Game Chat – St Kilda v Hawthorn

Written by Father Dougal on April 14 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Sunday April 14, 3.20pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round 22, 2018: St Kilda 11.10 (76) lost to Hawthorn 12.8 (80)

Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson said afterwards the better side lost, going goaless in the final term but managing to hold on. Star midfielder Jaeger O’Meara was excellent for the brown and gold and Jack Gunston booted four goals, as Jack Lonie did for the Saints. 

What it means for St Kilda: There’s a wave of positivity coming from Moorabbin, having started 2-1 in a season many predicted to be full of doom and gloom. The Saints will be desperate to keep the momentum going.

What it means for Hawthorn: No team makes finals based on their April form, but they can rule themselves out with a poor start to the season. The Hawks seemed destined for a tough stretch when Shaun Burgoyne and Liam Shiels went out with hamstring injuries but could improve to 2-0 without the duo.

How St Kilda wins: Alan Richardson’s side has been setting up well defensively, keeping them in the contest despite having plenty of talent on the sidelines. It needs to do so again. 

How Hawthorn wins: The Chad Wingard show just warmed up last week, with the Hawk working his way into the game and finishing with three goals. He’ll want to produce some magic against the Saints.

The stat: Having picked up 30 disposals per match in 2017-18, Seb Ross has been a touch quieter so far this year, averaging 24.

The match-up: Ben McEvoy v Rowan Marshall

Both ruckmen impressed last week but are at different ends of the Player Ratings. McEvoy is No.15 while Marshall is No.463, having lined up in just 15 career games.

It’s a big week for: Jaeger O’Meara (Hawthorn)

The star midfielder has been going very well despite not having much support around him. He’ll need to produce again, which will be made harder when Saints stopper Jack Steele inevitably goes to him.

Father Dougals’s Tip: Hawks by 1. Still the Hawks, still the Saints.   I have low confidence in this pick.

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    St Kilda: Nil
    Hawthorn: Jaeger O’Meara (corked hip) replaced in selected side by Daniel Howe

    St Kilda: Blake Acres, Hunter Clark, Dean Kent, Callum Wilkie
    Hawthorn: Harry Morrison, Conor Nash, Daniel Howe, Jack Schrimshaw



    S. Ross 38
    J. Sicily 31
    B. Acres 31
    B. McEvoy 31
    H. Clark 31
    R. Henderson 30
    J. Steele 30
    L. Breust 28
    B. Long 30
    J. Roughead 25
    R. Marshall 29
    J. Frawley 23
    J. Battle 28
    T. Scully 23
    C. Wilkie 23
    J. Gunston 21
    J. Newnes 22
    J. Cousins 20
    J. Webster 19
    C. Nash 20
    J. Lonie 19
    J. Impey 19
    J. Gresham 19
    J. Scrimshaw 19
    S. Savage 18
    H. Morrison 18
    D. McKenzie 18
    I. Smith 13
    M. Parker 17
    D. Mirra 12
    B. Paton 17
    B. Hardwick 10
    J. Sinclair 16
    B. Stratton 10
    J. Billings 11
    J. Worpel 9
    J. Bruce 6
    D. Howe 8
    N. Brown 4
    P. Puopolo 6
    T. Membrey 4
    J. Ceglar 5
    D. Kent 0
    C. Wingard 2


  3. Wow, rookies dropping like flies or spudding it up. Byes will be tough to navigate.
    Every trade is extra important this year seeing as not much extra cash available.



    S. Ross 85
    J. Scrimshaw 67
    R. Marshall 68
    J. Sicily 64
    C. Wilkie 56
    R. Henderson 59
    S. Savage 51
    J. Worpel 58
    B. Long 49
    B. McEvoy 54
    J. Steele 48
    J. Cousins 48
    D. McKenzie 47
    P. Puopolo 47
    B. Acres 42
    T. Scully 47
    H. Clark 42
    J. Roughead 46
    J. Webster 40
    J. Gunston 42
    J. Battle 37
    D. Mirra 36
    J. Billings 37
    C. Nash 31
    J. Newnes 36
    B. Hardwick 29
    J. Gresham 34
    J. Impey 28
    J. Lonie 30
    L. Breust 27
    J. Sinclair 28
    D. Howe 26
    J. Bruce 25
    J. Frawley 24
    B. Paton 19
    H. Morrison 23
    M. Parker 17
    B. Stratton 22
    D. Kent 17
    I. Smith 17
    T. Membrey 11
    C. Wingard 16
    N. Brown 10
    J. Ceglar 13


    1. What’s the deal with Billings? 19 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles for only 37 points… Getting stiffed by CD again or is he butchering the ball?

