Game Chat – Sydney v Collingwood

Written by Motts on May 24 2019

Where and when: SCG, Friday May 24, 7.50pm AEST

Last time they met: SCG, round 20, 2018: Sydney 11.7 (73) defeated Colingwood 10.11 (71)

Alex Johnson made an emotional return to senior footy to inspire his side to a thrilling win. Lance Franklin’s six goals were the difference and he was awarded the three Brownlow medal votes, but young forward Tom McCartin was the hero. The Pies kicked three late goals to snatch the lead before McCartin booted a goal while lying on his back to give Sydney the victory.

What it means for Sydney: Two close wins over the past two weeks has given the young Swans confidence but they’ll face a much sterner test from the Pies. It will show them exactly where they stand.

What it means for Collingwood: With the four teams just one game behind them on the ladder all facing tough challenges this weekend, a Pies win could give them a handy eight-point buffer in second spot in an incredibly even season.

How Sydney wins:  The Swans can’t match Collingwood’s star-studded side for talent or experience, but they’ve shown over the past fortnight if they scrap and pressure the opposition, they can be more than competitive.

How Collingwood wins: The Pies midfield is full of stars and with a dominant ruckman in Brodie Grundy, it looks to have far more dangerous players than the Swans can cover. If Grundy gets on top of Callum Sinclair, he’ll be a match-winner.

The stat: Collingwood faced a serious challenge from St Kilda last week but showed it was a class above the Saints in the final term. The Pies kicked 6.6 to one goal in the last quarter to show just how powerful they can be.

The match-up: Callum Sinclair v Brodie Grundy

The Swan hasn’t been able to match his 2018 form this year but has improved his output in the past month, and he’ll need to be at his very best to match Grundy around the ground and at stoppages. If the big Magpie imposes himself physically on the contest his fleet of gun onballers will destroy the home side.

It’s a big week for: George Hewett

The Swans midfielder won 20 contested possessions and nine clearances against North Melbourne last week and is more than just a stopper these days. Hewett will get another huge job on Friday night on Scott Pendlebury, Dayne Beams or Adam Treloar, or could even be thrown onto the wing to try to curb the influence of Steele Sidebottom.

Big call: Inspired by his brother Ben’s return to senior footy with Collingwood, Swan Sam Reid will emerge from his form slump to boot six goals for the home side, while Ben will boot one.

Mottsy’s Tip: Sydney by 5 points

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83 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney v Collingwood”

  1. swans look like they might ready to turn it on now
    baddy’s back in & would expect him to be cherry ripe with his time off
    parker looks like he’s play’n into some good form
    kennedy has been relatively solid &
    heeney should go a lot better now that he wont be the focus for the opposition
    lloyd should move up a gear too

    swans to win
    heeney 120+


    1. Lol PJ, you are our resident contrarian.

      ….hoping you’re right though!

      Heeney has became a POD in my leagues and the main opponent I want to beat this week doesn’t have Lloyd, would love them both to go huge. Grundy VC as well.


  2. Recon swans win if umps finally even up on pies ridiculous run they have had. Sorry darcy…couldn’t hold you any more..thanks for the $.



    Q time
    syd 3.1.19 – 1.4.10

    L. Parker 32
    D. Wells 39
    S. Reid 30
    S. Pendlebury 37
    J. Kennedy 29
    B. Grundy 33
    R. Clarke 29
    D. Beams 26
    J. Lloyd 28
    R. Wills 25
    C. Mills 26
    B. Maynard 23
    C. Sinclair 23
    J. Stephenson 22
    A. Aliir 22
    B. Mihocek 19
    D. Rampe 21
    J. Crisp 18
    I. Heeney 20
    A. Treloar 18
    L. Melican 17
    J. Madgen 17
    O. Florent 15
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 17
    W. Hayward 15
    L. Greenwood 16
    L. Franklin 14
    T. Phillips 16
    C. O’Riordan 14
    J. Aish 16
    J. Thurlow 12
    J. Thomas 15
    T. McCartin 12
    C. Mayne 15
    R. Fox 11
    C. Brown 14
    G. Hewett 10
    J. Howe 13
    J. Dawson 10
    B. Reid 11
    T. Papley 8
    J. Roughead 7
    N. Blakey 4
    S. Sidebottom 2


  4. Bought in lloyd this week, he just racks them up, 12 possessions for 28 points , he would normally be on 40.
    Needed to get him in though.


    1. Finally selected J Lloyd as well this week due to the teams listed and being unable to view or make changes this afternoon/evening when teams were announced. Will trade Constable to Cripps/Macrae next week.



    1/2 tiime
    syd 5.1.31 – 5.10.40

    S. Reid 73
    S. Pendlebury 83
    C. Mills 62
    B. Grundy 74
    L. Parker 57
    D. Wells 64
    D. Rampe 55
    J. Crisp 52
    J. Kennedy 55
    J. Stephenson 52
    J. Lloyd 44
    L. Greenwood 48
    A. Aliir 41
    B. Maynard 46
    R. Clarke 38
    C. Brown 44
    J. Dawson 38
    A. Treloar 43
    G. Hewett 36
    R. Wills 40
    I. Heeney 33
    C. Mayne 39
    O. Florent 32
    J. Thomas 38
    C. O’Riordan 27
    T. Phillips 36
    C. Sinclair 26
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 34
    T. Papley 24
    B. Mihocek 34
    L. Melican 23
    D. Beams 34
    J. Thurlow 21
    B. Reid 29
    T. McCartin 16
    J. Aish 29
    W. Hayward 16
    J. Howe 22
    R. Fox 15
    J. Madgen 19
    L. Franklin 11
    J. Roughead 18
    N. Blakey 7
    S. Sidebottom 18


