Game Chat – St Kilda v Melbourne

Written by Thommo on March 25 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 4:35pm.

Last Time They Met: R17, 2016, St Kilda 15.20 (110) d Melbourne 11.8 (74) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: This contest looms as something of a harbinger for two teams that have been heavily hyped as big improvers in 2017. St Kilda is coming off a campaign that saw it miss finals on percentage while Melbourne is brimming with young talent. Under new coach Simon Goodwin, it should only be a matter of time before the likes of Christian Petracca and Clayton Oliver take the competition by storm. The big question will be whether those young players can consistently deliver this year, or whether they need more time to develop. For the Saints, Jake Carlisle will finally make his club debut, while recruits Nathan Brown and Jack Steele are also expected to play. This match presents a couple of hoodoos for the Demons. They have not beaten St Kilda since 2006 and have won only once at Etihad Stadium in their past 25 matches.

Thommo’s Tip: St Kilda by 8 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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46 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Melbourne”

  1. St Kilda v Melbourne at Etihad Stadium, 4.35pm AEDT


    St Kilda: Paddy McCartin (managed) replaced in the selected side by Jack Lonie
    Melbourne: Nil

    St Kilda: Luke Dunstan, Jack Steele, Sam Gilbert, Jack Lonie
    Melbourne: Christian Salem, Jack Watts, Angus Brayshaw, Neville Jetta


  2. with EVW out who should i trade him with in the final 10 before lockout?
    T/U Joel Smith(melbs)
    T/D Darragh Joyce


      1. Saw the green light on Joyce the other day & had to research our Saints Irish lad and then double check two lots of Rnd 1 teams to realise that he was not a hidden gem that no-one had mentioned!
        J. Smith looked tremendous prior to getting injured. Glad i had the emergency on him at the end, however he was destined for a 80+ score the way he was going.


  3. Joel Smith injured shoulder/arm, down in the rooms not looking good for all us Supercoachers who need some cash cows down back


      1. I only felt comfortable picking 3 of the 4 DEF rookies (Smith, Otten, Hibberd and Stewart) in case something ever happened. Left Smith out, might have dodged a bullet there.


    1. So bummed for Joel. Had a great preseason and I was looking forward to some Smith family leaps at the footy. His got his dad’s legs for jumping, that’s for sure.


  4. HALF TIME @ Docklands

    ST KILDA: 7.8 (50) trail MELBOURNE: 9.4 (58)

    N. Riewoldt58
    J. Steele50
    D. Armitage50
    J. Billings48
    D. Roberton43
    J. Geary42
    S. Savage38
    T. Membrey35
    J. Newnes32
    J. Lonie29
    J. Bruce28
    J. Carlisle28
    S. Gilbert27
    M. Weller25
    J. Webster23
    T. Hickey22
    S. Ross21
    L. Dunstan20
    J. Gresham19
    J. Steven17
    N. Wright15
    N. Brown10

    J. Hogan58
    M. Gawn56
    N. Jones56
    B. Stretch48
    B. Vince48
    N. Jetta43
    C. Oliver38
    M. Hannan37
    J. Lewis36
    A. Neal-Bullen34
    T. McDonald33
    J. Garlett32
    O. McDonald30
    C. Petracca29
    J. Hunt28
    J. Viney26
    S. Weideman26
    A. Brayshaw24
    J. Watts18
    J. Smith18
    J. Melksham17
    C. Salem11


  5. 3/4 time

    ST KILDA: 9.9 (63) trailing MELBOURNE: 15.8 (98)

    Are the Dees really going to beat the Saints?
    Are the Dees really going to win at Etihad?

    N. Riewoldt75
    J. Steele75
    D. Armitage57
    J. Geary56
    D. Roberton51
    J. Lonie51
    J. Billings50
    J. Carlisle48
    J. Newnes48
    S. Savage45
    T. Membrey41
    J. Steven39
    J. Bruce37
    L. Dunstan36
    J. Gresham35
    M. Weller34
    S. Gilbert33
    J. Webster31
    N. Brown25
    T. Hickey23
    S. Ross22
    N. Wright16

    M. Gawn95
    N. Jones89
    J. Hogan82
    B. Vince78
    M. Hannan70
    C. Oliver68
    B. Stretch65
    C. Petracca60
    A. Brayshaw55
    J. Hunt55
    J. Viney55
    J. Lewis53
    T. McDonald53
    J. Garlett52
    N. Jetta51
    A. Neal-Bullen51
    O. McDonald49
    C. Salem39
    J. Melksham34
    S. Weideman32
    J. Watts31
    J. Smith18


      1. Bugger, 2 injuries today with NRoo and Smith. That’s why I never start with a permanent loop hole.

        Hopefully not the last we’ve seen of him.


    1. Might bank cash. Roo-> WHE. Hopefully Dahl, Roughie, Nank and Steele can hold 1-4 and can use the bank in a few weeks to upgrade quickly.


        1. Depends on who you have. I potentially have 5 premiums already, so I may as well drop down to a rookie, get some cash generating and bolster other lines.


          1. My current forward line:
            N. Riewoldt, L. Dahlhaus, J. Roughead, T. Nankervis, T. Taranto, D. Houston (J. Pickett, B. Eddy)

            Leaning towards WHE + lots of cash, but might still go for another premium.


        1. Can’t go past Buddy as a forward if you’re looking for another premo. Super consistent last year (compared to previous years) and looks to be the same this year, especially after this weeks performance in the wet. Always going to be top 10 point scorer too so doesn’t hurt starting him even if you could get him cheaper during the year.


        2. I know you said premo’s but how about Jack Steele.

          Mid/Fwd DPP scored 113 yesterday following scores of 50*, 155, and 114 in the JLT

          *Note the 50 came from only 35% TOG

          At $347,100 it would give you a heap of cash for your first upgrade somewhere


  6. SC scoring does my head in.
    Clayton Oliver. Assuming that a mark is worth 3 points and a tackle is worth 3 points, then Oliver’s 35 disposals @ 88% efficiency netted him 49 points!
    14 were contested and 9 clearances.
    I hope there is an adjustment to scores cos this makes no sense.



    STKilda 90 vs Melb 120

    J. Steele 95
    N. Riewoldt 92
    J. Geary 76
    D. Armitage 66
    J. Lonie 66
    J. Billings 64
    D. Roberton 62
    J. Gresham 59
    J. Newnes 58
    J. Carlisle 58
    S. Savage 57
    T. Membrey 57
    J. Steven 56
    J. Bruce 55
    L. Dunstan 54
    M. Weller 47
    S. Gilbert 42
    N. Brown 40
    J. Webster 37
    T. Hickey 36
    S. Ross 32
    N. Wright 20

    M. Gawn 117
    N. Jones 116
    J. Hogan 105
    B. Vince 105
    C. Oliver 88
    M. Hannan 85
    C. Petracca 84
    B. Stretch 82
    J. Viney 77
    O. McDonald 72
    A. Neal-Bullen 72
    N. Jetta 70
    J. Hunt 69
    T. McDonald 69
    A. Brayshaw 67
    J. Lewis 66
    J. Garlett 61
    C. Salem 55
    S. Weideman 47
    J. Watts 39
    J. Melksham 39
    J. Smith 21


          1. The scores get adjusted at the end with assists and important contributions and craps like that. So the players who get the best adjusts are the best SC points cows.


  8. First reports from the change rooms indicate NO structural damage to Riewoldt’s knee. Fingers crossed that he’s ok (Supercoach or no Supercoach) 😉 #PRAYFORNICK



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