Game Chat – Richmond v Collingwood

Written by Thommo on March 30 2017

 Venue: MCG at 7:20pm AEST

Last Time They Met: R20, 2016, Richmond 14.8 (92) d Collingwood 11.11 (77) at the MCG

Game notes: Richmond got the job done with a 43-point win against Carlton in round one, but it will be keen to underline its improvement with a win against more testing opposition.

The Tigers unveiled a more attacking game style that was based on tackling relentlessly, forcing turnovers and then running instinctively with the ball.

A key to their new set-up is a small and mobile forward line that included exciting trio Dan Butler, Daniel Rioli and Jason Castagna, who combined for six goals.

Collingwood will certainly be the tougher opponent the Tigers need to prove their credentials after pushing the Western Bulldogs last Friday night.

The Magpies fell 14 points short but won a lot of key indicators, including clearances (43-25), contested possessions (161-135) and inside 50s (62-44).

If their midfielders can have similar dominance against the Tigers, it will go a long way to delivering the Magpies their first win of the season.

Thommo’s Tip: I have struggled with this one! Richmond by 12 points??

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.

Pre-Scale score… get ready for some scaling!


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96 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v Collingwood”

  1. I know Joffa’s mums best mates cousin who’s boyfriends boss told me that the pies will win.

    I am agreeing, go the pies…


  2. Supercoach scores for supercoach gold seem to be wrong again. Herald Sun looks somewhat reliable at this stage.

    Key players:
    Martin: 50
    Nank: 45
    Butler: 23

    Treloar: 48
    howe: 37
    Pendles: 20
    WHE: 24

    6 minutes gone in the 2nd quarter


  3. Since the live scores are shagged again, here are some random observations:
    WHE will be top 5 traded in next week
    Howe might be POD of the year so far
    I can’t believe I didn’t start Nankervis
    Caddy might be the most disappointing player in the comp
    Adam Treloar must have a secret twin brother out there with him


      1. With 15 minutes to go before the first bounce, I was struggling to decide whether to bring him in this week, or to wait until next week. I’m glad I went with the former!


      2. Most experienced Supercoaches would advise not trading before round three unless covering a LTI. Also, the correct grammar is “you’re” not “your”.


      1. You picked him for a reason, he’ll still be one of the Top MIDs over the entire season……..slow down, it’s only the start of Rd2 😉


    1. Can’t watch the game I’m at work, I’ll watch it when I get home later.

      Is he not being rewarded properly with points for his actions?


    1. He looks good, but I’ve been burnt before by early season bolters. Trades after two games I’ve made:

      Hall (2016) – 2 game avg. 127 / season avg. 96

      JJ (2016) – 2 game avg. 127 / season avg. 84

      Smith (2015) – 2 game avg. 130 / season avg. 77

      But for every bad trade, there’s a Swallow, MacDonald or Parker who keeps going!


  4. 3/4 TIME

    Tigers 62 vs Pies 55

    T. Cotchin 95
    A. Rance 84
    B. Houli 82
    D. Martin 79
    J. Caddy 79
    T. Nankervis 78
    J. Short 70
    R. Conca 65
    S. Edwards 64
    B. Ellis 56
    J. Riewoldt 55
    D. Prestia 55
    B. Lennon 51
    S. Grigg 47
    N. Vlastuin 45
    D. Rioli 42
    D. Butler 42
    D. Grimes 32
    J. Castagna 27
    D. Astbury 20
    K. Lambert 19
    B. Griffiths 18

    B. Grundy 103
    T. Adams 95
    A. Treloar 84
    S. Pendlebury 79
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 65
    J. Howe 65
    T. Phillips 63
    J. Smith 60
    J. White 57
    C. Mayne 56
    S. Sidebottom 53
    T. Broomhead 52
    T. Goldsack 52
    B. Maynard 50
    B. Reid 50
    J. Ramsay 49
    J. Aish 48
    D. Moore 47
    H. Schade 45
    J. Blair 33
    J. Crisp 29
    A. Fasolo 28

    **Fingers crossed that the scores are working better this weekend**


  5. I am back!!

    WHE looks like a must, guess NRoo goes to someone that I can afford the upgrade for Pickett…


      1. WHE’s price should rise nicely.

        Breakeven should be about -85 this week.