  6. wtf.
    Wills and Lloyd 41 and 45 points respectively.
    lloyd 11-7-3
    Wills 4-2-2-1
    Lloyd @77% Wills@83% but still, it looks like Lloyds getting dumped as CD darling the week that I get him


    1. ive had lloyd 3 yrs now
      he nearly always starts slow
      his fitness shows through in the last 15 mins of each game
      SCG cow paddock surface might hurt his 1-2 handballs out of the backline tonight though


      1. i posted a week or two ago – i reckon CD are taking on board all the complaints that people were registering on the scoring for Lloyd -Heeney currently tied with him now on 76 – Heeny only 18 possies at 66DE. Lloyd 29 peossies at 86DE – the only difference is Heeney 5 tackles – Lloyd none and Heeny a couple more Cps … they are balancing out the scorers ..


          1. yeah up to 106 now – dont think you can trust Fan Footy with the wild swings in scoring – been noticing a bit lately – it may also be “scaling”applied early – but its crazy if it is …


  7. Grundy just got scaled back to 166 – anyone bring in Parker?

    Reid making it almost impossible for big Mason to get back in …


    1. Parker with 21 CP’s, 4 tackles and 28 possies – BUT only 50%DE for 134 points – imagine if he’d disposed of it better! Is he back??


  8. Looks like final scaling:

    Sydney Swans: 11.7.73
    Sam Reid* 151
    Luke Parker 135
    Jake Lloyd 115
    Dane Rampe 104
    Callum Mills 100
    Callum Sinclair 93
    Aliir Aliir 88
    Oliver Florent 84
    Isaac Heeney 82
    Jordan Dawson 78
    Josh P. Kennedy 68
    Robbie Fox 52
    Lewis Melican 51
    Ryan Clarke 49
    Nick Blakey 47
    Tom Papley 46
    Lance Franklin 39
    Tom McCartin 37
    Colin O’Riordan 37
    Jackson Thurlow 36
    Will Hayward 36
    George Hewett 31

    Collingwood Magpies: 11.14.80
    Brodie Grundy 165
    Scott Pendlebury 146
    Chris Mayne 124
    Jack Crisp 99
    Callum Brown 97
    Adam Treloar 93
    Dayne Beams 89
    Levi Greenwood 81
    Brayden Maynard 80
    James Aish 78
    Ben Reid 78
    Jeremy Howe 78
    Jaidyn Stephenson 70
    Brody Mihocek 68
    Rupert Wills 66
    Tom Phillips 65
    Daniel Wells 64
    Steele Sidebottom 54
    Jordan Roughead 46
    Josh Thomas 43
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 35
    Jack Madgen 24


        1. showing with 5 clangers – if they were all kicks, based on the scoring outlined below, that’s minus 20 points right there … but he had huge numbers:
          38 possies, 17 kicks, 2 tackles, 13 CPs and 10 clearances …


    1. 21 contested possessions and 4 tackles to 6 and 1 for Lloyd will probably do it … but Lloyd 82DE efficiency to Parker 50% …

      scoring is hard to fathom at times and I have posted numerous times that when you watch matches players often don’t actually earn what they are awarded .. CD don’t care and give rubbish responses – all you can do is get on the favourites as early as you can …


          1. the players scores are affected by how well they “hit their targets”with either handball or kicks. If you look at the help section in the top screen and go to scoring – you can see how the players get points or lose points for bad DE … see below – may not come out that well …

            Stat Awarded/Deducted
            Effective kick 4 Points
            Ineffective kick 0 Points
            Clanger kick -4 Points
            Effective Handball 1.5 Points
            Ineffective handball 0 Points
            Handball clanger -4 Points
            Handball receive 1.5 Point


    2. Lloyd’s the ultimate seagull, all his possessions are uncontested. Whereas Parker is in and under a lot of the time, so his contested possessions are worth more.


  9. Coming from someone who brought Lloyd in this week and has complained about his cheap points in the past, I’m actually pretty happy with his 115.

    In fact I think the scoring tonight is for once a pretty fair reflection of players’ impact on the game.

    Only Rampe is the one I would question. He should get at least -25 points for that 50. He ran about 5 metres over the mark at pace. What was he thinking!


  10. Bought in lloyd this week, thought he was a bit hard done by to 3/4 time , then scores 50 odd points in last quarter,seemed to balance out. Happy I got him in.


    1. yep – didn’t start him, brought him in about weeks ago – still thinks he gets unicorn points more than most, and a lot of his points aren’t well earned or of a lot of benefit to his team … but when he gets the favouritism, ya just gotta make sure you have him!!


  11. The thing about lloyd , and i only got him in this week is that he was r/up in b&f in 2017 and won it last year. Coaches must be happy with his game.


    1. Critical cog in their chain to get it out of their D50. And gee does he put some k’s in.
      Have been watching a lot more closely since I got him in four weeks ago!


      1. I’m generally critical of his game, but I thought he was great last night, especially in the fourth quarter. Spent some time on the ball with Hewett and JPK out, something to keep in mind for prospective buyers!


        1. Noticed that. Couple of contested posies out the back of the contest and hitting short targets I50. Happy days 😉



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