Game Chat – North Melbourne v GWS

Written by Thommo on April 8 2017

Venue: Blundstone Arena, Hobart at 1:45pm AEST


R23, 2016, GWS Giants 14.16 (100) d North Melbourne 9.9 (63) at Etihad Stadium
R12, 2015, North Melbourne 18.9 (117) d GWS Giants 8.13 (61) at Spotless Stadium
R20, 2014, North Melbourne 19.12 (126) d GWS Giants 7.9 (51) at Manuka Oval
R14, 2013, North Melbourne 19.16 (130) d GWS Giants 6.8 (44) at Etihad Stadium
R23, 2012, North Melbourne 16.9 (105) d GWS Giants 11.11 (77) at Spotless Stadium 

Game notes: Pre-season flag favourites Greater Western Sydney rebounded from a round one savaging against Adelaide to do the same to struggling Gold Coast on Saturday. Dylan Shiel, Callan Ward and Josh Kelly (again) were red-hot for the Giants, who got six goals out of Jeremy Cameron in Jonathon Patton’s absence. Patton should be back to face the Roos. North Melbourne suffered defeat for the second straight match despite showing promising signs – and leading by as many as 32 points over Geelong. The Cats’ five-goal-to-one last term saw them pip the Kangaroos by a point on Sunday, spoiling strong displays from Shaun Higgins, Ben Cunnington, Robbie Tarrant and Braydon Preuss. Brad Scott’s men should be buoyed by their impressive record in Tasmania and against GWS in general.

Thommo’s Tip: GWS by 30 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.

Pre-Scaled Scores:


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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v GWS”

  1. North Melbourne v Greater Western Sydney at Blundstone Arena, 1.45pm AEST

    North Melbourne: Majak Daw replaced in selected side by Ryan Clarke
    Greater Western Sydney: Matt Buntine replaced in selected side by Aidan Corr

    North Melbourne: Nathan Hrovat, Ryan Clarke, Trent Dumont, Sam Gibson
    Greater Western Sydney: Tim Taranto, Nathan Wilson, Adam Kennedy, Sam Reid


  2. With Goldy back in the side, what score are we looking at for Preuss?

    I think 70 would be a servicebale score.


  3. 1/4 TIME

    North Melbourne 3.2. 20
    GWS 3.4. 22

    J. Ziebell 37
    L. McDonald30
    B. Preuss27
    B. Cunnington25
    A. Mullett24
    R. Tarrant23
    T. Goldstein22
    R. Clarke18
    S. Higgins18
    B. Brown17
    N. Hrovat17
    J. Macmillan16
    T. Dumont15
    L. Thomas14
    A. Swallow14
    M. Williams13
    S. Atley13
    T. Garner8
    K. Turner8
    S. Durdin7
    L. Hansen6
    S. Gibson6

    J. Cameron38
    S. Mumford36
    T. Greene36
    H. Shaw32
    D. Smith29
    C. Ward29
    D. Shiel28
    J. Kelly25
    T. Scully24
    R. Lobb23
    N. Haynes22
    R. Griffen21
    Z. Williams18
    A. Corr17
    P. Davis17
    J. Hopper96
    S. Reid8
    A. Kennedy7
    N. Wilson7
    S. Johnson7
    T. Taranto6
    A. Tomlinson5


  4. Sort of wishing I had Preuss right now. I have him on the bench in AFL Fantasy; knowing my luck he’ll probably go and outscore my on-field rucks AGAIN!


    1. Have to give credit to the management. They copped a lot of stick for cutting all that experience last year, but it seems like it hasn’t hurt them much in the short-term.


  5. North Melbourne 5.4. 34 trail GWS 6.11. 47 at half time

    A. Mullett 70
    J. Ziebell 69
    B. Preuss 57
    L. McDonald 51
    L. Hansen 50
    J. Macmillan 49
    S. Atley 45
    B. Cunnington 40
    R. Tarrant 39
    A. Swallow 38
    T. Goldstein 38
    M. Williams 36
    R. Clarke 32
    N. Hrovat 31
    S. Higgins 31
    L. Thomas 26
    S. Gibson 24
    T. Dumont 24
    B. Brown 21
    T. Garner 17
    K. Turner 14
    S. Durdin 11

