Game Chat – Sydney v Adelaide

Written by Motts on March 29 2019

Where and when: SCG, Friday March 29, 7.50pm AEDT

Last time they met: SCG, round five, 2018: Swans 10.15 (75) lost to Crows 12.13 (85)

The contest could have been over at the first change had the visitors not kicked 4.9 in the opening term, but it didn’t cost them in the end. Crows captain Taylor Walker kicked crucial goals and with Swan Lance Franklin well held by Daniel Talia at the other end, it inspired his team’s win.

What it means for Sydney: The Swans lost seven games at home last year and can ill-afford to make a poor start at the SCG on Friday night, especially after last week’s disappointing loss to the Western Bulldogs.

What it means for Adelaide: The Crows were widely tipped as premiership chances before round one and were shocked at home by Hawthorn. A 0-2 start to the year would be disastrous.

How Sydney wins: The Swans’ midfield was well beaten by the Dogs last week and Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker, George Hewett and Isaac Heeney will be out to make amends and get more ball to Franklin and his fellow forwards.

How Adelaide wins: If Daniel Talia and Alex Keath can handle Franklin and Sam Reid, and Rory Laird and Brodie Smith can get their hands on the footy at ground level off half-back, the Swans will find it hard to kick a winning score.

The stat: The Swans were smashed around the footy last week against the Bulldogs, losing the contested possessions (151-125) and stoppage clearances (30-22), which resulted in them giving up 68 inside 50s, and only generating 47 themselves.

The match-up: Lance Franklin v Daniel Talia

Even with his severely limited preparation, Franklin is the man the Crows have to stop, and Talia has had success on him in the past. He’s not likely to venture too far from goal again so Adelaide’s midfield can’t allow the opposition any freedom forward of centre, because if they can pinpoint Franklin, he can score from anywhere.

It’s a big week for: George Hewett

The stopper will likely get the job on Adelaide co-captain Rory Sloane, who had 11 clearances last week to go with 36 possessions in a losing side. The Crouch brothers Matt and Brad, and Rory Laird could be other options, but Sloane is the heart and soul of the Crows and must be clamped.

Big call: After spending most of the game forward last week, Isaac Heeney will return to the midfield and have a big influence with his fierce tackling around the contest. Mark him down for 30+ disposals and a couple of goals.

Mottsy’s Tip: Sydney by 20

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92 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney v Adelaide”

  1. missed out on vc on Grundy last night so put the vc on M Crouch tonight.

    fingers crossed for a big score.


    1. traded out Grundy last yr R2 & paid for it all year , learned a valuable lesson about ruckmen , VC’d him last night , happy days



    Sydney: Ryan Clarke, Oliver Florent, Nick Blakey, Colin O’Riordan
    Adelaide: Bryce Gibbs, Jake Kelly, David Mackay, Chayce Jones


  3. traded out B Crouch even though he scored 91 last week & traded Collins aswell , brought in Newman in def & Scott , mids are still pretty well ssorted with Macrae Cripps Cogs & Neale + Libba & all the good rooks
    maybe next week its Dev Smith to worps depending on whey do this week


      1. B Crouch was always going to be traded out , eventually he will get injured , i recon crouch & collins will score less than newman & scott & i expext newman will be a top 6 def by the end of the year , just needed a look @ him in R1 to be sure
        fwd & backlines are going to be the hardest to get right this yr
        got the grundy gawn rucks sorted
        mids are gna be pretty easy , already have 4 premos there


            1. i never said he couldn’t score , & as for his 1/2 time score 24 pts in the 2nd Q & 17 of them came from that crummed goal


        1. PJ, If you were so worried about Crouch breaking down early in the season, why pick him in the first place?


      1. all good mate , 1 or 2 more corrective trades next week & i can kick back with reliable players that will go up in price , 2 yrs ago i finished 167 th doin it this way , gotta get yr team right early , worked every night last week so made a couple of poor choices pre games


        1. Sorry PJ, your previous success aside, can you explain the benefit in your plan of starting a mid-pricer with low durability but high scoring upside and then trading them after round 1 with a reasonable score. Because I’m not getting it. Surely that decision is about rolling the dice and seeing how many weeks you can get out of Crouch. I don’t own him but it’s only due to durability concerns. If I had him, I’d be riding him out, as I believe he’s a top 10 midfield averager, just can’t string together a full season.