      Is Parker done for the day?


      1. fast tough game , made alot of mistakes in the 1st 1/2
        no d’s on parker yet , could hardly walk , didn’t look good



    S. Ross 104
    T. Scully 94
    R. Marshall 89
    J. Scrimshaw 86
    C. Wilkie 85
    J. Sicily 84
    S. Savage 73
    B. McEvoy 80
    J. Steele 72
    R. Henderson 77
    J. Lonie 66
    P. Puopolo 74
    B. Acres 66
    J. Worpel 72
    J. Billings 65
    L. Breust 65
    J. Newnes 63
    J. Cousins 64
    B. Long 55
    J. Roughead 64
    J. Sinclair 51
    D. Mirra 61
    J. Webster 46
    J. Gunston 52
    J. Gresham 45
    B. Hardwick 50
    H. Clark 45
    C. Nash 50
    J. Bruce 44
    J. Impey 47
    J. Battle 43
    D. Howe 45
    D. McKenzie 42
    H. Morrison 41
    M. Parker 34
    C. Wingard 39
    B. Paton 31
    J. Ceglar 39
    D. Kent 30
    I. Smith 30
    T. Membrey 28
    J. Frawley 24
    N. Brown 26
    B. Stratton 22


    1. got a bit of depth @ box hill , good chance to get some AFL experience into them , better for the hawks in the long run , hawks should still make finals this year


  6. Rohan Marshall a viable dunkley replacement? Third 110+ in 3 rounds sitting on 117 with 13 minutes left. Will make a stack of money too.

    Any saints fans know if his role as #1 ruck is locked down?


    1. I reckon longer might be back for games when we’re playing a premier tap ruckman. That’s why Marshall didn’t play round 1 cause we were worried about Witts. He looked good up fwd late in the game today so could be worthwhile regardless



    S. Ross 131
    J. Sicily 117
    J. Billings 129
    T. Scully 109
    R. Marshall 123
    R. Henderson 101
    J. Newnes 115
    J. Scrimshaw 101
    C. Wilkie 110
    D. Howe 87
    B. Acres 104
    P. Puopolo 86
    J. Steele 101
    J. Worpel 85
    J. Lonie 100
    L. Breust 78
    J. Sinclair 98
    B. McEvoy 78
    S. Savage 92
    J. Cousins 74
    J. Gresham 84
    J. Roughead 74
    J. Webster 65
    D. Mirra 71
    J. Battle 58
    H. Morrison 68
    J. Bruce 51
    J. Ceglar 67
    B. Paton 51
    B. Hardwick 65
    H. Clark 49
    I. Smith 62
    T. Membrey 47
    J. Gunston 60
    B. Long 47
    C. Nash 58
    N. Brown 46
    J. Impey 53
    D. McKenzie 39
    C. Wingard 53
    D. Kent 35
    J. Frawley 22
    M. Parker 31
    B. Stratton 20


  8. Very happy with that, but it does coincide with my biggest SC regret in history.
    I traded Dunkley OUT for Marshall after Longer wasn’t named. Panicked and reversed before the Dogs game.
    Has cost 50pts and about $105k in value. That would have almost covered the cost of the trade!
    With a BE of just 3 after today and Longer looking laboured at best in the VFL today, I’m still going to do it. Saints won’t change their structure now. It’s working, with plenty of improvement obvious to see. He might even end up a keeper, if this continues.


      1. No. Marshall’s engine is the main reason we can structure up defensively from oppo’s kick-ins and general F50 pressure.
        Acres and Wilkie can relieve him at either end of the ground.
        Did you see Longer today?!? It’d be like losing a man!!
        My only concern would be Acres staying fit, but if McCartin’s fit soon, it won’t mattet.


        1. Marshall was in my radar.. He is not slowing down. What has changed for Seb Ross? Position? injury opportunity? He was killing it today
          Anyone knows?



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