Game Chat – Port Adelaide v Carlton

Written by Thommo on March 30 2019

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, Saturday, March 30, 4.40pm ACDT

Last time they met: MCG, round 15, 2018. Port Adelaide 13.12 (90) beat Carlton 10.9 (69).

The Power led by just two points at three-quarter time before goals to Steven Motlop, Charlie Dixon and Chad Wingard gave the visitors some breathing room. Robbie Gray booted three goals, Tom Rockliff had 29 disposals and Wingard had 24 touches and two goals. Blues veteran Kade Simpson brought his own footy for his 300th game, amassing 37 disposals. Patrick Cripps and Ed Curnow had 33 possessions each and Charlie Curnow kicked four goals.

What it means for Port Adelaide: This is a chance for the Power to build on their stunning 26-point victory over heavily fancied Melbourne last weekend. The difference is the Power will go in as strong favourites and they can’t afford to take the Blues lightly.

What it means for Carlton: The Blues will want to back up from their promising first-up performance against Richmond. Despite the 33-point loss, there was enough to take out of the contest – especially in the first three quarters – to suggest the Blues won’t be a walkover this year.

How Port Adelaide wins: The Power’s outside run was crucial in upsetting the Demons. They had 93 more uncontested possessions and used the ball beautifully by hand.

How Carlton wins: Limiting the impact of the Power midfield – Tom Rockliff, Travis Boak and Sam Powell-Pepper – at stoppages will be important. Patrick Cripps can’t do it on his own.

The stat: The Blues are a lock if recent history is anything to go by. Over the past eight games between the two clubs, neither has won more than twice in a row – Port, Port, Carlton, Carlton, Port, Port, Carlton, Carlton.

The match-up: Tom Jonas v Charlie Curnow

The Power co-captain will have his work cut out containing one of the emerging stars of the competition. Jonas gives up four centimetres to Curnow, but is the Power’s strongest one-on-one defender. Jonas missed last year’s round 15 win over Carlton through injury when Curnow booted four goals.

It’s a big week for: Justin Westhoff

The 32-year-old Port Adelaide utility gets better with age ahead of his 250th game. Stepped up last week in the absence of key forward Charlie Dixon, playing as a marking target and booting five goals.

Thommo’s Tip: Port by 18 points

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62 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port Adelaide v Carlton”

  1. So can everyone refrain from naming a certain previously injury prone player. Genuinely want to see him back to his best.



    Port Adelaide: Sam Powell-Pepper, Paddy Ryder, Connor Rozee, Darcy Byrne-Jones
    Carlton: Paddy Dow, Jarrod Garlett, Cam Polson, Alex Fasolo


  3. Ok how many coaches were chasing points? Westhoff is sitting on 8 points at QTR time. It was always the right decision to trade Grundy to Westhoff though……


  4. Port Adelaide Power: 4.2.26
    S. Lycett 58
    T. Rockliff 40
    T. Jonas 33
    T. Clurey 27
    S. Motlop 25
    T. Boak 23
    Byrne-Jones 23
    B. Ebert 22
    R. Gray 22
    J. Watts 22
    W. Drew 21
    D. Houston 19
    P-Pepper 18
    Z. Butters 18
    P. Ryder 15
    R. Bonner 14
    C. Rozee 14
    X. Duursma 13
    T. Marshall 12
    R. Burton 11
    K. Amon 9
    J. Westhoff 8

    Carlton Blues: 5.2.32
    P. Cripps 39
    H. McKay 33
    M. Gibbons 30
    A. Phillips 30
    P-Seton 28
    D. Thomas 22
    Weitering 22
    E. Curnow 20
    N. Newman 19
    S. Walsh 19
    J. Garlett 18
    M. McGovern 16
    C. Polson 16
    L. Jones 14
    K. Simpson 13
    L. Plowman 13
    Setterfield 11
    P. Dow 10
    C. Curnow 8
    Z. Fisher 8
    A. Fasolo 7
    M. Murphy 4


  5. S. Lycett 57
    P. Cripps 38
    T. Rockliff 39
    H. McKay 32
    T. Jonas 32
    M. Gibbons 29
    T. Clurey 26
    A. Phillips 29
    S. Motlop 24
    S. Petrevski-Seton 27
    T. Boak 22
    D. Thomas 21
    D. Byrne-Jones 22
    J. Weitering 21
    J. Watts 21
    E. Curnow 19
    B. Ebert 21
    N. Newman 18
    R. Gray 21
    S. Walsh 18
    W. Drew 20
    J. Garlett 17
    D. Houston 18
    M. McGovern 15
    Z. Butters 17
    C. Polson 15
    S. Powell-Pepper 17
    L. Jones 13
    P. Ryder 14
    K. Simpson 12
    R. Bonner 13
    L. Plowman 12
    C. Rozee 13
    W. Setterfield 10
    X. Duursma 12
    P. Dow 9
    T. Marshall 11
    Z. Fisher 7
    R. Burton 10
    C. Curnow 7
    K. Amon 8
    A. Fasolo 6
    J. Westhoff 7
    M. Murphy 3


    1. will cost 2 trades , rocky will probably go down @ some point , only if you think rocky can reach 600k would it be worth it , williams should get better as the season progresses , especially when kelly comes back


  6. So far it appears that Champion Data do NOT like Duursma in SC. 30 in SC, 60 in AF. Must be a few clangers in there!


  7. Who traded grundy for the hoff
    T/u itchy trigger finger
    T/d itchy trigger finger
    Comments , i couldn’t help it.