          1. no probs , i was too heavy in the midfield & too light in the backline , i tossed up btw crouch & newman & got it wrong , crouch is priced @ about 95 & that is his average so far so theres no proffit in him , if he had punched out a 135 like newman i would have kept him as his price wooda been on an upward trend , i dont like floundering mid pricers , if i wait to make my 1st trade next week i cant make my other corrective trades before the prices go up , ie worpel , to me only a goose would hold onto trades with an under performing team , but hey , some ppl value trades over scores for some reason , but hey , every1 has their own stratergy , its only a game
            if any1 does have the perfect team right now & isnt trading id love to see it


    1. Surely Sloane? Most damaging and the traditional target of targets. Hopefully that frees up M. Crouch.


  4. Lloyd just racking up cheap nothing possessions again which score well in SC but achieve little for his team …


  5. Sydney Swans: 1.2.8
    Josh P. Kennedy 41
    Jake Lloyd 33
    Harry Cunningham 26
    Aliir Aliir 26
    Will Hayward 24
    Jarrad McVeigh 22
    Dane Rampe 16
    Lewis Melican 15
    Callum Mills 15
    Ben Ronke* 15
    Oliver Florent 14
    Callum Sinclair 14
    Colin O’Riordan 13
    Tom Papley 12
    Lance Franklin 12
    Isaac Heeney 11
    Luke Parker 10
    Ryan Clarke 10
    Sam Reid 7
    George Hewett 5
    Zak Jones 2
    Nick Blakey 1

    Adelaide Crows: 4.5.29
    Paul Seedsman 53
    Brad Crouch 43
    Rory Sloane 41
    David Mackay 36
    Bryce Gibbs 31
    Wayne Milera 30
    Rory Atkins 29
    Daniel Talia 29
    Alex Keath 29
    Brodie Smith 28
    Taylor Walker 26
    Josh Jenkins 23
    Lachlan Murphy 22
    Rory Laird 19
    Kyle Hartigan 18
    Sam Jacobs +1 14
    Tom T. Lynch 14
    Jake Kelly 13
    Chayce Jones 13
    Matt Crouch 11
    Riley Knight 7
    Eddie Betts


    J. Kennedy 65
    W. Milera 73
    J. Lloyd 64
    B. Crouch 67
    L. Parker 50
    P. Seedsman 62
    Z. Jones 47
    B. Smith 60
    L. Franklin 45
    B. Gibbs 51
    W. Hayward 44
    D. Mackay 51
    A. Aliir 42
    D. Talia 50
    I. Heeney 40
    R. Atkins 49
    J. McVeigh 39
    R. Sloane 44
    D. Rampe 36
    A. Keath 42
    H. Cunningham 31
    R. Laird 40
    S. Reid 30
    T. Walker 37
    C. Sinclair 29
    L. Murphy 35
    G. Hewett 28
    J. Kelly 35
    N. Blakey 28
    M. Crouch 33
    C. Mills 27
    J. Jenkins 31
    T. Papley 25
    R. Knight 28
    C. O’Riordan 24
    T. Lynch 27
    O. Florent 21
    S. Jacobs 22
    L. Melican 19
    K. Hartigan 16
    B. Ronke 19
    C. Jones 14
    R. Clarke 12
    E. Betts 8


  7. Fellow owners of Matt Crouch, our son is playing through an injury and would’ve missed this week but insisted on playing.


    J. Kennedy 96
    B. Crouch 89
    L. Parker 91
    R. Sloane 79
    A. Aliir 86
    B. Smith 78
    J. Lloyd 81
    W. Milera 78
    J. McVeigh 74
    R. Atkins 77
    Z. Jones 72
    B. Gibbs 72
    D. Rampe 63
    R. Laird 71
    H. Cunningham 59
    T. Walker 70
    G. Hewett 57
    P. Seedsman 69
    L. Franklin 57
    M. Crouch 67
    I. Heeney 52
    T. Lynch 67
    T. Papley 50
    J. Jenkins 62
    S. Reid 50
    D. Mackay 50
    W. Hayward 49
    R. Knight 48
    C. Sinclair 46
    D. Talia 46
    L. Melican 40
    L. Murphy 46
    C. Mills 36
    A. Keath 45
    O. Florent 34
    K. Hartigan 45
    N. Blakey 29
    S. Jacobs 37
    B. Ronke 21
    E. Betts 36
    C. O’Riordan 17
    J. Kelly 34
    R. Clarke 13
    C. Jones 30


