Game Chat – St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Written by Huttabito on August 4 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Etihad Stadium, Saturday, August 4, 7.25pm AEST

This one has no impact on the top-eight, but both teams will be desperate for a win. The Western Bulldogs have won just one game in their past 10 and their last month has been particularly poor, losing all four by an average of 53 points. In fairness, a monster injury list has robbed a list that is packed with youth. Meanwhile, St Kilda fought hard against Greater Western Sydney last week but inaccuracy in front of goal was once again a problem. At their best, both the Saints and Bulldogs dial up the pressure and offer a formidable challenge, but sustaining that over the course of an entire match is another matter. St Kilda will again rely on Jake Carlisle, who has offered plenty in defence, while Jade Gresham has taken great strides both up forward and more recently, through the midfield.

R10, 2017, Western Bulldogs 13.12 (90) d St Kilda 7.8 (50) at Etihad Stadium
R18, 2016, St Kilda 11.9 (75) d Western Bulldogs 9.6 (60) at Etihad Stadium
R2, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.15 (93) d St Kilda 5.6 (36) at Etihad Stadium
R13, 2015, Western Bulldogs 9.8 (62) d St Kilda 7.14 (56) at Etihad Stadium
R6, 2015, St Kilda 14.10 (94) d Western Bulldogs 13.9 (87) at Etihad Stadium

Hutta’s Tip – St Kilda by 20 points.

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    St Kilda: Luke Dunstan, Blake Acres, Hunter Clark, Nick Coffield
    Western Bulldogs: Toby McLean, Caleb Daniel, Brad Lynch, Lin Jong


    St Kilda Saints: 9.14.68
    Seb Ross* 158
    Jack Billings 110
    Jack Steele 118
    Jack Lonie 60
    Jade Gresham 81
    Jack Steven 61
    Jarryn Geary 87
    Jake Carlisle 97
    Luke Dunstan 64
    Jimmy Webster70
    Tim Membrey 66
    Blake Acres 80
    David Armitage 84
    Daniel McKenzie 66
    Nathan Brown 66
    Hunter Clark 43
    Jack Sinclair 53
    Nathan Freeman 55
    Jack Newnes 44
    Tom Hickey 86
    Nicholas Coffield 22
    Josh Battle 8

    Western Bulldogs : 15.13.103

    Jack Macrae 121
    Josh Dunkley 132
    Jason Johannisen 156
    Patrick Lipinski 113
    Caleb Daniel 100
    M. Bontempelli 100
    Lachie Hunter 107
    Jordan Roughead 92
    Mitch Wallis 77
    Hayden Crozier 99
    Fergus Greene 57
    Toby McLean 77
    Aaron Naughton 57
    Jackson Trengove 66
    Lin Jong 65
    Tory Dickson 59
    Josh Schache 62
    Zaine Cordy 67
    Brad Lynch 30
    Ed Richards 34
    Dale Morris 36
    Roarke Smith 5


  3. no comments.
    appalling st kilda.

    all i have to say from an SC perspective is …

    thank the-be-jaysus everyone else has McLean. Ranked around 50 for the last 5 weeks after another sh!t week!


    if you have luxury trades, i’d be doing it yesterday!


  4. Don’t want to whinge but when you are playing an elimination final for big $$ and your opponent brings in Ross and Rampe this week and also has Billings I was already looking at my opponent for next week.



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