Game Chat – St Kilda v Melbourne

Written by Thommo on July 27 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Saturday July 27, 7.25pm AEST  

What it means for St Kilda: There’s a chance for the Saints to hit the off-season with momentum. Only one of the remaining five teams they face sit in the top eight and that’s Adelaide, which is struggling. Putting a few wins on the board will bring positivity to Moorabbin.

What it means for Melbourne: In Simon Goodwin’s own words, plenty. Finals might not be on the line but the coach wants to see his side bed down the way it plays and how it goes about its business.

The stat: St Kilda hit triple figures in its win over the Western Bulldogs last Sunday. It was the first time it had accomplished that since last year’s round 17 victory over Carlton.

The match-up: Jack Lonie v Neville Jetta

Pint-sized forward Lonie showed why St Kilda missed him so much against the Dogs, coming out hot in the opening quarter to help spur the Saints to a win. Melbourne will want lockdown defender Jetta to get the job done and nullify the feisty left-footer.

It’s a big week for: Hunter Clark

After a stuttering start to his career, the silky midfielder is showing the elite traits that saw him drafted at pick No.7 in 2017. Continuing in this vein of form and finishing the season well should give him belief heading into 2020, which would be important considering he looked down on confidence earlier this year.

Thommo’s Tip: Saints by 15 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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28 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Melbourne”

      1. Gawn’s points don’t come from work around the ground, James. Immaterial to his SC. All about the hit-outs.


    1. Hey, Andy. Same debacle for me.

      Marshall’s skill is as a rover not a tap ruckman, so Gawn will dominate the hit-outs. Also, Preuss being dropped means he’s rucking solo. I’m gonna stick with him.



    St Kilda: Shane Savage, Ben Long, Jack Sinclair, Doulton Langlands
    Melbourne: Jack Harmes, Michael Hibberd, Alex Neal-Bullen, Oskar Baker


  2. D’s haven’t touched the ball since Marshall got that soft free kick resulting in the saints 1st goal
    D’s a bit mentally fragile maybe


  3. such BS scoring from CD already – Gawn totally dominating Marshall – yet Marshall just went from 25 to 33 and did nothing!! … THis is such crap the way these jokers score … he has now just jumped to 43!! …. This is crap!


    1. without actually getting a single stat / touch … it’s rigged BS!!! They even paid Maxxies HO’s to Marshall!! It’s such crap!!


  4. Q time

    R. Marshall 45
    B. Fritsch 48
    H. Clark 28
    M. Gawn 42
    J. Sinclair 28
    C. Oliver 36
    J. Gresham 25
    C. Petracca 35
    N. Coffield 23
    J. Harmes 34
    C. Wilkie 22
    T. Smith 33
    S. Ross 22
    J. Lever 30
    L. Dunstan 22
    H. Petty 30
    J. Carlisle 20
    J. Viney 26
    N. Hind 20
    J. Lewis 25
    B. Long 17
    M. Hibberd 21
    S. Savage 16
    N. Jones 13
    J. Bruce 14
    S. Frost 10
    B. Paton 12
    O. McDonald 10
    J. Steele 10
    A. Neal-Bullen 9
    B. Acres 9
    C. Wagner 9
    J. Billings 8
    J. Wagner 9
    D. Langlands 8
    J. Hunt 8
    N. Brown 5
    N. Jetta 7
    J. Newnes 5
    O. Baker 7
    J. Lonie 4
    A. Brayshaw 6
    T. Membrey 4
    C. Salem 5


  5. Was just going to ask how marshall can be on more than max !same amount of disposals gawn flogging him i n hitouts?


    1. it’s complete BS and rigged!! see my comments above … I’ve been watching this closely and it is CRAP!! I just emailed CD / or SC or whoever gets the emails … just further cements the comments I’ve been making all year …


  6. Both teams supporters should hold hands and single file out in protest. Just want Max to have a decent second half as he’s everyones Captain. Mine included.


  7. 1/2 time

    S. Ross 74
    J. Lever 71
    J. Gresham 64
    M. Gawn 71
    R. Marshall 63
    J. Harmes 58
    J. Steele 60
    B. Fritsch 57
    C. Wilkie 59
    S. Frost 51
    J. Sinclair 59
    C. Petracca 50
    H. Clark 51
    C. Oliver 46
    L. Dunstan 51
    H. Petty 42
    N. Coffield 48
    J. Viney 39
    D. Langlands 43
    T. Smith 38
    N. Hind 39
    C. Wagner 33
    J. Carlisle 38
    J. Lewis 30
    B. Long 33
    O. McDonald 28
    B. Acres 30
    N. Jetta 25
    J. Bruce 28
    J. Hunt 24
    S. Savage 27
    M. Hibberd 23
    T. Membrey 19
    A. Neal-Bullen 23
    B. Paton 18
    C. Salem 21
    N. Brown 17
    N. Jones 18
    J. Newnes 15
    J. Wagner 18
    J. Billings 13
    O. Baker 12
    J. Lonie 6
    A. Brayshaw 10


  8. I m going the early crow for scoring anomalies.
    Max Gawn v Marshall
    Max 133 SC:
    13k, 5hb, 8mks, 5tkls, 40 hitouts, 83DE
    Marshall 125 SC:
    11k, 5hb, 1mk, 3 tkls, 22 HO, 87 DE
    TBC is HO to adv, but pretty confident Max won that comfortably.
    SC, (pre scaling) had Max 8 pts ahead.


  9. gawn was on 130 , 20 mins into the last Q when there was a goal in it ,
    came back on with @ 125 pts with couple of mins to go & 3 goals dsown ,
    marshall was resting fwd during that time



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