  9. J. Kennedy 135
    R. Sloane 103
    J. Lloyd 119
    B. Crouch 103
    L. Parker 108
    W. Milera 97
    A. Aliir 100
    B. Smith 96
    J. McVeigh 93
    M. Crouch 96
    Z. Jones 90
    R. Atkins 95
    H. Cunningham 80
    T. Walker 94
    D. Rampe 75
    J. Jenkins 93
    L. Franklin 74
    B. Gibbs 92
    W. Hayward 74
    R. Laird 84
    S. Reid 67
    P. Seedsman 84
    I. Heeney 67
    T. Lynch 84
    G. Hewett 65
    D. Mackay 75
    T. Papley 60
    R. Knight 72
    L. Melican 55
    L. Murphy 63
    C. Sinclair 54
    A. Keath 61
    C. Mills 49
    D. Talia 59
    O. Florent 49
    J. Kelly 55
    N. Blakey 35
    K. Hartigan 54
    B. Ronke 27
    S. Jacobs 52
    C. O’Riordan 22
    E. Betts 45
    R. Clarke 18
    C. Jones 44


        1. Sorry Bruce, I thought you only had Heeney. Oliver will be fine, his record is outstanding, he might just take a week or two to get back to match fitness.

          I think Dusty will improve but he’s not going to be a top 8 midfielder. I don’t want you to waste trades but I would consider moving him on this week.


          1. Thanks thommo, yep big fan of oliver probably just disappointed with dusty and heeney, not sure what the answer is yet but definitely reluctant to waste trades.


        2. I’m with you Bruce, but keep coming back to sc101 rule re side trades.Gotta remember why we started these dudes…Dusty the biggest worry and yet to see Oliver in R2


    1. Heeney to Lloyd. Lloyd won’t drop much by the looks of it. Absolute must have. Heeney can come back later when his ankle is right.


        1. no truer words spoken Thommo!!

          That aside and to some of the queries above, Heeney being played the way he is by Horse is a real concern for our teams … when he moved into the mids for a bit his scores improved markedly … but then he dropped out again .. If this continues, he becomes a failed mid pricer (not a premium) quickly …


  10. I didn’t start B Crouch, Rocky, Sheed, Smith and Moore. I’m happy for that.

    Except Moore, I want him. I need him.


    1. I have Sheed in Fantasy and wished I had started him or Rocky in SC. I don’t think trading him or Rocky in is a great option but starting with them was probably smart.


  11. Bit of an unpopular opinion but Lloyd is actually a good footballer. Racks up a few cheap ones but does a great job down back. Will look to bring him in ASAP.


  12. I can’t stand llyod, so I will have to bring him in. I don’t wear my SuperCoach hat when I watch him. Constantly offering an outside or even backwards option for mine just ruins the flow for Sydney. I’d be penciling in rampe before llyod, however this is a SuperCoach website and we are playing SuperCoach and not real footy!
    I think we keep heeney, will be a top 6 forward imo. Dusty has me a bit bewildered though


    1. yes, sadly for many, if you were taking the one premo DEF and then the mids this year as your structure, Lloyd is probably the guy we should have all had … don’t see his price falling much and the way he plays racks up SC points … though offers little for his team and footy in general.


  13. John Longmire tells SEN Isaac Heeney has had ankle soreness since JLT2. He has an 8 day break, so hopefully any continuing niggles will be overcome by then. Us coaches started him with reason, so I wouldn’t go trading him out as he will probably be making his way back into your team, by the end of the season.


    1. maybe Heeney is playing out of position , not big enough yet to go into an undermanned midfield but in their through necessity rather than choice , Kennedy is flat out try’n to win his own possessions , Mills & Hewitt & Papley haven’t really got the experience to defend or win the ball & effectively put on blocks for Heeney just yet , if the swans had a better midfield & fwd line you’d probably find Heeney smashing it on a wing & scoring consistant 110+’s



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