Game Chat – St Kilda v Adelaide

Written by Thommo on April 27 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Saturday April 27, 4.35pm AEST

Last time they met: Docklands Stadium, round three, 2018: St Kilda 7.13 (55) lost to Adelaide 15.14 (104)

The Saints came out competitively, coming off a Good Friday thumping at the hands of North Melbourne, but couldn’t maintain the rage as the Crows ran away with the contest in the second half.

What it means for St Kilda: A 5-1 start to the year, unthinkable after the tidal wave of bad news surrounding Jake Carlisle (back), Dylan Roberton (heart), Dan Hannebery (hamstring) and Jack Steven (mental health). Incredible.

What it means for Adelaide: Despite a meek beginning to 2019, the evenness of the competition means sides can quickly regain ground if they find form. If the Crows go 3-3 with an away victory over a competitive team, they will have a launching pad to contend for finals.

How St Kilda wins: It’s no secret the Adelaide forwards like getting behind the opposition, but the Saints have been proficient at setting up their defensive structure. They will need to be on their game to ensure the Crows brigade don’t leak out the back for easy goals.

How Adelaide wins: Dominate the centre clearance battle via the star power of Rory Sloane and the Crouch brothers, to expose St Kilda’s backline before the Saints have a chance to send numbers back.

The stat: Adelaide has won eight straight against St Kilda.

The match-up: Jack Steele v Rory Sloane.

The star Crow, who is averaging 27 disposals and eight tackles this season, has proven susceptible to a tag at times and Steele is one of the best in the competition at putting the clamps on his direct opponent.

It’s a big week for: Taylor Walker (Adelaide)

The co-captain booted three goals last week and needs to keep leading the way to see his side back on track.

Big call: A career-best performance for Saints ruckman Rowan Marshall, with eight clearances and three goals.

Prediction:  St Kilda by 6 points


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63 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Adelaide”

  1. Late outs
    St Kilda – Rowan Marshall (ill) replace by Billy Longer
    Adelaide – Bryce Gibbs (ill) replaced by Jordan Gallucci


    1. St Kilda I/C
      Jack Steven, Blake Acres, Ben Paton, Matthew Parker
      Adelaide I/C
      Hugh Greenwood, Jordan Gallucci, Jake Kelly, Cameron Ellis-Yolmen


  2. Just great.
    Marshall out and no cover.
    Would normally have had Moore but instead have Burgess & Bines on the pine due to the long round and not knowing teams.
    I guess that’s a donut and 100% league losses


    1. I have Steele who is tagging another player I have Sloane.

      I find that quite humorous.

      Seb Ross is showing some form finally


  3. J. Steven 38
    M. Crouch 35
    J. Gresham 37
    R. O’Brien 27
    S. Ross 34
    R. Laird 23
    J. Sinclair 31
    B. Crouch 23
    B. Long 31
    D. Talia 22
    S. Savage 29
    H. Greenwood 22
    C. Wilkie 29
    A. Keath 20
    J. Battle 28
    E. Betts 20
    J. Steele 26
    R. Atkins 18
    N. Brown 22
    B. Smith 17
    J. Newnes 21
    M. Poholke 16
    J. Lonie 21
    J. Kelly 14
    M. Parker 19
    T. Walker 14
    D. McKenzie 18
    R. Knight 13
    J. Webster 17
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 10
    D. Kent 17
    E. Himmelberg 8
    B. Paton 17
    R. Sloane 8
    J. Billings 15
    J. Gallucci 8
    B. Acres 13
    L. Murphy 7
    T. Membrey 12
    T. Lynch 6
    J. Bruce 10
    D. Mackay 4
    B. Longer 3
    K. Hartigan 4


    1. Huge in the end PJ

      Milera’s injury seems to have paved the way for Brodie.

      Sloane working through the tag forward, then Steele slowed down M crouch a bit.

