Game Chat – Suns v Cats

Written by Motts on March 1 2015

There’s a lot of fresh faces in the Suns squad to run the glasses over today. High draftees Jarrod Garlett (pick No. 15) and Touk Miller (pick No. 29) will get their first taste of senior football. The ambitious pair have set their sights on an early debut this campaign, so they will be looking to put some runs on the board sooner rather than later.

Mature-aged rookies Adam Saad and Keegan Brooksby have both played senior football at state league level previously with Coburg (VFL) and South Adelaide (SANFL) respectively. Both have been rewarded after eye-catching summers on the track.

The Eski and Mitch Hallahan will both be getting around in new colours after changing teams in the offseason. While Alex Sexton and Matt Shaw have been two Suns to impress new coach Eade on the training track this summer; both will be out to press their claims for a spot in Gold Coastโ€™s round one side against Melbourne.

In the absence of injured key defenders Steven May and Rory Thompson, Seb Tape, Henry Schade and Jack Leslie will get an opportunity against powerful Geelong opposition. 

The Little Master won’t be out there but that just opens up opportunities for everyone else. 

For the Greatest Team of All, Duckwood won’t be playing but they’re still fielding a pretty strong team. 

Recruits Mitch Clark and Sam Blease as well as draftees Nakia Cockatoo, Dean Gore, Cory Gregson, Jordan Cunico and Padraig Lucey will play their first games in the blue and white hoops.

With Jimmy Bartel, Harry Taylor, Andrew Mackie, Corey Enright, Mathew Stokes, and James Kelly on the ground, you can be sure that the boundary line next to the Cats bench will be chockers with wheelchairs, walking frames and the like. 

Also playing their first game for the Cats will be category B rookie Michael Luxford and defender Jake Kolodjashnij (against his twin brother).

Who will you be watching?


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14 thoughts on “Game Chat – Suns v Cats”

  1. I remember a Blues team have a similar number of zimmer frames back in ’95. That worked out alright for them…

    Really looking forward to seeing how Cockatoo goes!


  2. Will eski still be 100+ or are we paying a 110 price for a 90 point player, similar to heaters first year at the suns?

    Mitch Clark and Adam Saad are my most interesting “rookies”, with Nakia Cockatoo worthy of some potential umming and ahhing.

    Sexton did show a little promise before.

    Mitch Hallahan is an interesting one. Very similar situation to Shane Savage a couple of years back….

    Reality is I’m still not seeing a great deal out of this years rookies, so recycles such as boyd biggs and clark and comeback kids such as hogan anderson and geary are looking the goods.


  3. One thing that is noticeable in this game is the heat, so it’s going to be difficult to take too much away.

    Kelly and Bartel have both been spending time in the midfield which is good news.

    Mitch Clarke looks very very rusty.

    Zac Smith may come into a few teams calculations. Dominating in the second qtr and under the new scoring, could be very worth it. With the Suns midfield now being very strong, there’s every chance that he will get many opportunities get taps to advantage.


  4. Really hard to know what to take from the game, the heat obviously got to most players and esp. the bigger guys.

    Clarke kicked 2 goals in the last and I think will do better going forward.


  5. Not going with Eski. Had him for most of last season and reaped the benefit but he has definitely peaked. Will look to upgrade to him later if he stays consistent when his price drops
    It’s the death of the premium defender this year


  6. I don’t like putting old players in my team but Bartel knows how to find the ball when he plays in the centre.

    Years ago Zac Smith was rated as a future Dean Cox but I’ve never considered him seriously….until now.


  7. 148 Jimmy Bartel

    127 Zac Smith

    113 Mathew Stokes

    111 Alex Sexton

    106 Michael Rischitelli

    101 Harry Taylor

    100 Mitch Hallahan

    96 Mitch Duncan

    95 James Kelly

    90 Steven Motlop

    88 Harley Bennell

    85 Corey Enright

    84 Kade Kolodjashnij

    83 Darcy Lang

    82 Danny Stanley

    81 Cameron Guthrie

    80 Jarrod Garlett

    74 Tom Hawkins

    72 Tom Lynch

    71 Touk Miller

    67 Adam Saad

    66 Mitch Clark

    66 Josh Caddy

    63 Jarrod Harbrow

    57 Matt Shaw

    55 Nakia Cockatoo

    54 Brandon Matera

    53 Keegan Brooksby

    53 Tom Lonergan

    53 Mark Blicavs

    52 Jesse Lonergan

    52 Greg Broughton

    51 David Swallow

    49 Dawson Simpson

    48 Trent McKenzie

    47 Andrew Mackie

    44 Seb Tape

    44 Cory Gregson

    44 Billie Smedts

    42 Nick Malceski

    40 Jack Leslie

    40 Josh Hall

    40 Jake Kolodjashnij

    39 Shane Kersten

    32 Dean Gore

    29 Daniel Gorringe

    28 Jed Bews

    26 Michael Luxford

    25 Henry Schade

    23 Louis Herbert

    18 Jordan Murdoch

    17 Padraig Lucey



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