Game Chat – Melbourne vs Carlton

Written by Huttabito on April 2 2017

Venue: MCG 3:20pm AEST

Lastย Time They Met: R22, 2016, Carlton 11.12 (78) d Melbourne 7.16 (58) at the MCG

Game Notes: The challenge for Melbourne, and the Demons know it, is to produce the type of effort and intensity every week that was displayed against St Kilda. Melbourne has a wonderful opportunity to make it two wins from two starts against Carlton on Sunday, with coach Simon Goodwin already demanding the team rises to a new standard. The Demons’ midfield is already firing, led by Max Gawn, who has resumed his All Australian-type form, with young gun Clayton Oliver and experienced heads Jordan Lewis and Nathan Jones also solid contributors. The Blues were gallant in last Thursday’s loss to Richmond, but remain a developing side, and coach Brendon Bolton will continue to take a measured approach through 2017. Melbourne has not defeated the Blues since 2014, so after ending its long-running hoodoo against the Saints, it will be looking to right the wrongs again in its first home game at the MCG for the season.

Huttabito’s Tip:ย Melbourne by 30 (1-1)

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we arenโ€™t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they havenโ€™t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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12 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne vs Carlton”

  1. Boy, with 3 clangers, 1 tackle and 2 handballs (at 50%DE), Hannan’s lucky to be on nil SC points!



    Melbourne: 7.5.47
    Carlton: 7.8.50

    C. Salem 108
    M. Gawn 94
    C. Oliver 85
    N. Jones 84
    J. Garlett 71
    B. Stretch 70
    T. McDonald 69
    J. Watts 69
    N. Jetta 67
    D. Tyson 63
    J. Harmes 61
    J. Lewis 58
    J. Hunt 51
    C. Petracca 50
    J. Melksham 48
    J. Viney 45
    J. Hogan 44
    S. Weideman 40
    A. Neal-Bullen 34
    O. McDonald 33
    A. Brayshaw 29
    M. Hannan 21

    M. Murphy 101
    M. Wright 92
    S. Docherty 88
    P. Cripps 83
    E. Curnow 80
    L. Plowman 60
    C. Marchbank 50
    D. Thomas 48
    K. Simpson 48
    B. Smedts 48
    S. White 46
    B. Gibbs 43
    S. Petrevski-Seton 39
    M. Kreuzer 35
    J. Silvagni 34
    D. Armfield 32
    J. Weitering 31
    L. Casboult 30
    S. Rowe 23
    C. Curnow 22
    J. Pickett 22
    H. Macreadie 17



    Melbourne: 13.8.86
    Carlton: 9.10.64

    C. Salem 135
    C. Oliver 132
    J. Garlett 113
    M. Gawn 112
    J. Harmes 109
    N. Jones 100
    D. Tyson 100
    J. Watts 95
    T. McDonald 90
    N. Jetta 84
    B. Stretch 83
    C. Petracca 80
    J. Lewis 79
    J. Hogan 68
    J. Hunt 65
    J. Viney 61
    S. Weideman 60
    A. Neal-Bullen 56
    J. Melksham 53
    O. McDonald 48
    A. Brayshaw 43
    M. Hannan 31

    M. Murphy 135
    S. Docherty 120
    M. Wright 113
    P. Cripps 108
    E. Curnow 103
    C. Marchbank 80
    L. Plowman 80
    D. Thomas 68
    M. Kreuzer 68
    S. White 57
    B. Gibbs 57
    H. Macreadie 56
    L. Casboult 55
    J. Weitering 53
    K. Simpson 53
    S. Petrevski-Seton 52
    B. Smedts 47
    D. Armfield 42
    J. Silvagni 39
    J. Pickett 37
    C. Curnow 36
    S. Rowe 32


  4. Already got him, one thing I’ve got right thus far! Surprised Docherty got as high as …. wait are these scores pre scaled? I’ve got him as well, knowing my luck they’ll penalise him 50 points for that late free at the end of the game.



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