Game Chat – Port Adelaide vs Melbourne

Written by Thommo on June 22 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Adelaide Oval, Friday June 22, 7.50pm AEST

It is an understatement to say this is a big game for both sides. With the teams locked on 32 points apiece and separated by just percentage, this Friday night contest has major ramifications for the rest of the season. Port Adelaide is out to make it three wins on the trot and continue its charge up the ladder, while Melbourne will be looking to bounce back after a 42-point loss to Collingwood prior to the bye. The loss to the Magpies ended the Demons’ six-game winning streak and a win over the Power would restore confidence in their aspirations of making the top four. The duel between Melbourne’s Max Gawn and reigning All Australian ruckman Paddy Ryder shapes as integral to the clash while the battle between childhood friends Jack Viney and Ollie Wines will also be interesting to monitor. After a bye, will Melbourne be able to recapture the form that served it so well over its successful six-week run of form?

R18, 2017, Melbourne 13.10 (88) d Port Adelaide 9.11 (65) at the MCG
R21, 2016, Melbourne 13.16 (94) d Port Adelaide 8.6 (54) at Adelaide Oval
R10, 2016, Port Adelaide 18.13 (121) d Melbourne 10.16 (76) at TIO Traeger Park
R9, 2015, Port Adelaide 18.7 (115) d Melbourne 8.6 (54) at TIO Traeger Park
R18, 2014, Port Adelaide 10.12 (72) d Melbourne 10.9 (69) at Adelaide Oval

Thommo’s Tip: Melbourne by 12 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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60 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port Adelaide vs Melbourne”

  1. No late changes for either side. Interesting to see if the Demons can rebound from their pre-bye stumble. Teams coming off the bye are 2-5 this year.


    1. Before anyone makes a big deal out of the fact that Gawn’s last three scores vs Port were 108, 151, and 167, keep in mind that the two big ones were in 2016 when Ryder was serving his WADA ban and Port was left essentially ruckless.

      With that being said, there’s no reason why Gawn couldn’t pump out a captaincy-worthy score tonight – it’s just that his average vs Port Adelaide is a tad misleading.


  2. I brought in Wingard. Feel uneasy and I see traders regret on my doorstep. I’ve now got Wingard, Rocky and Gray. I clearly rate Port this season.


      1. A ride i can handle, a slide i cannot. I warned Chad when i filed the paperwork that he’s on notice. Perform or join Higgins, Savage and Harbrow on the burn list.



    Port Adelaide: 4. 6. 30.
    Melbourne: 4. 8. 32.

    Port Adelaide:
    T.Jonas 76
    J.Polec 56
    S.Powell-Pepper 55
    B.Ebert 54
    T.Boak 54
    C.Wingard 52
    J.Westhoff 49
    T.Rockliff 46
    P.Ryder 46
    S.Motlop 43
    D.Howard 42
    D.Houston 42
    S.Gray 37
    O.Wines 34
    T.Clurey 32
    J.Pittard 30
    R.Bonner 26
    R.Gray 22
    L.Thomas 22
    D.Byrne-Jones 22
    T.Marshall 14
    C.Dixon 13

    J.Viney 66
    C.Oliver 64
    A.Brayshaw 58
    T.McDonald 51
    M.Gawn 48
    T.Smith 47
    J.Lewis 44
    C.Petracca 42
    A.Neal-Bullen 39
    M.Hibberd 37
    B.Vince 36
    M.Hannan 34
    D.Tyson 33
    B.Fritsch 30
    N.Jetta 25
    J.Hogan 19
    J.Harmes 19
    J.Smith 19
    O.McDonald 17
    J.Melksham 17
    C.Salem 17
    N.Jones 16


  4. I’ve had Gray all year, of all the rounds I was hoping this would be a big one…Oh well hopefully he kicks 6 in the last qtr to win the game


  5. 3QT Port 55 v Melb 63

    Tom Jonas 102
    Travis Boak 88
    Patrick Ryder 78
    Brad Ebert 72
    Sam Powell-Pepper 70
    Justin Westhoff 68
    Chad Wingard 67
    Tom Rockliff 64
    Charlie Dixon 63
    Jared Polec 63
    Ollie Wines 62
    Steven Motlop 58
    Riley Bonner 57
    Dougal Howard 56
    Dan Houston 56
    Tom Clurey 50
    Robbie Gray 47
    Sam Gray 45
    Jasper Pittard 38
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 33
    Lindsay Thomas 33
    Todd Marshall 22

    Jack Viney 93
    Clayton Oliver 89
    Tom McDonald 85
    Max Gawn 81
    Jordan Lewis 77
    Angus Brayshaw 69
    Christian Petracca 66
    Nathan Jones 60
    Tim Smith 58
    Michael Hibberd 57
    Dom Tyson 54
    Mitch Hannan* 51
    Bayley Fritsch 50
    Jake Melksham 50
    Alex Neal-Bullen 42
    James Harmes 41
    Neville Jetta 41
    Christian Salem 37
    Jesse Hogan 36
    Bernie Vince 36
    Oscar McDonald 32
    Joel Smith 20

    My 1 and only score tonight. Sorry.


