Game Chat – Swans v Lions

Written by Motts on March 6 2015

SYDNEY are set to unveil their new recruits Isaac Heeney and Jack Hiscox along with rookie Lewis Melican on Friday night.

The trio will line up for their first competitive game in the red and white against the Brisbane Lions at Coffs Harbour.

The squad also includes three players yet to play a senior game at AFL level with Toby Nankervis, Daniel Robinson (a New South Wales scholarship selection in 2013) and Harry Marsh named.

Four players recruited from the Swans’ academy have been named in the squad: Jack Hiscox, Abe Davis, Brandon Jack and Heeney.

The Swans will be without star forward duo Lance Franklin, whose troublesome right knee is being managed, and Kurt Tippett, who suffered a lower leg setback in Friday’s intra-club match. 

Adam Goodes has also been rested after a standout performance in the intra-club, with defender Ted Richards (hamstring), Jarrad McVeigh (calf) and Jake Lloyd (elbow) others missing.

Meanwhile, the Lions have resisted naming former Geelong midfielder Allen Christensen.

Defenders Pearce Hanley (hip) and Matt Maguire are other senior Lions missing. 

Brisbane has named a strong line-up including big names Tom Rockliff, Dayne Beams, Matthew Leuenberger and Jack Redden.

Coffs Harbour International Stadium, Friday, March 6, 7.10pm AEDT 

2. Rhyce  Shaw, 4. Daniel Hannebery, 5. Isaac Heeney, 6. Tom Mitchell, 7. Harry Cunningham, 9. Abaina Davis, 11. Jeremy Laidler, 12. Josh Kennedy, 13. Toby Nankervis, 14. Craig Bird, 15. Kieren Jack, 16. Gary Rohan, 17. Jack Hiscox, 20. Sam Reid, 21. Ben McGlynn, 22. Dean Towers, 24. Dane Rampe, 26. Luke Parker, 27. Daniel Robinson, 29. George Hewett, 31. Harrison Marsh, 32. Lewis Jetta, 33. Brandon Jack, 35. Sam Naismith, 38. Mike Pyke, 39. Heath Grundy, 40. Nick Smith, 42. Xavier Richards, 43. Lewis Melican

1. Luke McGuane, 4. James Aish, 5. Mitch Robinson, 6. Josh Green, 7. Jed Adcock, 8. Rohan Bewick, 9. Dayne Beams, 10. Daniel Rich, 12. Stefan Martin, 14. Brent Staker, 15. Dayne Zorko, 17. Claye Beams, 18. Nicholas Robertson, 21. Daniel Merrett, 22. Marco Paparone, 23. Matthew Leuenberger, 24. Liam Dawson, 25. Daniel McStay, 26. Tom Cutler, 27. Darcy Gardiner, 28. Lewis Taylor, 29. Jaden McGrath, 30. Jack Redden, 32. Sam Mayes, 33. Michael Close, 35. Ryan Lester, 38. Thomas Rockliff, 42. Justin Clarke, 47. Zac O’Brien 


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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – Swans v Lions”

  1. 3rd year in I reckon 2015 is either the year Sam Mayes shows he’s worthy of a spot in your SuperCoach team or is consigned for the rest of his career to your SC Draft team.


  2. A fair few players short at Sydney, but given the difference in ladder positions last year should make for a good contest.

    If Hiscox or Heeney show up Titch that will raise both eyebrows and questions for round 1.

    Although his price makes him SC irrelevant i am very interested to see how S Martin gets used with Luey back.

    ohh, and watch people jump on the rich train after this.

    As yet, defenders in nab who have excelled haven’t played defence. Will this pattern continue.


  3. I reckon the lions will be much improved this year
    Hopefully Heeney can show he should get a rd 1 spot

    Burn man mitchell ain’t going near him this year

    Wonder how everyone is going with their choice of Rohan


  4. Looks like the big move hasn’t done Beams any favours. Just the 84 points tonight.

    Hold on. Just the 51% game time 😯


  5. SUPERCOACH SCORES (Sydney players not in bold. Brisbane players not in bold either)
    116 Kieren Jack
    112 Dayne Zorko
    105 Josh Green
    102 Heath Grundy
    100 Rohan Bewick
    99 Daniel Merrett
    98 James Aish
    98 Tom Rockliff
    95 Dane Rampe
    93 Josh Kennedy
    91 Luke Parker
    85 Lewis Jetta
    84 Dayne Beams
    83 Stefan Martin
    82 Daniel McStay
    82 Ryan Lester
    81 Rhyce Shaw
    80 Marco Paparone
    78 Daniel Hannebery
    78 Daniel Rich
    76 Darcy Gardiner
    75 Tom Mitchell
    75 Lewis Taylor
    73 Jack Redden
    73 Claye Beams
    70 Dean Towers
    64 Jeremy Laidler
    63 Isaac Heeney
    62 Brandon Jack
    61 Sam Mayes
    59 Michael Close
    58 Harry Cunningham
    58 Jed Adcock
    57 Liam Dawson
    52 Daniel Robinson
    47 Mike Pyke
    45 Craig Bird
    44 Matthew Leuenberger
    36 Nick Smith
    34 Justin Clarke
    33 Lewis Melican
    31 Xavier Richards
    30 Tom Cutler
    29 Toby Nankervis
    29 Jack Hiscox
    28 Jaden McGrath
    27 Ben McGlynn
    24 Brent Staker
    19 Gary Rohan
    17 Sam Naismith
    12 Mitch Robinson
    -4 Sam Reid


  6. Hmm come on Luey! What the ruck? Now I have to upgrade you. I’m seriously considering NicNat/Luey combo! And Hello Zorko!


  7. Hard to judge too much out of this game really, other than Sydney needs to play some forwards, Brisbane is gonna have an awesome midfield even before Hanley gets back, and Luey is looking really risky in the ruck.

    I dropped him after the first Nab match.

    Oh, and Beams and Zorko should be on everyone’s watch list.

    Aish and McStay might be on a few now too.

    Brisbane to be in the mix for the bottom of the 8 with the Suns? Could be a possibility.



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