        80 for the next 5 weeks will see him at a juicy $350,000


  6. Nank just got changed to 92 and Treloar to 83. if this is the real scores i give up on champion data …….. Treloar 83 is a joke these better change


  7. Really weird scoring, just before full time nank was on 120 and howe on 83 according to herald sun live scores.
    Now its showing 92 and 61


  8. Just putting it out there: Grundy doesn’t have enough tattoos to play for Collingwood… he’d look much, much better in navy blue!


    1. Yes the lack of tatts indicates a higher IQ however that should idicate a desire to move to the West where he will be comfortable being Average!


        1. Also, to be fair, WHE did kick a couple of goals to get them back in the match. Rightly or wrongly, the scaling favours this kind of thing.


  9. Look, I love Supercoach ( obviously) but they need to fix these early season SC scoring issues or everyone will quit and return to Dreamteam due to its transparent scoring system.


    1. I agree. It’s starting to be a touch nonsensical.

      Once it doesn’t pass the pub test you know there’s an issue.


  10. There is no doubt that trelor is consistently winning huge ball and has a big effect on the game, But just wasnt silky enough tonight to get those SC scores that he deserves. I watched him closely tonight and he was everywhere. I suppose it is a lesson, I have him in my side and when I selected him I thought about the fact he isnt silky smooth like some of the big SC scorers but took the chance and will wait and see what happens. Lesson is only choose premos with great disposal effiency. They could get half the touches of trelor and still match him on points.


    1. Spot on Baz. I thought Treloar’s score was about right because he bombs the ball too often. I too hoped his ball use would improve this year and make him a 120 point player.

      My complaint was more the random SC live feed that seems to have little bearing on post-scaled scores. Why they changed the system from late last year, I don’t know. It seemed to work fine late in 2016.


        1. He just doesn’t get enough contested possessions or have influence in key scaling times of the game. I hope that improves as I have had him for the past two seasons.


          1. Yes, he averaged 12 CP per match last year but seems to be playing more outside this season. Maybe Adams playing pure inside mid is affecting him.


  11. Bachar Houli got as many points as Treloar. That’ll just about do me.

    Even someone watching their very first game of AFL would have to common sense to see who the better player was. The Champion Data scores are a joke


    1. Here’s a great example for you.

      Ben Lennon 9 touches at 66%. 3 tackles. 2 marks(0 contested, 1 inside 50). 0 clearances. 1 inside 50. 4 score involvements. 1 goal. 3 clangers.
      72 POINTS…

      Adam Treloar 35 touches at 65%. 2 tackles. 6 marks(1 contested, 3 inside 50). 3 clearances. 5 inside 50’s. 2 goals. 10 score involvments. 6 clangers.
      108 points…

      So the 36 POINTS Difference was made up of:
      26 disposals (Same DE)
      4 marks
      2 clearances
      4 inside 50’s
      1 goal
      6 score involvements
      -3 clangers

      Just think about that for a while.

      Any player with just those stats above (The difference) would go close to tonning up every day of the week…


      1. What about these stats!
        kicks and handballs to no one
        kicks out of bounds
        holding the ball (twice by cotchin late in the game)


        1. The kicks out of bounds are already included in the above stats as clangers.

          Could you clarify what you mean by “kicks and handballs to no one”? Because if you mean kicking/handballing it to open space, then that can still be very effective.


          1. Kicks that result in throw ins are clangers or ineffective disposals?
            Kicks and handballs that bounce are ineffective or does a teammate taking possession after the ball has bounced add to a players disposal efficiency?


  12. Steele bloody Sidebum just cost me an AFL Fantasy Match Day victory. Ranked 93rd, I was only 46 points off the leader – I would have won if I’d had Cotchin instead of him.


    1. As a Carlton supporter, I didn’t think it was possible for me to have a favourite Collingwood player, but I think he’s it. I just love this guy!



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