Game Chat – Sydney v Collingwood

Written by Thommo on April 7 2017

Venue: SCG at 7:50pm AEST


R1, 2016, Sydney 18.25 (133) d Collingwood 7.11 (53) at the SCG
R20, 2015, Sydney 13.9 (87) d Collingwood 10.16 (76) at the SCG
R2, 2014, Collingwood 12.17 (89) d Sydney 10.9 (69) at ANZ Stadium
R20, 2013, Collingwood 14.16 (100) d Sydney 10.11 (71) at ANZ Stadium
R9, 2013, Sydney 15.12 (102) d Collingwood 8.7 (55) at the MCG

Game notes: With both sides chasing their first win of the year, this massive Friday night encounter at the SCG takes on even more significance. If Sydney loses it will be the first time since 1999 that they have started a season 0-3, while Collingwood is in the same boat – and they went on to win the wooden spoon that same year. The Pies came to Sydney last year and got smashed by 80 points, and if they can’t clean up their goal-kicking act, it could be another tough night. Gun forwards Lance Franklin (eight goals) and Sam Reid (nine) have been in brilliant touch to start the season, but they’re the only ones with multiple goals after two rounds, and that needs to change if John Longmire’s men are to turn the year around.

Thommo’s Tip: Sydney by 40 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.

Pre-Scale Scores:


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104 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney v Collingwood”

  1. I’m quite shocked by how inexperienced the Swans squad is. I think this will be a lot closer than most. Sydney by 4 points, Buddy to kick the winner!


  2. Sydney Swans v Collingwood at the SCG, 7.50pm


    Sydney Swans: Jordan Foote, Oliver Florent, George Hewett, Jordan Dawson
    Collingwood: Chris Mayne, Levi Greenwood, Jack Crisp, Jackson Ramsay


  3. i think i have gone mad but i have taken a huge risk and left WHE out of the team to improve other areas. I am praying this doesn’t backfire!


      1. a lot was uncontested so he hasn’t scored well as he could have hopefully he doesn’t see this much for the rest of the the night.


    1. Maybe there’s another forum for you Assassins to voice the every moment stuff that you like.

      Also, I sure you wouldn’t mind you not carrying on about the umpiring and then crapping on about Victoria teams etc. Trolling is for other sites like FB


  4. I’m going to sound like Eagle/Assassins here, but when a Collingwood player has been tackled with prior opportunity, and the ball has spilled out, the umpires have called play-on. When Sydney players have been tackled (arguably with less prior opportunity), the umpires have called holding the ball/incorrect disposal.


    1. The umpires were still a bit inconsistent (and a bit too interventionist for my taste) in the second quarter, but at least the decisions seem to be going in both directions now.



    Sydney: 1.1.7
    Collingwood: 4.4.28

    D. Hannebery 29
    Z. Jones 28
    J. Lloyd 21
    C. Mills 21
    L. Parker 20
    C. Sinclair 20
    J. Kennedy 20
    N. Newman 15
    H. Marsh 15
    J. Foote 15
    O. Florent 13
    S. Naismith 12
    R. Fox 11
    L. Franklin 10
    N. Smith 9
    J. Dawson 8
    A. Aliir 8
    K. Jack 7
    H. Grundy 7
    G. Hewett 5
    S. Reid 3
    W. Hayward 1

    A. Fasolo 56
    B. Grundy 37
    S. Sidebottom 35
    J. White 30
    B. Maynard 30
    T. Adams 28
    J. Howe 27
    T. Phillips 26
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 26
    J. Crisp 24
    L. Greenwood 19
    S. Pendlebury 19
    H. Schade 19
    J. Smith 19
    T. Broomhead 18
    C. Mayne 18
    J. Ramsay 18
    B. Reid 17
    D. Moore 16
    A. Treloar 13
    T. Varcoe 11
    T. Goldsack 10


    1. how many of those marks and kicks were uncontested though, that plays a large factor in supercoach over DT


        1. WHE’s score makes sense then with 2 clangers and hanners has really stepped up this game, i would be fuming if i traded hanners


    1. Agree with that one. But to be honest umpiring have only seen about +3 coll to syd so nothing like last week.

      Real issue on the scoreboard is fasolo has been bloody brilliant


    1. Calculated trading him out. Not into the rage trading. First two weeks he looked like he was carrying an injury, this week he still isn’t kicking a lot but otherwise seems totally different. Grr. If I hadn’t watched him play I might have kept him; seeing him standing around and looking off had a big influence on my thinking.

