Game Chat – Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Written by Thommo on April 7 2018

Venue: MCG at 2:10pm AEST

R19, 2017, North Melbourne 11.10 (76) d Melbourne 10.12 (72) at Blundstone Arena
R9, 2017, North Melbourne 15.14 (104) d Melbourne 13.12 (90) at the MCG
R3, 2016, North Melbourne 21.10 (136) d Melbourne 20.11 (131) at Blundstone Arena
R19, 2015, North Melbourne 19.13 (127) d Melbourne 14.8 (92) at the MCG
R23, 2014, North Melbourne 19.9 (123) d Melbourne 14.9 (93) at Etihad Stadium


Seventeen straight losses. That is the reality that will playing out in the backs of the Melbourne players’ minds as they go to face North Melbourne at the MCG on Saturday. The Roos’ run of 17 straight victories against Melbourne, dating back to 2006, is the second longest losing streak in club history. And, as much as the coaching staff and players will try to downplay the losing streak, it will be a factor in the game. However, the Demons are undoubtedly a team on the rise and up against a youthful North Melbourne squad they will fancy their chances. The Roos, however, are coming off an impressive 52-point win over St Kilda and will be no easy beats, particularly if they can match it in the midfield with the Demons’ onballers.

Thommo’s Tip:  Melbourne by 10 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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53 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne vs North Melbourne”

      1. Majaks in for Tarrant meaning Majak had come in to play defence it seems. Shouldn’t effect goldy if thats the case


      2. He’ll be fine, Daw played defence all preseason and he’s come in for Tarrant so that’s likely where he will play. Should only take Browns ruck chop out time.


  1. Melbourne v North Melbourne at the MCG, 2.10pm AEST

    Melbourne: Nil
    North Melbourne: Robbie Tarrant (hamstring soreness) replaced by Majak Daw

    Melbourne: Jordan Lewis, Dean Kent, Alex Neal-Bullen, Josh Wagner
    North Melbourne: Jed Anderson, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Jy Simpkin, Trent Dumont


    1. Watch for Frosty to go back, free up Hibberd & watch him smash out his first of many 100’s for the season!

      We have faith in you Hibberd, time to repay us young fella!


  2. Demons will stick to their usual game plan….. play 2 quarters of good footy, lapse, let the kangas in then re-steady to secure a comfortable but non convincing win.


    1. so do I mate. A little better towards the end of the quarter, but Jacobs is shaping up to be as good as Ebert in that role.


        1. No idea how Hibberd got 41 pts that quarter, other than a good intercept mark all of his touches were average at best…


          1. To be fair the whole game is a bit of a mess, you don’t have to do much right to score points in this one


  3. DEES – half-time
    Max Gawn 80
    Jesse Hogan 61
    Jordan Lewis 59
    Christian Petracca 58
    Joshua Wagner 56
    Christian Salem 50
    Michael Hibberd 50
    Nathan Jones 47
    Tomas Bugg 47
    Bernie Vince 43
    Bayley Fritsch 42
    Dean Kent 35
    Dom Tyson 35
    James Harmes 33
    Jake Melksham 33
    Sam Frost 31
    Alex Neal-Bullen 30
    Clayton Oliver 29
    Jeff Garlett 28
    Oscar McDonald 21
    Jake Lever 15
    Neville Jetta 14

    NORTH – h-t
    Billy Hartung 67
    Shaun Higgins 54
    Ben Cunnington* 50
    Ben Brown 43
    Jamie Macmillan 42
    Ed Vickers-Willis 42
    Jarrad Waite 40
    Shaun Atley 39
    Luke McDonald 39
    Ben Jacobs 38
    Trent Dumont 38
    Jy Simpkin 37
    Scott D. Thompson 35
    Todd Goldstein 33
    Jack Ziebell 32
    Ryan Clarke 30
    Majak Daw 29
    Jed Anderson 27
    Marley Williams 24
    Nathan Hrovat 24
    L. Davies-Uniacke 13
    Kayne Turner 11

    Huge second-quarter from Hibberd 40+pts 😉
    Gawn dominating and Dees in front.


        1. Ben Jacobs is one of the last pure taggers in the game. He’s damn good at what he does though – don’t think it’s a bad sign for Oliver.


        2. Oliver still put up 75 with a very hard tag. I’ve only moved to him this week, and was expecting the lowest he’ll go is 80. I think this is his one low game in the patch.


  4. Dees break their North demons it seems. Hogan and Gawn awesome (apart from a few FA’s from Maxy and he left the field for a while ‘sore’ in Q4).
    Watched most of this game. Was LDU playing!!?!?!?


  5. Hibberd unconvincingly gets to 88, glad I moved him on – still not taking kick ins and just the 18 disposals today (20 Rd 1 and 2) which is down on his 2017 average of 27.


  6. Full Time (Pre-scale)

    Melbourne Demons: 18.15.123
    J. Hogan 126
    M. Gawn 119
    D. Kent 114
    N. Jones 108
    C. Petracca 107
    J. Lewis 105
    C. Salem 103
    B. Vince 101
    M. Hibberd 89
    J. Wagner 86
    D. Tyson 83
    Neal-Bullen 83
    T. Bugg 82
    J. Garlett 82
    J. Harmes 78
    C. Oliver 76
    J. Lever 59
    B. Fritsch 57
    N. Jetta 52
    S. Frost 52
    J. Melksham 49
    O. McDonald 35

    North Melbourne : 13.8.86
    B. Brown 91
    S. Higgins 89
    L. McDonald 88
    B. Jacobs 85
    Cunnington 84
    B. Hartung 83
    J. Ziebell 81
    T. Dumont 77
    M. Daw 75
    R. Clarke 74
    Macmillan 73
    S. Thompson 72
    S. Atley 71
    J. Simpkin 63
    Goldstein 58
    J. Anderson 55
    J. Waite 52
    V-Willis 48
    M. Williams 47
    N. Hrovat 43
    D-Uniacke 23
    K. Turner 22


    1. Tambling played a lot more games than anyone on this site I reckon .
      Bit sick of him being a whipping boy . Ryan Griffen got picked before Tambling why don’t we bag him for being picked before Buddy?


        1. Anyway keep on bagging a bloke who played over 100 AFL games . Griffen was a very good player , but has he reached anywhere near Buddys heights?


      1. I’m not really sure the argument ‘you never played AFL’ really holds water Bruce. Most of us haven’t governed a country yet we criticize Turnbull and Trump, we haven’t commentated a game of footy but we criticize BT for not remembering player names. My patients criticize me at times yet they haven’t got a $100k HECs debt spending years at Uni, etc…

        And besides, the Tambling criticism is of Richmond’s recruiting more than Tambling himself. He was just unlucky not to be playing for the Tiges now when they love a whole fleet of small forwards…


        1. Never said anyone had never played AFL , I was just pointing out he was good enough to play 100 plus games. Also I think people resort to an easy cliche “worst number four ever “without any real research.There has been some ordinary numbers one,two and three over the years but we keep on whacking Tambling.


          1. Yeah, plenty of high draft pick failures, Tambling was just unlucky to be drafted in a high profile draft.


            1. Wasn’t a bad draft , my favourite Roughy was number two.Am a Richmond fan and Deledio was number one that year as well.


  7. Was Goldstein as bad as his score suggests, or was Gawn just too good? If it’s the former, is there any chance Brad Scott decides to bring in Pruess?



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