Game Chat – Sydney vs Brisbane

Written by Huttabito on May 7 2017

Venue: SCG at 1:10pm AEST

Last Time They Met:

R6, 2016, Sydney 15.7 (97) d Brisbane Lions 14.10 (94) at the Gabba
R15, 2015, Sydney 10.10 (70) d Brisbane Lions 7.7 (49) at the Gabba
R7, 2014, Sydney 18.15 (123) d Brisbane Lions 6.8 (44) at the Gabba
R6, 2013, Sydney 17.13 (115) d Brisbane Lions 8.7 (55) at the SCG
R15, 2012, Sydney 16.14 (110) d Brisbane Lions 9.9 (63) at the SCG

Game Notes: The Swans are struggling for form and battling injuries to key players, but get their best chance to break through for a win in 2017 against the Brisbane Lions at the SCG. The Lions have lost their last nine games against the Swans and haven’t travelled to Sydney since 2013, when they were belted by 10 goals. At 0-6 the Swans are just about ruled out of finals contention, and with coach John Longmire labelling last week’s loss to Carlton as “unacceptable”, you’d think the home side would lift for Sunday’s game. Lance Franklin was unable to break the shackles of Alex Silvagni last week, and the superstar forward must start hitting the scoreboard if his team is to fix their scoring woes, while midfielders Josh Kennedy, Dan Hannebery and Luke Parker have to find a way to reassert their presence on the team.

Huttabito’s Tip: Sydney by 20 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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28 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs Brisbane”

  1. Alir Alir late out for missing a training session Yesterday

    Marsh in

    Does this smell the end of Newman, although he got 30 touches & 1 goal in NEAFL yesterday…’s a huge drop down though!


      1. Not sure backing it up the next day at AFL level would of faired too well Father, Marsh didn’t play yesterday so I’m guessing the decision had been made


      2. Of course Father, not what I actually meant!

        But McVeigh back this week, Alir Alir picked to play & Marsh the preferred one to come in after Alir being replaced….puts Newman down the pecking order!


        1. Ah yes, sorry. Isn’t Marsh a tall and Newman a small, so replacing Alir with another tall is more of like for like rather than a pecking order thing?


          1. Yeah, McVeigh is the one who replaced Newman. Unless Macca gets injured again (or Jones), Newman will struggle to get back in the team now. Might be time to flick him.


  2. YAY ..Heeney playing midfield.

    I nearly traded him in this week.

    Heeney 130+ this week.

    Top 5 most traded in next week.

    You heard it here first!

    Happy Birthday Isaac.


    1. I had Beams into Heeney; hopefully and him and buddy can consistently push for the rest of the game


  3. Traded Heeney in to avoid a donut with Nank out after trading Parfitt out and having limited funds.


    1. Well, he’s beating up on the Lions. That’s sort of like being back. 😉

      He’s gonna be up and down all season, just like every other season. But doing well vs Brisbane is good, at least in the sense you would hate to see him doing badly vs the Lions


  4. Heeney AND Yeo were both in my team about seven times each this week.

    At least Buddy is doing stuff; would’ve been better last week when he had the VC on him. A true coach is never happy.



    Sydney: 12.10 (82)
    Brisbane: 6.2 (38)

    L. Franklin 89
    Z. Jones 83
    I. Heeney 75
    D. Hannebery 68
    H. Grundy 64
    J. Kennedy 51
    J. Lloyd 46
    C. Sinclair 43
    D. Towers 43
    L. Parker 40
    W. Hayward 38
    H. Cunningham 37
    J. McVeigh 36
    T. Papley 36
    S. Naismith 34
    G. Hewett 31
    L. Melican 29
    N. Smith 26
    S. Reid 22
    H. Marsh 16
    O. Florent 15
    C. Mills 9

    T. Rockliff 60
    M. Paparone 56
    R. Lester 47
    D. Zorko 45
    L. Taylor 45
    C. Beams 42
    B. Keays 37
    M. Close 36
    S. Martin 34
    J. Berry 33
    H. Andrews 31
    D. Rich 31
    J. Barrett 31
    H. McCluggage 30
    J. Schache 28
    S. Mayes 25
    D. Gardiner 24
    N. Robertson 20
    R. Harwood 20
    M. Robinson 16
    D. McStay 14
    E. Hipwood 4


  6. twice in the last couple of weeks I loopholed buddy as vc, didn’t work.put the c on today as a point of difference in a couple of leagues.:might counter bringing in parsons.


  7. Sydney: 17.13 (115)
    Brisbane 9.5 (59)
    L. Franklin 127
    Z. Jones 120
    I. Heeney 90
    D. Hannebery 89
    H. Grundy 82
    L. Parker 75
    J. Lloyd 68
    J. Kennedy 65
    H. Cunningham 63
    J. McVeigh 59
    D. Towers 59
    T. Papley 58
    C. Sinclair 52
    L. Melican 48
    S. Naismith 47
    H. Marsh 45
    G. Hewett 44
    W. Hayward 44
    N. Smith 37
    C. Mills 34
    S. Reid 30
    O. Florent 20

    T. Rockliff 101
    B. Keays 80
    R. Lester 78
    M. Paparone 74
    D. Zorko 71
    S. Martin 68
    C. Beams 59
    L. Taylor 55
    M. Close 52
    D. Rich 52
    H. McCluggage 51
    J. Schache 48
    J. Barrett 48
    J. Berry 45
    H. Andrews 43
    D. Gardiner 38
    N. Robertson 34
    S. Mayes 32
    R. Harwood 32
    D. McStay 27
    M. Robinson 26
    E. Hipwood 5


  8. L. Franklin 158
    Z. Jones 144
    D. Hannebery 118
    I. Heeney 117
    J. Lloyd 102
    H. Grundy 101
    H. Cunningham 93
    D. Towers 91
    L. Parker 84
    T. Papley 81
    C. Sinclair 80
    J. Kennedy 77
    J. McVeigh 74
    L. Melican 67
    H. Marsh 64
    S. Naismith 57
    W. Hayward 55
    C. Mills 54
    G. Hewett 54
    N. Smith 50
    S. Reid 48
    O. Florent 33

    T. Rockliff 148
    R. Lester 99
    M. Paparone 95
    S. Martin 93
    B. Keays 89
    D. Zorko 88
    S. Mayes 75
    L. Taylor 68
    C. Beams 67
    D. Rich 66
    H. McCluggage 65
    M. Close 65
    J. Schache 60
    J. Barrett 60
    J. Berry 59
    R. Harwood 59
    H. Andrews 57
    N. Robertson 55
    D. Gardiner 50
    D. McStay 40
    M. Robinson 29
    E. Hipwood 12


  9. Its not often that you say you have consistently dud premos. But i have 2 of them. JPK and Treloar are an absolute liability.


  10. Been a big fan of jpk and I thought being captain would suit him, but it doesn’t seem to be happening need to look at him and treloar after their byes and I have sorted out more pressing issues


    1. For me it’s been Treloar and Parker…

      Luckily I’ve got other issues to sort out before then like Stewart, Hibberd, Fox, Pickett and culling a few other rookies!



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