      Now watch McCarthy score a ton….


  6. Yeah jack pushed to ground legitimate. Similar to the unpaid buddy one. Sydney 9 points down is more a sign of sydney good defence in first quarter than the play so far. Collingwood have been at least 4 goals better.


  7. I think Hannebery will be a popular trade target in a couple of weeks. Also, water is wet.

    Sydney are trying very hard but not really cohesive right now. I’m not sure they can win through effort alone though


  8. Is it just me but is Assassins a bit of a tool???
    2 weeks in row he has been told that this is not a forum for whinging about the umpiring and yet he is still carrying on!!!!
    Grow up mate 🙁


  9. For 3 straight rounds the Pies have looked unstoppable through the midfield for large passages of play but just don’t put the score on the board. +20 inside 50s in the first quarter for a 20 point lead isn’t reward for effort.


  10. ST nick back early? Mmmmmmm dangerous
    I hope he is 100% and its not a knee jerk reaction to losing Stevens………


  11. Every week with SuperCoach Pendlebury seems to get points for nothing.
    13 touches 6 contested at 38% for 45 points where as for example Lloyd from Sydney has had 19 touches 4 contested at 63% for only 40 points

    Lloyd has been far more influential than Pendlebury from a viewers point of view.
    Hopefully the scores get adjusted at the end of the game because they can not be correct.

    How many weeks will it take champion data to get it right lol


    1. Now that money/betting is involved you can be sure that the scoring will be corrupted, nothing more certain.


      1. I know I’m not going to win much popularity if I keep pumping up Dreamteam on this forum, but that’s one big advantage of the more transparent scoring system.



    Sydney: 7.11.53
    Collingwood: 9.8.62

    D. Hannebery 99
    Z. Jones 87
    J. Kennedy 80
    N. Newman 74
    C. Mills 71
    L. Parker 66
    J. Lloyd 65
    K. Jack 56
    C. Sinclair 50
    R. Fox 48
    L. Franklin 46
    H. Marsh 46
    A. Aliir 45
    J. Foote 45
    S. Naismith 45
    N. Smith 39
    W. Hayward 39
    H. Grundy 38
    S. Reid 38
    G. Hewett 33
    J. Dawson 24
    O. Florent 20

    T. Adams 99
    A. Fasolo 83
    B. Grundy 82
    S. Pendlebury 79
    S. Sidebottom 79
    A. Treloar 74
    T. Phillips 73
    T. Broomhead 68
    B. Maynard 66
    J. Crisp 61
    J. Howe 61
    J. White 58
    H. Schade 55
    J. Ramsay 54
    J. Smith 51
    L. Greenwood 50
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 45
    T. Varcoe 45
    C. Mayne 42
    B. Reid 36
    T. Goldsack 33
    D. Moore 21


      1. i am hoping for not much because i went without him so before that goal i had a sigh of relief for not going with him


    1. He will replace Smith for me next week. Almost pulled the trigger this week but decided to wait for 2 weeks of form.


    1. I love how the commentators immediately cover for the ump saying he called play on.
      IT DIDNT HAPPEN! Its called conspiracy!
      Go victoria


  13. Newman will definitely be replacing Hibberd in my side next week. Meanwhile, in AFL Fantasy, he got 93… and is sitting on my bench.


  14. In a game decided by 1 point, 1 free kick could easily decide it. 11-13 is well within statistical error and, unlike last week, I don’t feel the umpires were a major influence on this game.

    If you were looking, for 1 point, you could find a call I am sure.

    The real issues were Fasolo’s first quarter brilliance, and Sydney’s inability to target Reid or Franklin inside.

    Sydney isn’t struggling, but they aren’t yet gelling either


    1. Swans have the pleasure of flying to Perth after a 6 day break to take on the eagles. Tough follow up match!


  15. Alir Alir was outstanding, I don’t have him but he’s clearly stepped up to another level. I would have easily had him as top 5 BOG but SC being what it is doesn’t show this.



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