouldn’t be the worst idea, especially with Melbourne’s form seeming to improve week on week.



    WC 13.7.85 – 9.15.69

    before scaking

    S. Hurn 164
    M. Gawn 144
    E. Yeo 136
    J. Harmes 116
    D. Sheed 111
    C. Oliver 114
    J. McGovern 110
    J. Hunt 91
    A. Gaff 109
    A. Brayshaw 85
    L. Shuey 106
    J. Garlett 80
    J. Cripps 100
    C. Petracca 77
    J. Kennedy 86
    M. Hore 76
    L. Ryan 85
    O. McDonald 73
    L. Jetta 68
    B. Stretch 70
    J. Redden 68
    N. Jones 67
    J. Darling 68
    S. Frost 66
    W. Rioli 66
    J. Viney 63
    T. Cole 63
    T. McDonald 63
    B. Sheppard 62
    J. Wagner 62
    O. Allen 57
    C. Salem 60
    J. Petruccelle 52
    T. Smith 60
    L. Duggan 51
    J. Lockhart 53
    T. Hickey 47
    H. Petty 51
    M. Hutchings 46
    B. Fritsch 49
    N. Vardy 30
    A. Neal-Bullen 43
    D. Venables 9
    O. Baker 41


  19. Hurn is unreal, reminds me a lot of Simmo. Similar play-styles and both found career-best form in the later parts of their career.

    That being said, even as a die-hard blues supporter, this season Hurn is putting together is better than Simmo has ever had. Must have at this stage.


  20. Was it just me or did Gawn loose a tonne of confidence after that mark over the top of him.
    He still went well, but something looked off…


      1. Wouldn’t surprise me, Ryan *may* have infringed upon the Toby Greene rule when taking that mark.

        That being said, I think the rule of cool applies to that mark and it’s fair play. Besides, most rules go out the window if someone pulls off a successful speccie.



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