Game Chat – North Melbourne v Footscray

Written by Thommo on April 14 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 4:20pm AEST

R20, 2016, Western Bulldogs 9.7 (61) d North Melbourne 7.5 (47) at Etihad Stadium
R6, 2016, North Melbourne 9.7 (61) d Western Bulldogs 6.9 (45) at Etihad Stadium
R22, 2015, Western Bulldogs 14.12 (96) d North Melbourne 10.13 (73) at Etihad Stadium
R21, 2014, North Melbourne 17.9 (111) d Western Bulldogs 8.13 (61) at Etihad Stadium
R2, 2014, North Melbourne 12.11 (83) d Western Bulldogs 8.6 (54) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: The Western Bulldogs have won nine of their past 11 matches, including a long-awaited flag, but last week’s loss to Fremantle was their second in that period to Ross Lyon’s Dockers. They split their two 2016 clashes with next opponent North Melbourne. This week’s match takes on special significance as the first AFL game scheduled on Good Friday. The Dogs will be keen to redeem themselves for the shock loss in Perth and no players more so than quiet performers Travis Cloke, Easton Wood and Toby McLean. But the Roos are desperate to open their winning account. North was competitive in all its three losses to date, particularly against Geelong in round two, but an inability to prolong the effort has hurt Brad Scott’s men. Jack Ziebell needs more support in the midfield from the likes of Ben Cunnington and Andrew Swallow. Will the Kangaroos lift for Lindsay Thomas’ 200th match?

Thommo’s Tip: Western Bulldogs by 20 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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63 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v Footscray”

  1. North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium, 4.20pm AEST


    North Melbourne: Nathan Hrovat, Ben Cunnington, Luke McDonald, Jy Simpkin
    Western Bulldogs: Matt Suckling, Matthew Boyd, Jack Macrae, Clay Smith


  2. Perched in level three at Etihad waiting for the opening bounce. Happy to oblige with the 1/4 by 1/4 scores and general observations.

    High SC score – tipping the Bont

    North’s form hasn’t been as bad as the ladder makes ite look pushing three likely finalists for three quarters. Just got to play four quarters this week. Would love North to notch a win and they’ll be up for the contest but surely the Doggies will be too strong. Dogs by 14pts.


    1. With 40 minutes until the start of the game, what’s the crowd numbers looking like RB?

      Would love to see both these teams make this an annual event, listening to Eddie McGuire say it should be Collingwood this morning nearly made me vomit!


  3. Roo supporter through n through, but have taken Bont as my vc… even worse, cant enjoy the game with a beer as I have to work after


    1. If you have Bont he should be automatic as your VC choice. His scoring is unbelievable. He’s basically Pendles 2.0 in that he can get 120 off 20 touches.


  4. Hi All
    For whatever reason I started with Grundy, Sandi and Witts. Now I’m thinking of trading Sandi to Preuss and running with Grundy and Witts. I’ll make the 150000 on the trade and Preuss will make more money and down the track can figure out if I need another ruck (have Nank in the fwds).

    TU – good money making
    TD keep your trades


  5. The Bont gets a half touch on the ball and loses the ball in the tackle, gets a free kick and receives a contested possession on the stats page. You can see why he scores well.


    1. I bought him in this week purely because I was sick and tired of complaining of his scoring.

      If you can’t beat’em, join’em


        1. Cost me a 2E and JOM.

          Most would disagree with something like that but Newman/Bont was way more important in the long run I think.


          1. Genius.

            I went Sloane over Bont.

            Bont will kick more goals.

            Sloanranger is a contested ball/ tackle beast.

            Also suits my bye strategy,and only 4% ownership.

            Both great options me thinks.


  6. Chose to get Jelwood into my team instead of Bont. Really scared I’ve made a horrible decision right now seeing how well he scores.



    North Melbourne: 2.4.16
    Western Bulldogs: 2.2.14

    B. Cunnington 36
    T. Goldstein 33
    J. Ziebell 25
    S. Atley 23
    A. Mullett 23
    J. Macmillan 23
    S. Higgins 23
    A. Swallow 22
    B. Preuss 22
    N. Hrovat 20
    S. Thompson 19
    L. Hansen 19
    L. McDonald 19
    S. Gibson 19
    J. Simpkin 18
    T. Dumont 18
    L. Thomas 18
    R. Tarrant 18
    B. Brown 17
    T. Garner 16
    K. Turner 13
    M. Williams 12

    J. Stringer 33
    L. Picken 32
    M. Bontempelli 32
    L. Dahlhaus 28
    T. McLean 26
    L. Jong 26
    M. Adams 23
    J. Johannisen 22
    J. Macrae 20
    L. Hunter 17
    J. Dunkley 16
    M. Suckling 15
    F. Roberts 15
    E. Wood 14
    Z. Cordy 13
    R. Murphy 12
    T. Liberatore 12
    C. Smith 11
    T. Cloke 10
    T. Campbell 8
    M. Boyd 7
    T. Boyd 1


  8. Good contest. Passages of real contested footy and the Doggies in particular with their handball out of defence. Carn North!!!