    S. Mumford 81
    T. Greene 59
    J. Cameron 56
    C. Ward 56
    D. Smith 47
    J. Kelly 47
    J. Hopper 47
    H. Shaw 47
    D. Shiel 46
    T. Scully 41
    Z. Williams 37
    R. Griffen 36
    A. Corr 32
    N. Haynes 32
    S. Reid 29
    P. Davis 28
    T. Taranto 25
    R. Lobb 23
    A. Kennedy 22
    N. Wilson 20
    A. Tomlinson 12
    S. Johnson 10


    1. I don’t know what’s worse ,having Preuss sitting on your bench as an emergency unable to get his points ,unless you trade Sandi out ,or not having him at all


  6. 3/4 TIME
    North Melbourne 8.6. 54 trail GWS 9.15. 69

    A. Mullett 95
    J. Ziebell 92
    L. Hansen 84
    L. McDonald 72
    M. Williams 63
    S. Atley 60
    B. Preuss 59
    N. Hrovat 56
    J. Macmillan 54
    B. Cunnington 52
    R. Clarke 48
    T. Dumont 47
    A. Swallow 45
    S. Higgins 45
    T. Goldstein 44
    R. Tarrant 43
    S. Gibson 40
    B. Brown 40
    L. Thomas 39
    K. Turner 38
    S. Durdin 32
    T. Garner 22
    S. Mumford 119
    T. Scully 99
    J. Cameron 97
    Z. Williams 81
    T. Greene 78
    J. Hopper 74
    J. Kelly 73
    D. Smith 71
    C. Ward 67
    D. Shiel 63
    N. Haynes 61
    R. Lobb 55
    H. Shaw 54
    A. Corr 48
    S. Reid 44
    P. Davis 38
    S. Johnson 37
    R. Griffen 36
    N. Wilson 30
    T. Taranto 29
    A. Tomlinson 27
    A. Kennedy 23


    1. He had pretty good last quarter. Finished on 89 (unscaled)

      Seems to be sharing points with Z Williams etc.

      I’m backing him to improve. No way I’m sideways trading premos this early.

      Hanners bounced back this week. Heater will too.



    North Melbourne 10.7. 67
    GWS 15.19. 109

    J. Ziebell 125
    A. Mullett 121
    L. Hansen 107
    L. McDonald 94
    B. Preuss 87
    M. Williams 79
    R. Tarrant 76
    S. Atley 73
    N. Hrovat 71
    J. Macmillan 71
    T. Dumont 69
    S. Gibson 65
    B. Cunnington 62
    S. Higgins 59
    R. Clarke 57
    K. Turner 54
    T. Garner 53
    A. Swallow 52
    L. Thomas 52
    T. Goldstein 51
    B. Brown 48
    S. Durdin 45

    S. Mumford 139
    J. Cameron 116
    T. Scully 112
    J. Kelly 110
    Z. Williams 109
    C. Ward 93
    T. Greene 93
    D. Smith 93
    J. Hopper 91
    H. Shaw 89
    D. Shiel 87
    N. Haynes 82
    S. Reid 76
    R. Lobb 62
    N. Wilson 58
    A. Corr 55
    P. Davis 53
    T. Taranto 48
    A. Kennedy 47
    S. Johnson 43
    R. Griffen 39
    A. Tomlinson 35


  8. SC analysis

    Preuss is good and will get better but at the moment he’ll fade against the better rucks latte in games

    Goldy’s scoring is DEFINITELY impacted by Preuss in the team. Massively!!

    We all should’ve started with an under priced Josh Kelly. Ahh, hindsight.

    Zac Williams is a jet down back and same for Greene up front.

    If you’ve got North’s top 4 in your SC team you’d have had a fantastic afternoon but you’ve clearly got no idea about footy. Mullett 121. Anyone see that coming?

    Taranto and Turner aren’t going massive as rookies but they’re serviceable, particularly if they’re parked on your bench.


    1. Yes I mentioned to the blokes on this site about including an up and coming J.Kelly breaking out this year. I got many a thumbs down. He’s been in my team from the go.


  9. Burn Man back? Hoping not, as Im one of the suckers who think he can hold up an F6 spot in ’17! Was he tagged? If so, by who?
    If not, thats a concern as a true prem rarely goes under 70 on a bad day…



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