Game Chat – Port Adelaide v Adelaide

Written by Father Dougal on April 8 2017

Venue: Adelaide Oval, Saturday, April 8, 7.10pm ACST

Last Time They Met: R22, 2016, Adelaide 15.19 (109) d Port Adelaide 14.10 (94) at Adelaide Oval
R2, 2016, Adelaide 22.12 (144) d Port Adelaide 11.20 (86) at Adelaide Oval

Game notes: Any Showdown gets the blood boiling among South Australian footy fans, but the odds are so much greater this time around. Not only is it the 20th anniversary of this encounter since the Power entered the competition in 1997, but the cross-town rivals occupy the top two spots on the ladder. The Power have been ultra-impressive in beating grand finalist Sydney at the SCG in round one before smashing Fremantle last week. This is the true litmus test of how far Ken Hinkley’s men have improved over the summer. Brilliant victories against Greater Western Sydney and Hawthorn have confirmed Adelaide as a genuine premiership contender. The Crows will be desperate to keep the Power in their place.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Port by 6

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port Adelaide v Adelaide”

  1. Eagle/Assassin,
    Many of our Forum members voiced their concern about your posts last week. It’s one thing to disagree about the umpiring, it’s another to spam each thread with 15+ msgs about it.
    Take a leaf from “Harbour Heroes” book and voice your concern in 1-2 posts using constructive criticism. If we continue to receive complaints about your incessant umpire comments then I won’t hesitate to delete them. As I said earlier, stick to Supercoach aspect when possible. Thank you!


    1. Well said Schwarzwalder! I’ve always seen this as a community that shares a love of Supercoach…..the ups, downs, trades, PODs and stuff ups. Lets work together to keep it that way. Honestly…who gives a stuff about the umpires anyway (not until I can find a way to score more fantasy points off them anyway!!!!!)


    2. you could not show 15 posts about umpiring in one thread
      so in a court of law you would lose
      accuracy is important
      so is umpiring


    3. I understand i may have upset some umpires and commentators but i did not realise they had such sway on this site.
      I will endeavour in the future to NOT upset the sooks and will pretend that there is no conspiracy and drink more and pretend it as a fair and even competition.


      1. Dear Assassin/ Eagle.

        I am not a commentator. I am not an umpire. I am a footy fan and I really enjoy SCT.

        The fact you continually complain and SOOK about the umpiring makes my experience on this site much less enjoyable.

        In the tradition of SCT lets let the thumbs decide.

        T/U Eagle / Assassin should have a spell. e.g. A few days off SCT.

        T/D Ignore him. He is not worth it.

        PS Go Freo. Started well tonight.


        1. A few days? Get rid of him permanently, offers nothing for the site & is a general nuisance for other SCT members


  2. Port Adelaide v Adelaide at Adelaide Oval, 7.10pm ACST


    Port Adelaide: Karl Amon, Jarman Impey, Brett Eddy, Dan Houston
    Adelaide: Riley Knight, Jake Kelly, David Mackay, Curtly Hampton


  3. If there is no substance, ignore the deluded fool
    But there is, so we are upset and band together to silence the truth……….


    1. Eagle/Assassin,
      There are thousands of variables that can happen during a game of footy. Aside from perhaps the Swans/Dogs game, I would argue that the umpires have had little influence this year on end results.
      We haven’t blocked many members over the years and normally would only do so after any abuse to fellow forum members. Your comments are still in our system and can be restored at any time.
      For the record, Eagles had more free kicks at the G today than Richmond. If they’re there, they’ll be paid regardless of the “count”. Please keep your comments to Supercoach related matters. Thank you!



    Port Adelaide 4.6 (30)
    Adelaide 3.3 (21)

    J. Impey 41
    H. Hartlett 39
    D. Byrne-Jones 36
    P. Ryder 35
    B. Ebert 34
    O. Wines 30
    C. Dixon 26
    R. Gray 25
    J. Trengove 22
    S. Gray 17
    J. Westhoff 17
    J. Polec 16
    T. Jonas 13
    K. Amon 13
    T. Clurey 11
    S. Powell-Pepper 10
    C. Wingard 10
    B. Eddy 8
    T. Boak 8
    A. Young 5
    D. Houston 3
    M. Broadbent 3

    E. Betts 39
    S. Jacobs 35
    C. Cameron 35
    C. Hampton 27
    T. Lynch 26
    R. Sloane 25
    A. Otten 24
    M. Crouch 22
    R. Douglas 21
    B. Smith 18
    D. Talia 17
    T. Walker 16
    R. Laird 16
    W. Milera 16
    R. Atkins 13
    R. Knight 12
    K. Hartigan 9
    J. Lever 8
    M. McGovern 8
    D. Mackay 7
    L. Brown 3
    J. Kelly 1



    Port Adelaide 6.6 (42)
    Adelaide 7.9 (51)