  9. @ 1/2 time

    North Melbourne: 4.7.31 lead Western Bulldogs: 2.8.20

    B. Cunnington 59
    T. Goldstein 52
    B. Brown 51
    N. Hrovat 51
    R. Tarrant 51
    A. Swallow 46
    S. Higgins 44
    T. Dumont 43
    A. Mullett 43
    J. Macmillan 43
    J. Ziebell 41
    S. Gibson 41
    J. Simpkin 38
    S. Atley 36
    L. Hansen 36
    B. Preuss 31
    L. McDonald 29
    M. Williams 28
    L. Thomas 25
    T. Garner 24
    K. Turner 24
    S. Thompson 22

    L. Picken 69
    L. Dahlhaus 57
    M. Adams 51
    J. Stringer 48
    M. Bontempelli 44
    L. Jong 41
    T. McLean 39
    J. Johannisen 38
    R. Murphy 37
    M. Boyd 35
    T. Campbell 33
    L. Hunter 32
    J. Dunkley 31
    M. Suckling 31
    J. Macrae 31
    F. Roberts 30
    C. Smith 30
    Z. Cordy 29
    T. Liberatore 28
    E. Wood 26
    T. Cloke 20
    T. Boyd 1


    1. Dont like seeing anybody injured but unfortunately for
      my supercoach season he has been one of my worst performers
      and now his 1 point will most likely cost me any chance of league wins this week .
      Never mind thats footy , but see you later tom.



    North Melbourne: 8.11.59
    Western Bulldogs: 7.15.57

    R. Tarrant 87
    B. Cunnington 86
    N. Hrovat 76
    T. Goldstein 69
    B. Brown 68
    A. Swallow 67
    J. Ziebell 65
    J. Macmillan 62
    A. Mullett 61
    T. Dumont 60
    S. Atley 60
    L. Hansen 54
    M. Williams 53
    S. Higgins 52
    S. Gibson 52
    K. Turner 46
    L. Thomas 45
    J. Simpkin 42
    L. McDonald 42
    T. Garner 40
    S. Thompson 39
    B. Preuss 38

    L. Dahlhaus 108
    M. Bontempelli 92
    L. Picken 79
    J. Macrae 65
    M. Suckling 63
    J. Stringer 63
    L. Jong 63
    T. Liberatore 61
    T. Campbell 59
    J. Johannisen 58
    T. McLean 58
    M. Adams 57
    M. Boyd 55
    J. Dunkley 50
    C. Smith 49
    T. Cloke 47
    L. Hunter 47
    R. Murphy 46
    Z. Cordy 40
    F. Roberts 39
    E. Wood 24
    T. Boyd 1


  11. Amazing game, Lindsay Thomas with the double spud at the end was the cherry
    North are 0-4 but playing good footy, it’s a cruel game sometimes



    North Melbourne: 12.14.86
    Western Bulldogs: 12.17.89

    B. Cunnington 125
    B. Brown 98
    T. Goldstein 96
    A. Swallow 94
    R. Tarrant 93
    A. Mullett 87
    T. Dumont 87
    J. Ziebell 86
    S. Gibson 80
    N. Hrovat 80
    S. Higgins 75
    L. McDonald 71
    J. Macmillan 70
    T. Garner 65
    M. Williams 61
    B. Preuss 60
    S. Atley 58
    J. Simpkin 57
    L. Hansen 53
    K. Turner 49
    S. Thompson 49
    L. Thomas 44

    L. Dahlhaus 145
    M. Bontempelli 115
    L. Picken 112
    J. Macrae 107
    M. Suckling 99
    J. Stringer 97
    T. Liberatore 86
    J. Johannisen 83
    M. Adams 82
    L. Jong 80
    T. McLean 78
    C. Smith 73
    R. Murphy 73
    L. Hunter 67
    T. Cloke 65
    M. Boyd 62
    J. Dunkley 54
    T. Campbell 53
    Z. Cordy 47
    F. Roberts 47
    E. Wood 31
    T. Boyd 3


  13. I went for a walk for a few hours this afternoon, and came back around 7, expecting to settle in for the night and watch the match. Only then did I realise that the game had started at 4:20, and that it was already 3-quarter-time.

    It’s completely my own fault for not double-checking the schedule, but why on Earth was a Friday game on in the middle of the afternoon? Surely a primetime game would get a lot more viewers, even if it is a public holiday.


      1. Yeah, I kind of figured as much. But I still think that they could put the Good Friday Appeal on in the day time, and the football on at night, with periodic reminders for people to donate, and raise as much if not more money.



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