Game Chat – North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Written by Huttabito on April 22 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Etihad Stadium, Sunday, April 22, 3.20pm AEST

Neither North Melbourne nor Hawthorn was expected to be a serious factor in season 2018, but they meet in round five as top-eight sides. Only reigning premier Richmond has got the better of the Hawks this year, while the Roos levelled their ledger with a crushing defeat of Carlton at their Hobart base. This contest pits the AFL’s No.1 clearance team (Hawthorn) against the top defence (North). Leading Brownlow Medal contender Tom Mitchell’s stunning form is a major reason for the Hawks’ success in the middle, along with Jaeger O’Meara recapturing his Gold Coast best. Throw in hard nut Liam Shiels and speedsters Isaac Smith and Jarman Impey, and the retooled Hawthorn onball division is a force to be reckoned with. The Roos’ winning hopes rest on their ability to be competitive in the clinches, where Ben Cunnington, Shaun Higgins, Jack Ziebell and even ex-Hawk Jed Anderson will need to fire.

R21, 2017, Hawthorn 18.8 (116) d North Melbourne 14.5 (89) at UTAS
R21, 2016, Hawthorn 14.12 (96) d North Melbourne 8.9 (57) at the MCG
R13, 2016, Hawthorn 14.9 (93) d North Melbourne 11.18 (84) at Etihad
R5, 2015, Hawthorn 19.16 (130) d North Melbourne 10.10 (70) at Etihad
R16, 2014, North Melbourne 16.12 (108) d Hawthorn 13.10 (88) at Etihad

Hutta’s Tip:  Hawthorn by 30 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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37 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne vs Hawthorn”

      North Melbourne: Jy Simpkin, Ryan Clarke, Trent Dumont, Cam Zurhaar
      Hawthorn: Ryan Burton, Ricky Henderson, Conor Glass, James Cousins


  1. As a roo supporter, have a good feeling about today, maybe its the German beers though ‘m having but quietly confident, thinking Jacobs to Mitch but cant stop his inside work, guys a hard ball magnet, have a good afternoon all


  2. I’ve got the opportunity loophole Holman with LDU instead of taking Banfield’s score of 67.

    T/U – yes do it, Holman will come good again for 80+
    T/D – don’t risk it. Take the 67.

    Starts in 15.


        1. It won’t be a huge difference. This year, Fyfe, Danger, Titch Grundy and Dusty are all set and forget captains. Depends on who your opponents in the league have as their captains. Don’t risk a different DOP. Buddy hurt me


          1. Jeannot.

            I haven’t see you post on the Progress Scores for a while?

            I’m very interested in how your “Left Field Team” is going?

            Titch not looking so “Set and Forget” this game.

            We reserve that title for people called Gary. (2015)


  3. TMitch Tag?

    Will JOM get off the chain again this week?

    Sicily 100+

    Looking forward to a great game. 🙂


  4. North lead by seven goals, and I reckon the scoreboard flatters the Hawks. They’re getting smashed all over the ground.


  5. My tips are going well this week 😛

    2/6 so far if this game finishes the way we think it will (though to be fair, one of the games I got wrong was a draw).


  6. Can’t understand Goldy’s SC score. He has given us an absolute clinic in there today and given North clear centre clearances. Should be in the 70’s based on the feel of the game.


  7. With great joy I bring you the half time scores.

    North: 11.9.75
    Hawks: 3.0.18

    J.Ziebell 80
    B.Brown 79
    J.Waite 69
    S.Thompson 68
    B.Cunnington 57
    S.Higgins 53
    C.Zurhaar 52
    S.Atley 51
    J.Macmillan 47
    R.Tarrant 46
    E.Vickers-Willis 43
    R.Clarke 42
    T.Goldstein 42
    L.McDonald 41
    B.Jacobs 41
    B.Hartung 37
    T.Dumont 33
    J.Anderson 33
    M.Williams 28
    M.Daw 27
    J.Simpkin 16
    K.Turner 15

    J.Sicily 49
    J.Frawley 48
    T.Mitchell 43
    R.Henderson 42
    J.Impey 42
    J.Gunston 41
    H.Morrison 41
    L.Shiels 36
    L.Breust 33
    B.Stratton 32
    J.O’Meara 28
    R.Burton 26
    J.Cousins 23
    D.Mirra 22
    J.Roughead 21
    B.Hardwick 21
    T.O’Brien 19
    D.Howe 19
    T.Duryea 19
    B.McEvoy 17
    I.Smith 14
    C.Glass 10


      1. Said no one playing on the best tagger in the AFL!

        Although I hate it, Jacobs played Titch like an extra skin today….I would of punched Jacobs in the neck by the 10 minute mark of the the first quarter if I was Titch 😉


        1. yeah Catta, just kicking myself for forgetting to switch the C to Fyfe last night before heading out to a jazz and blues fest … ahh well, should have really gone to Dusty as next best choice … way to kill a round


      2. Best tagger in the game, we’ll wait to see how dusty and danger (although that might be Selwood) go with the blowfly on them.


  8. Three Quarter Time

    NM: 12.11.83 lead HAW: 9.2.56

    B.Cunnington 95
    J.Ziebell 90
    B.Brown 89
    S.Thompson 87
    J.Waite 87
    R.Tarrant 74
    J.Macmillan 71
    S.Atley 70
    C.Zurhaar 65
    S.Higgins 60
    R.Clarke 60
    L.McDonald 56
    T.Goldstein 54
    B.Jacobs 54
    B.Hartung 54
    M.Daw 53
    T.Dumont 50
    E.Vickers-Willis 48
    J.Anderson 44
    M.Williams 42
    K.Turner 40
    J.Simpkin 17

    L.Breust 95
    J.Sicily 83
    R.Henderson 65
    T.Mitchell 62
    L.Shiels 61
    J.Impey 60
    J.Frawley 60
    J.Gunston 59
    T.Duryea 53
    D.Howe 50
    H.Morrison 49
    I.Smith 48
    B.McEvoy 46
    J.Roughead 46
    J.O’Meara 44
    B.Stratton 43
    D.Mirra 41
    J.Cousins 38
    R.Burton 34
    B.Hardwick 31
    T.O’Brien 27
    C.Glass 19


  9. Brought Titch in for Kelly this week because I wanted to wait longer to see if Macrae and Oliver will be top 8 and was thinking Danger’s price would drop quicker. Good thing I didn’t captain him because I saw this tag coming.



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