  8. Port Adelaide Power: 8.5.53
    T. Rockliff 90
    S. Lycett 87
    C. Rozee 59
    J. Watts 57
    S. Motlop 54
    R. Gray 53
    P. Ryder 49
    T. Jonas 48
    T. Boak 44
    P-Pepper 44
    D. Houston 44
    W. Drew 42
    R. Burton 40
    T. Clurey 37
    Byrne-Jones 35
    R. Bonner 34
    X. Duursma 32
    J. Westhoff 31
    B. Ebert 30
    Z. Butters 29
    T. Marshall 13
    K. Amon 9

    Carlton Blues: 5.4.34
    P. Cripps 69
    P-Seton 62
    H. McKay 53
    A. Phillips 43
    N. Newman 41
    D. Thomas 40
    M. Gibbons 39
    L. Plowman 38
    K. Simpson 34
    S. Walsh 33
    Weitering 32
    L. Jones 32
    P. Dow 31
    J. Garlett 25
    M. McGovern 24
    C. Polson 24
    Setterfield 22
    M. Murphy 22
    E. Curnow 21
    A. Fasolo 21
    Z. Fisher 17
    C. Curnow 9


    1. For the VC part, it depends on whether your league has a rolling lockout. But with the auto-emergency thing, keep in mind that you’ll get the lowest score, so it really only works if you have just one playing player on the bench, or if all your bench players score brilliantly.


  9. how good is paddy cripps , gaz used to be an ultra runner getting to every contest & using his genius to win the ball with a crap load of 1-2’s after that to hit a tit most times
    cripps is an ultra tough , no frills , raging bull , will be a lot of debate over who was better at the end of his career


    1. Woah, slow down there Cowboy. Gaz is in a tier of his own with his accomplishments. Let’s see where Cripps is at in 4-5 years before making these calls.


  10. I’m very upset with myself for the start of this season.
    Between just making silly mistakes (like guys on benches and bad Captains choices first Round)…I had Rocky in my lineup until about 10 minutes before his lockout against the Demons last week! Man, I have really blown the start this year. Lots of catch up to do and now I have to think hard an long on if I want to bring him in as a correction next week.

    I’m all for holding usually, but a couple correction trades could really help me out this year. Tough calls ahead with all the risks involved and such!


  11. I hate you SuperCoach. Seriously. For the umpteenth year in a row I’m thinking of bringing in the pig Rockliff. He’s one of the best at this SC caper. If he’d plodded to a 90 I could look away but I just can’t. All week i talked him down. But he’s just a must have … isn’t he?

    Oh Rocky can you can just hurry up and retire so i don’t have to do this yearly dance with you.

    Oh and lastly, I know you’ll hurt me in a few rounds but I’m going to fall for you again you sexy minx.


  12. S. Lycett 120
    P. Cripps 88
    T. Rockliff 105
    S. Walsh 68
    T. Boak 90
    S. Petrevski-Seton 68
    C. Rozee 78
    P. Dow 68
    R. Gray 74
    H. McKay 67
    W. Drew 70
    N. Newman 63
    S. Motlop 69
    M. McGovern 62
    T. Jonas 65
    A. Phillips 56
    D. Byrne-Jones 65
    J. Weitering 54
    D. Houston 64
    D. Thomas 53
    J. Watts 61
    L. Plowman 53
    S. Powell-Pepper 60
    C. Polson 47
    Z. Butters 56
    M. Gibbons 45
    T. Clurey 55
    M. Murphy 43
    P. Ryder 55
    W. Setterfield 42
    R. Bonner 54
    Z. Fisher 41
    R. Burton 52
    K. Simpson 39
    B. Ebert 50
    L. Jones 39
    X. Duursma 49
    J. Garlett 38
    J. Westhoff 40
    E. Curnow 33
    T. Marshall 31
    A. Fasolo 23
    K. Amon 8
    C. Curnow 8


    1. Me last week: when they named Ryder i was about to switch Lycett to Westhoff but stuck to my guns
      This week: love sticking to those guns


  13. TU: Take Cripps’ 110-ish
    TD: Roll the dice on someone tomorrow (Goldstein, Luke Ryan, or Neale my only real options).


    1. From those Neale seems the best option, but will he cop a tag? Goldy is playing Stef in a ruck battle and Campbell has been brought in too. 110 is fine to have as captain, if you are confident for Neale to score 110+ then go for it. Neale is consistent too, if he scores 90 you lose 20 points. If he scores 130 you gain 20. You can lose a potential of 110 points by not taking a vice, but may only gain 50 at most and that is Neale scoring 160.
      Your team your choice


  14. Was so close to trading Lycett out for Newman (using Moore’s DPP) after he shared ruck duties with Ryder in round 1… never trade early lads!!!



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