Game Chat – Richmond vs Melbourne

Written by Huttabito on April 24 2017

Venue: MCG at 7:25pm AEST

Last Time They Met: R5, 2016, Melbourne 20.9 (129) d Richmond 14.12 (96) at the MCG

Game Notes: Richmond is rolling and 4-0 for the first time since 1995, creating an ideal platform to qualify for finals after a horror 2016. A new attacking game style is working and personnel and role changes over the off-season have proved inspired. But how long will it last? And is this a false dawn for the Tigers, who it must be said have beaten three bottom eight teams from 2016 in their four wins? The Anzac Day eve clash against Melbourne will provide some answers, and we will have a good idea of Richmond’s credentials in the two weeks that follow, with clashes against Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs. Melbourne is similarly trying to establish itself as a top-eight team, but the two-point loss to Fremantle was a poor slip-up, with a seven-goals-to-none third quarter exposing their weaknesses. The 2-2 Demons will be out to produce four quarters of their best football – something they haven’t been able to do in the past fortnight – and they will push Richmond if they can do that.

Huttabito’s Tip: Richmond by 15 points (5-3)

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.

Final Scores (Pre-Scaled)

Richmond 12.16.88 defeated Melbourne 11.9.75


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32 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond vs Melbourne”

  1. Looking forward to seeing Spencer on Debut for THEMUTTSNUTS, watched the game last week and he looked good enough to be a No. 1 ruck at some clubs. Currently at work, can’t watch the game till tonight but I’ll be keeping an eye on the scores.


  2. Gah, my friend is going to this game!

    He’s a good pal and he introduced me to the AFL and Super Coach. (In a type of exchange, I taught him everything I knew about american football, and now he knows more than me and always lets me know he does too, haha.)

    We both go for the Dees and we happen to be playing against eachother in our league tonight! A huge game!

    I started with Jesse Hogan…but traded him out…to somebody, i cant recall, haha, ive used a fair bit of trades now (@25). No regrets though! But anyways, me and my bro think he owes the Dees a big bag of goals.

    So, go Dees!

    …and, Andy, if you are reading this…I will be better than you this year!

    Good luck coaches, lots of premos over tonight and Anzac Day.

    Fly, Zerrett, Fly!


  3. Quarter Time

    Melbourne 3.4.22
    Richmond 3.1.19

    J. Riewoldt 40
    B. Ellis 29
    B. Houli 28
    D. Martin 26
    S. Grigg 25
    D. Butler 24
    A. Rance 22
    D. Astbury 21
    J. Caddy 21
    R. Conca 20
    J. Castagna 19
    T. Nankervis 19
    K. Lambert 16
    D. Grimes 15
    D. Prestia 15
    T. Cotchin 13
    O. Markov 7
    K. McIntosh 6
    T. Elton 3
    C. Menadue 3
    D. Rioli 1
    J. Short 0

    B. Stretch 35
    J. Hunt 35
    N. Jones 33
    C. Oliver 32
    M. Hibberd 30
    A. Neal-Bullen 28
    J. Harmes 25
    T. McDonald 23
    C. Salem 21
    D. Tyson 21
    J. Hogan 20
    J. Viney 20
    N. Jetta 18
    J. Watts 18
    J. Spencer 16
    B. Vince 14
    T. Smith 14
    J. Melksham 13
    S. Frost 13
    J. Kennedy-Harris 10
    C. Petracca 7
    J. Garlett 6


  4. This STC CUP has has got me hooked.

    If anyone could Post 97 Flamingos current score I will call my mother every sunday.

    I just know he has Dusty/ Adams/ Trelore and Butler.

    And I am 420 odd (probably not enough) ahead.

    If he managed to Captain Jellwood I’m gone anyway.

    If Dusty and Butler could stink it up a bit tonight that would be nice.

    Clutching at straws. I know.

    Dam You Roo Bloke!


  5. Half Time

    Richmond 6.6.42
    Melbourne 7.6.48

    T. Nankervis 62
    S. Grigg 52
    K. Lambert 49
    J. Riewoldt 48
    J. Caddy 47
    D. Butler 45
    B. Ellis 45
    D. Martin 38
    B. Houli 37
    T. Cotchin 35
    D. Astbury 34
    D. Prestia 31
    A. Rance 28
    D. Grimes 27
    R. Conca 27
    J. Castagna 25
    J. Short 25
    O. Markov 20
    D. Rioli 18
    K. McIntosh 16
    T. Elton 16
    C. Menadue 13

    M. Hibberd 64
    B. Stretch 59
    T. McDonald 58
    A. Neal-Bullen 53
    C. Salem 53
    C. Oliver 52
    J. Harmes 48
    J. Melksham 48
    S. Frost 47
    N. Jones 46
    J. Watts 43
    J. Hunt 43
    J. Spencer 42
    J. Hogan 41
    J. Viney 39
    C. Petracca 37
    D. Tyson 34
    N. Jetta 30
    T. Smith 23
    B. Vince 18
    J. Garlett 18
    J. Kennedy-Harris 12


    1. good stuff hutta…. thx for the the quick and regular posts of scores. infacct thx to all who regularly post them…


    1. Hibberd was one of the only returning banned bombers in my team pre-season.

      Given the lack of funds this year, could be a very good pick up if he has 2 good back-to-back games.


  6. 3 Qtr Time

    Richmond 7.11.53
    Melbourne 11.7.73

    T. Nankervis 86
    J. Riewoldt 73
    K. Lambert 72
    A. Rance 70
    D. Prestia 70
    T. Cotchin 67
    S. Grigg 65
    J. Caddy 57
    B. Ellis 53
    D. Grimes 51
    B. Houli 51
    D. Martin 50
    D. Astbury 48
    D. Butler 43
    R. Conca 42
    J. Castagna 42
    K. McIntosh 35
    J. Short 33
    C. Menadue 32
    D. Rioli 26
    O. Markov 23
    T. Elton 23

    M. Hibberd 108
    C. Oliver 98
    T. McDonald 90
    N. Jones 76
    B. Stretch 76
    C. Salem 72
    J. Hunt 71
    J. Hogan 69
    A. Neal-Bullen 68
    J. Viney 67
    C. Petracca 63
    J. Watts 60
    J. Harmes 56
    S. Frost 56
    J. Melksham 54
    J. Garlett 53
    N. Jetta 48
    D. Tyson 47
    J. Spencer 43
    B. Vince 42
    J. Kennedy-Harris 28
    T. Smith 23


  7. I know we haven’t beaten any contenders but it’s great to see the Tigers at 5-0. Big test in Adelaide next week, can’t wait……


    1. Lucky for that tbh. 3 effective handballs and 5 spoils for 22 in the first quarter. Thats 4 points per handball. As an owner of T.Mitchell I can guarantee you a handball is not worth 4 points :p



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