  6. I’m not overly bothered with who wins but Port are enjoying a handy run with the umps in the final quarter.


    1. It’s not just more frees but ones that have delivered goals. Decided the game in tonight’s tight contest.



    Port Adelaide: 11. 9. 75
    Melbourne: 9. 11. 65

    Port Adelaide:
    T.Jonas 124
    J.Polec 111
    J.Westhoff 107
    P.Ryder 99
    S.Powell-Pepper 96
    R.Gray 91
    C.Wingard 89
    T.Boak 88
    O.Wines 87
    D.Houston 84
    B.Ebert 84
    C.Dixon 83
    D.Howard 75
    R.Bonner 71
    T.Clurey 69
    L.Thomas 66
    S.Gray 64
    J.Pittard 64
    S.Motlop 62
    T.Rockliff 61
    T.Marshall 48
    D.Byrne-Jones 43

    M.Gawn 140
    J.Viney 116
    C.Oliver 109
    J.Lewis 96
    N.Jones 96
    A.Brayshaw 90
    T.McDonald 89
    M.Hibberd 79
    B.Fritsch 77
    T.Smith 68
    D.Tyson 67
    C.Petracca 63
    M.Hannan 54
    J.Harmes 53
    A.Neal-Bullen 47
    J.Hogan 47
    J.Melksham 47
    N.Jetta 46
    B.Vince 44
    C.Salem 44
    J.Smith 34
    O.McDonald 28


    1. Agree, there is a principle of Double Jeopardy and you are punishing the team twice for the same mistake, then would you change the rule to make it 20m or up to the 50m line maximum???


  8. The question on the tips of everyone’s lips is…

    T/U Take Gawn as Vc?

    T/D Roll with Mitchell against Gold Coast?


      1. I always take a 125 from my vc, however, i really need to win my league game and I’m only projected to win by 2 points (thanks to missing lockout and having Devon Smith on the bench without the emergency on him) Opponent has same vc and c.

        With that in mind…

        T/U: Gawn
        T/U: Mitchell

        PS: Apologies for asking this in what is probably the wrong forum


        1. What do the individual players’ projections look like?!
          ie who has the more gettable scores? If you reckon you might be down, roll the dice on Titch (nothing to lose), up? Then stick with Gawn, I reckon.
          eg you’d reckon Treloar will go way better than his projected 95, but Simmo is less likely to get his projected 110. Means a bit of work, but might be worth the effort.
          Good luck!


    1. Surely Touk Miller goes to Mitchell to stop him going completely crazy with possessions. Can’t see him topping 140.


      1. Touk Miller couldn’t tag his local train station with a can of spray paint! Def take Gawn’s score if you VC’ed him but Mitchell surely goes equally a big!


        1. Haha maybe the thing that might really slow his scoring is not being able to get possessions because the hawthorn forward line are having shots at goal all day!


      1. Most people add a bit of value with their comments. Some humour or knowledgable insight. You know what I mean – something worth listening to?
        You ain’t one of em.


        1. Maybe have a look at their game stats on footywire. Sorry too tired this morning after a World Cup marathon that wasn’t worth staying up for.


  9. Rockliff’s game last night shows why he is the most overpaid 700k a year player going around. Not one of his possessions hurt the opposition. Has no pace whatsoever and kicks the ball 30 metres long and 40 metres high to nobody. Has been a good player and will play the odd serviceable game but Port are going to finish in the red on this deal.


    1. Yeah. Was particularly underwhelmed after last week (looked like he was on the improve). Dees pressure and his slowness forced him to kick in a vague forward direction without once lifting his head. Sad but bad, for those who own him.


    2. If the Dees has converted just 10% of their last 30-odd inside 50s in the first half, Port would have deservedly lost and his role would be in jeopardy (Trengove seems ready).

      Whatever, just put Robbie back in the middle pleeeeease


        1. Gray is a freak. He would average 125 if played on the ball all game. One of the better 15 touches games you would see.


          1. Yep. That juggling act through traffic topped off with an effective handball in the second quarter says it all.


            1. He’d have to have the quickest hands in the comp I reckon, and must be switched on all the time to see the options before most others, oh and feel your pain allsaints re no sleep, tough time of year for sports fans!


  10. You have to love Oliver continually bumping his teammates off the ball to gain possession…if you own him!



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