    H. Hartlett 69
    J. Westhoff 64
    O. Wines 58
    J. Impey 57
    D. Byrne-Jones 50
    P. Ryder 46
    B. Ebert 40
    R. Gray 39
    J. Trengove 34
    C. Dixon 32
    T. Boak 31
    J. Polec 25
    D. Houston 25
    S. Powell-Pepper 24
    S. Gray 24
    T. Clurey 20
    K. Amon 20
    C. Wingard 19
    M. Broadbent 17
    A. Young 17
    B. Eddy 14
    T. Jonas 14

    A. Otten 76
    R. Sloane 73
    C. Hampton 67
    E. Betts 63
    C. Cameron 63
    T. Lynch 61
    S. Jacobs 55
    B. Smith 51
    R. Laird 41
    T. Walker 38
    R. Douglas 35
    M. Crouch 35
    J. Lever 33
    J. Kelly 30
    M. McGovern 30
    D. Talia 27
    K. Hartigan 26
    W. Milera 24
    L. Brown 24
    D. Mackay 22
    R. Knight 19
    R. Atkins 16


    1. Crow players are racking the points up for me thus far, Otten, Hampton and Laird.

      Power players on the other hand need to lift. Everyone will have Salt ‘n’ pepper, Houston did better that qtr, but I would like Eddie to fire up and score some points otherwise he’ll be dropped. Maybe if Port can get the ball forward, might give them a chance.


    2. Great to see you back again, Chonks! “Now the circle is complete” 😉

      Otten and Hampton coming good for everyone!


  6. I think this might be the strangest day of Supercoach I’ve seen. Every player on my team today has either racked it up or completely bombed out – nothing in between.


  7. Enjoying flicking between both games of footy tonight while I’m on kid duty with the mrs out.
    Both games quite interesting. Bit of a roller coaster for me in SC today: Gawn gone down, but my captain danger went big (as usual).
    Hampton finally giving something but got Tom Stewart on ground over him!
    Parfitt finally goes big but he is stuck on bench too.
    Bont traded in for Hanners this week and was very worried about quarter time until he showed what he could do in the third quarter!
    Otten having another good game and he is on ground!
    Ah, supercoach… drive me crazy.



    Port Adelaide 9.8 (62)
    Adelaide 11.10 (76)

    O. Wines 103
    H. Hartlett 84
    D. Byrne-Jones 79
    P. Ryder 74
    B. Ebert 74
    J. Westhoff 71
    R. Gray 66
    J. Impey 64
    T. Boak 57
    C. Dixon 50
    J. Trengove 50
    D. Houston 44
    J. Polec 42
    C. Wingard 38
    S. Powell-Pepper 33
    M. Broadbent 33
    B. Eddy 31
    S. Gray 28
    A. Young 25
    T. Jonas 25
    T. Clurey 24
    K. Amon 21

    R. Sloane 111
    S. Jacobs 89
    A. Otten 86
    E. Betts 81
    C. Hampton 76
    R. Laird 75
    B. Smith 74
    T. Lynch 72
    T. Walker 71
    C. Cameron 68
    M. Crouch 68
    R. Douglas 65
    J. Kelly 61
    R. Knight 52
    D. Talia 51
    M. McGovern 40
    R. Atkins 38
    W. Milera 38
    L. Brown 37
    J. Lever 37
    K. Hartigan 35
    D. Mackay 33


  9. Paddy Ryder might come under a bit of MRP video scrutiny late in the game (for anyone that has him)……



    Port Adelaide 12.11 (83)
    Adelaide 15.10 (100)

    O. Wines 118
    B. Ebert 105
    H. Hartlett 93
    R. Gray 92
    J. Westhoff 91
    P. Ryder 91
    D. Byrne-Jones 84
    T. Boak 80
    J. Polec 77
    C. Dixon 74
    C. Wingard 71
    D. Houston 70
    J. Trengove 68
    J. Impey 67
    T. Jonas 65
    M. Broadbent 48
    S. Powell-Pepper 47
    S. Gray 45
    B. Eddy 41
    T. Clurey 33
    A. Young 29
    K. Amon 27

    R. Sloane 170
    T. Walker 116
    T. Lynch 112
    A. Otten 100
    S. Jacobs 97
    R. Douglas 92
    M. Crouch 86
    E. Betts 86
    R. Laird 85
    C. Hampton 84
    C. Cameron 83
    K. Hartigan 81
    B. Smith 74
    R. Atkins 71
    J. Kelly 69
    R. Knight 67
    D. Talia 64
    M. McGovern 57
    L. Brown 53
    D. Mackay 52
    J. Lever 46
    W. Milera 38


  11. Remote working overtime tonight, couple of great matches. Enjoyed all the matches so far. Sloaney is one of my favourite players so have to try to get him into my side first i think.



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