Game Chat – Sydney v Port Adelaide

Written by Thommo on March 25 2017

Venue: SCG at 4:35pm AEST

Last Time They Met: R20, 2016, Sydney 14.16 (100) d Port Adelaide 4.9 (33) at the SCG

Game notes: The Swans enter round one as heavy favourites against Port at the SCG, considering when these two teams met at the venue late last year it was the Bloods that triumphed by 67 points. New captain Josh Kennedy leads a star-studded midfield division alongside fellow 2016 All Australians Luke Parker and Dan Hannebery, and that match-up with Port skipper Travis Boak, Robbie Gray and Ollie Wines should be pivotal to the result. The Power defence will have to find a way to shut down superstar Swan Lance Franklin, as well as Kurt Tippett and the returning Sam Reid, and if their midfield can’t put the clamps on the home side’s onballers, it could be a long night for Ken Hinkley’s men. At the other other of the ground, veteran Heath Grundy will have the big job on Power forward Charlie Dixon.

Thommo’s Tip: Sydney by 40 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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21 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney v Port Adelaide”

  1. Sydney v Port Adelaide at the SCG, 4.35pm AEDT

    Sydney: Nil
    Port Adelaide: Nil

    Sydney: Jordan Foote, Oliver Florent, Dan Robinson, George Hewett
    Port Adelaide: Matthew Broadbent, Karl Amon, Brett Eddy, Justin Westhoff


  2. Half time in Sydney

    SYDNEY: 8.5 (53) trail PORT ADELAIDE: 9.3 (57)

    S. Reid80
    Z. Jones69
    L. Franklin66
    J. Kennedy58
    L. Parker56
    J. Lloyd51
    G. Hewett49
    S. Naismith47
    K. Jack44
    D. Rampe34
    H. Grundy33
    K. Tippett31
    D. Hannebery31
    C. Mills30
    J. Laidler28
    D. Robinson25
    J. Foote24
    N. Smith22
    O. Florent21
    D. Towers15
    H. Marsh15
    H. Cunningham9

    A. Young74
    C. Wingard55
    C. Dixon50
    O. Wines50
    B. Ebert43
    J. Polec42
    T. Boak41
    H. Hartlett40
    P. Ryder39
    D. Houston38
    J. Trengove37
    S. Powell-Pepper34
    T. Jonas30
    M. Broadbent22
    J. Hombsch21
    K. Amon17
    S. Gray16
    R. Gray16
    D. Byrne-Jones15
    T. Clurey14
    J. Westhoff6
    B. Eddy4


        1. As someone who screwed up by not having Butler as emergency when attempting to loophole, yes yes I do have him on the ground.


    1. I decided to leave Darcy Cameron in my side for a bit of loophole action rather than bring Houston in after Butler’s 96 on Thursday. That enabled me to push Eddy to the bench. At least I got something right.


  3. 3/4 time

    SYDNEY: 10.6 (66) are somehow losing to PORT ADELAIDE: 14.4 (88)

    J. Kennedy89
    L. Parker89
    L. Franklin84
    S. Reid81
    G. Hewett73
    J. Lloyd70
    Z. Jones70
    S. Naismith61
    K. Tippett59
    C. Mills55
    J. Laidler54
    D. Rampe49
    K. Jack47
    D. Hannebery45
    O. Florent38
    H. Grundy36
    H. Marsh34
    J. Foote32
    D. Towers29
    N. Smith26
    D. Robinson23
    H. Cunningham16

    A. Young91
    B. Ebert82
    C. Wingard75
    C. Dixon71
    T. Jonas65
    T. Boak64
    S. Powell-Pepper60
    O. Wines59
    H. Hartlett59
    P. Ryder55
    J. Trengove54
    J. Polec52
    D. Houston50
    D. Byrne-Jones42
    K. Amon40
    J. Hombsch38
    M. Broadbent34
    R. Gray30
    B. Eddy30
    J. Westhoff30
    S. Gray26
    T. Clurey26



    Sydney 82 vs Port 110

    L. Franklin 123
    J. Kennedy 110
    L. Parker 106
    S. Reid 102
    G. Hewett 90
    Z. Jones 90
    J. Lloyd 87
    K. Tippett 81
    S. Naismith 77
    H. Grundy 74
    C. Mills 73
    K. Jack 71
    J. Laidler 66
    H. Marsh 61
    D. Rampe 60
    D. Hannebery 51
    N. Smith 49
    J. Foote 47
    O. Florent 43
    H. Cunningham 37
    D. Towers 33
    D. Robinson 24

    B. Ebert 107
    A. Young 101
    C. Wingard 92
    O. Wines 90
    T. Boak 90
    C. Dixon 83
    S. Powell-Pepper 80
    J. Polec 80
    T. Jonas 78
    H. Hartlett 78
    D. Houston 71
    J. Westhoff 67
    J. Trengove 67
    P. Ryder 65
    D. Byrne-Jones 62
    T. Clurey 57
    J. Hombsch 55
    K. Amon 53
    M. Broadbent 43
    R. Gray 37
    S. Gray 37
    B. Eddy 32



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