Game Chat – Richmond vs Adelaide

Written by Thommo on July 6 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: MCG, Friday, July 6, 7.50pm AEST


There aren’t many clouds in the winter sky above Punt Road, with the Tigers sitting comfortably on top of the ladder after asserting their dominance over Sydney on Thursday night. With five games left at the MCG, where they haven’t lost since round 13 last year, they are in the box seat to be there at the season’s end. Their injury list remains short, although Reece Conca is a loss after his impressive transition to the midfield this season. They’re a more threatening proposition than the Crows faced back in round two, which makes this game an even bigger challenge for Don Pyke’s men. The Crows will go in with confidence after reinvigorating their season with a win over West Coast, but face a tough run to the finals. It’s their last chance to play at the MCG this season and Taylor Walker seems to have found form at the right time.


R2, 2018, Adelaide Crows 18.10 (118) d Richmond 12.10 (82) at Adelaide Oval
GF, 2017, Richmond 16.12 (108) d Adelaide Crows 8.12 (60) at the MCG
R6, 2017, Adelaide Crows 21.14 (140) d Richmond 10.4 (64) at Adelaide Oval
R3, 2016, Adelaide Crows 19.14 (128) d Richmond 13.14 (92) at Etihad Stadium
R19, 2015, Adelaide Crows 11.22 (88) d Richmond 8.4 (52) at Adelaide Oval

Thommo’s Tip:  Richmond by 30 points

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40 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond vs Adelaide”

  1. Richmond v Adelaide at MCG, 7.50pm AEST


    Richmond: Jason Castagna, Jack Higgins, Corey Ellis, Jack Graham
    Adelaide: Hugh Greenwood, Myles Poholke, Kyle Cheney, Tom Lynch


    1. Crouch. But I’m waiting til 7:48 to be sure. Telly’s on.
      Can’t wait. Could be a ripper tonight and here’s hoping all the Dusty naysayers are scoffing humble pie three hours from now!


      1. I traded him before the byes and haven’t looked back. He’s still very capable, of course, but not the darling of the competition right now.


        1. The Only fantasy player I can recall , that chose to value because he couldn’t be bothered giving 100% ..


          1. Hey pj dusty will probably win Another flag this year so he probably doesn’t give a rats arse what you think of him . I haven’t heard you say a positve word about anyone this year.hope uou enjoy the rest of the season .


            1. yeh , ok
              in that case , I recon you should trade in Dusty , he’s a gun , best player in the comp , wont let you down , get on him Bruce , no 1 capt choice next week ..


  2. Good mate of mine ( finished top 500 in 2017 & top 750 in 2016 ) just text me, he’s putting the VC on Crouch!

    He said his reasoning is the Crows play mind games all the time, he believes Crouch will go 120-130 tonight with Sloane beside him at the “G”

    Simply madness IMO, he’s got balls of steel 😉


  3. Crouch sure as fuck doesn’t look like he’s playing with a broken hand…

    Glad I didn’t pick up Dusty on the flip-side.


    1. 22 possesions 9 kicks , about 3 metres gained per kick. Not much influence on game.keep on racking up those sc points .


  4. Dusty looks even worse than usual. Haven’t seen one handball go to target and if the umps didn’t love him, he’d have at least two more frees against (encroaching and holding the ball). Not interested in the contest …
    Still, he’s scoring better than he has the last 6 weeks!


  5. Had Martin all season so no point trading him out now. But damn he’s frustrating to have. Was so close to trading him to Crouch this week.


    1. At least he’s getting more of the pill. But that said, I’ve never seen a so-called elite player, butcher it as much as he has tonight.


  6. Quiet quarter from Crouch. Well rested and good to go big the last half hour. Hoping so. Can’t believe the Crows are still in this. Or just how good Doedee is.


  7. 3QTR TIME

    Tigers 64 vs Crows 48

    T.Nankervis 83
    S.Edwards 83
    S.Grigg 80
    J.Riewoldt 77
    T.Cotchin 75
    C.Moore 74
    N.Broad 73
    J.Higgins 72
    D.Prestia 72
    J.Short 69
    D.Astbury 64
    D.Martin 62
    K.Lambert 61
    B.Ellis 60
    J.Graham 57
    A.Rance 54
    J.Caddy 47
    D.Rioli 46
    D.Grimes 39
    J.Castagna 35
    C.Ellis 29
    D.Butler 23

    J.Jenkins 92
    T.Doedee 91
    K.Cheney 79
    M.Crouch 78
    D.Talia 66
    R.Sloane 64
    P.Seedsman 63
    R.Laird 59
    H.Greenwood 57
    T.Lynch 56
    W.Milera 54
    S.Jacobs 48
    B.Gibbs 47
    K.Hartigan 39
    L.Brown 38
    J.Gallucci 38
    T.Walker 38
    R.Douglas 37
    D.Fogarty 29
    J.Kelly 27
    M.Poholke 26
    C.Hampton 9


  8. The Dusty of old!

    Well Hutta, get ready for another “Dusty” poll next week 😉

    Take his 5 clangers & 2 FA out …. would of been a huge game!



    Tigers 103 vs Crows 56

    T.Nankervis 111
    S.Edwards 108
    S.Grigg 101
    J.Riewoldt 99
    D.Prestia 99
    D.Martin 98
    C.Moore 97
    T.Cotchin 97
    B.Ellis 92
    J.Higgins 88
    J.Short 87
    N.Broad 83
    D.Astbury 83
    K.Lambert 82
    J.Caddy 79
    D.Rioli 68
    A.Rance 66
    D.Grimes 64
    J.Graham 64
    J.Castagna 56
    C.Ellis 45
    D.Butler 37

    T.Doedee 122
    J.Jenkins 118
    M.Crouch 102
    R.Sloane 95
    K.Cheney 94
    R.Laird 87
    D.Talia 84
    H.Greenwood 82
    P.Seedsman 82
    T.Lynch 71
    W.Milera 69
    S.Jacobs 68
    B.Gibbs 64
    L.Brown 54
    R.Douglas 53
    K.Hartigan 47
    J.Gallucci 45
    T.Walker 45
    J.Kelly 39
    D.Fogarty 31
    M.Poholke 30
    C.Hampton 10


  10. Another week my bench options outscore the onfielders.
    Doedee and Moore better than Laird and Martin. Can’t complain. Good to have half decent back up when sh!t hits the fan and Dusty is just starting to show signs …
    Can’t complain about Crouch either. His AO ave is WAY better than interstate, so I’m looking forward to the ride. As Catta says above, although his influence on the game was questionable, you can’t argue with his SC output.


  11. Methinks the Crows were telling fibs about Crouch having a broken hand. My gut said something was up, but I couldn’t put my finger on what.


  12. Tell me. Are Tex Walker’s and Curtly Hampton’s boots made of concrete? It bl00dy well looks like it.



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