      Should be a cracking second half. 🙂


    1. Been giving away free kicks and then has a shot at goal and kicks it to the man in the mark after trying to hit a target instead of having the shot



      1/2 time

      S. Savage 53
      B. Smith 55
      J. Steven 53
      R. Laird 54
      N. Brown 49
      M. Crouch 52
      S. Ross 49
      J. Kelly 46
      J. Newnes 44
      H. Greenwood 45
      J. Steele 43
      T. Walker 45
      J. Gresham 41
      A. Keath 44
      C. Wilkie 40
      R. Sloane 41
      J. Battle 40
      R. O’Brien 40
      D. McKenzie 39
      B. Crouch 39
      B. Paton 36
      D. Talia 37
      J. Billings 34
      T. Lynch 36
      B. Long 34
      R. Knight 35
      J. Sinclair 32
      R. Atkins 35
      J. Webster 31
      C. Ellis-Yolmen 32
      B. Acres 30
      D. Mackay 24
      B. Longer 28
      J. Gallucci 24
      M. Parker 27
      M. Poholke 23
      T. Membrey 27
      K. Hartigan 22
      J. Lonie 20
      E. Betts 20
      D. Kent 17
      L. Murphy 13
      J. Bruce 14
      E. Himmelberg 9


  4. no geary & lonie gna make it very hard for the saints going fwd
    we’ll get to see their depth over the next few weeks


    1. Damn, that battle was the whole reason I was looking forward to watching the game. How anti-climactic.



    3/4 time 8.7.55 – 10.6.66

    S. Savage 97
    R. Laird 89
    S. Ross 80
    T. Walker 82
    J. Newnes 80
    A. Keath 79
    J. Battle 79
    J. Kelly 77
    J. Steven 70
    R. Atkins 77
    B. Paton 70
    M. Crouch 71
    J. Steele 67
    H. Greenwood 67
    J. Billings 63
    B. Crouch 66
    C. Wilkie 59
    E. Himmelberg 65
    D. McKenzie 59
    R. O’Brien 65
    N. Brown 57
    B. Smith 63
    J. Webster 51
    T. Lynch 62
    M. Parker 51
    R. Knight 54
    B. Longer 47
    R. Sloane 52
    J. Gresham 45
    D. Talia 50
    B. Acres 45
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 50
    T. Membrey 42
    D. Mackay 39
    J. Sinclair 41
    E. Betts 38
    B. Long 39
    K. Hartigan 36
    D. Kent 32
    J. Gallucci 30
    J. Bruce 22
    M. Poholke 29
    J. Lonie 21
    L. Murphy 14


        1. i have respect for M crouch
          I’ve had him in my SC team before & was very happy with his efforts
          that year the crows were very good
          but he is a flat track player
          that possession count must have been a game the crows dominated
          what were the scores in that game ?
          was it against the suns in they’re 1st year


          1. All teams played against the suns , why didn’t someone else do it if it was that easy ? His game is just not as SC friendly as let’s say Bont, Sloane, Macrae, Zerrett etc…


            1. if the crows & bombers were undefeated & top of the table winning games easily , m crouch & merritt would be my 1st picked , because they’re flat trackers , they’re still serviceable this year , just not gna score @ their price points when their team mates have their hands full , if i’m wrong , why doesn’t everyone own em


            2. bont sloane & macrae are inside mids , they get big contested pos numbers , M crouch & merritt are outside mids , big difference in points there , thats why he doesn’t play as you say a SC friendly game



    full time 10.8.68 -15.7.97

    before scaling

    S. Savage 120
    R. Laird 123
    S. Ross 115
    T. Walker 112
    J. Battle 109
    B. Smith 105
    J. Newnes 97
    M. Crouch 103
    J. Steven 91
    A. Keath 99
    J. Steele 89
    R. Atkins 95
    B. Paton 85
    T. Lynch 94
    J. Billings 80
    J. Kelly 90
    J. Sinclair 76
    R. O’Brien 87
    D. McKenzie 74
    B. Crouch 84
    C. Wilkie 72
    E. Himmelberg 84
    N. Brown 68
    H. Greenwood 78
    J. Webster 64
    R. Sloane 77
    M. Parker 61
    C. Ellis-Yolmen 68
    J. Gresham 59
    R. Knight 67
    T. Membrey 55
    D. Talia 63
    B. Longer 52
    D. Mackay 58
    B. Long 48
    E. Betts 56
    B. Acres 47
    K. Hartigan 46
    D. Kent 33
    J. Gallucci 43
    J. Bruce 26
    L. Murphy 39
    J. Lonie 22
    M. Poholke 38


  7. I had M Crouch, Sloane, B Smith, Steele and Wilke for 447.
    I’ll take that, no one got hurt, all live to fight another day.


  8. You have got to love O’Briens consistency every score so far between 84 to 90 from a ruck rookie outstanding.

    Interesting to see how he goes against Gawn/Grundy, he did play well against McEvoy though.



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