Game Chat – Sydney vs Carlton

Written by Thommo on June 1 2018

Where and When:ย SCG at 7:50pm AEST

R23, 2017, Sydney 21.12 (138) d Carlton 8.9 (57) at the SCG
R6, 2017, Carlton 15.7 (97) d Sydney 11.12 (78) at the MCG
R18, 2016, Sydney 10.14 (74) d Carlton 10.8 (68) at the SCG
R2, 2016, Sydney 20.11 (131) d Carlton 10.11 (71) at Etihad Stadium
R9, 2015, Sydney 19.8 (122) d Carlton 9.8 (62) at the SCG

The Swans might have stumbled at home three times early in the season, but they’ve steadied to win three straight and currently sit in fourth spot after 10 rounds. The Blues, and in particular key defender Liam Jones, will be keen to test themselves at the SCG after they were humiliated by 81 points in round 23 last year, thanks to a 10-goal haul from Lance Franklin. Gun onballer Patrick Cripps, and the Curnow brothers Ed and Charlie, have been shining lights for Carlton in 2018, and the trio must have a massive influence on Friday night if the visitors are any chance of an upset. Ed Curnow might get the job on Sydney star Luke Parker, or he might lock onto Josh Kennedy who was best afield against Brisbane last week. Franklin will be Carlton’s biggest headache but they must also keep the likes of Will Hayward, Ben Ronke and Tom Papley quiet, or the Swans might rack up another big score.

Thommo’s Tip:ย Sydney by 45 points.

Who wins and by how much?

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50 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs Carlton”


    Sydney: Gary Rohan, Nic Newman, Harry Marsh, Ryley Stoddart
    Carlton: Jack Silvagni, Jed Lamb, Jacob Weitering, David Cuningham


  2. VC?

    TU: Simpson (great recent record vs Swans)
    TD: Cripps (also pretty good record against Sydney, but might cop the Hewitt tag)


      1. Bolton said he would split his time between the midfield and forward line, and unlike a lot of coaches he actually tends to be honest about these sorts of things, so I’ll take that at face value.


  3. Looking at trading Rockliff for Taranto.

    He’s getting plenty of midfield time, $375k with a BE of 26, a 98 and 102 in last games where he’s back in the midfield. If he keeps getting 100 he’ll go up 150-200k, and he’s playing under midfield coach vossy. Plus he’ll play the sparse bye rounds being a port/gc player

    But it means fielding Rocky in mids and Guelfi up forward, vs Holman and Taranto

    TU make the trade (where Rocky may later become M9)
    TD save the trade (and look to complete midfield with Josh Kelly in coming weeks)


  4. Well I reckon this is going to be closer than most of you seem to think. Swans to win by less than six goals.
    Simpson to get plenty of it, Buddy to kick five.


    1. Iโ€™m still trying to get Billings,Petracca, Hibberd, Merrett out of my round one team but it wonโ€™t let me either.


  5. QT Swans 23 v Blues 19

    Heath Grundy 43
    Luke Parker 41
    Jarrad McVeigh 38
    Callum Sinclair 32
    Nick Smith 29
    Ben Ronke 27
    Zak Jones 27
    Harry Cunningham 24
    Kieren Jack 22
    Josh P. Kennedy 22
    Will Hayward 22
    George Hewett 22
    Jake Lloyd 21
    Dan Hannebery 19
    Gary Rohan 18
    Isaac Heeney 18
    Lance Franklin 18
    Harry Marsh 17
    Oliver Florent 13
    Dane Rampe 5
    Ryley Stoddart 2
    Nic Newman 1

    Charlie Curnow 48
    Liam Jones 42
    Jack Silvagni 39
    Matthew Kreuzer 38
    Patrick Kerr 22
    Darcy Lang 19
    Ed Curnow 19
    Kade Simpson 19
    Paddy Dow 17
    Jacob Weitering 16
    Sam Rowe 15
    Matthew Wright 14
    Patrick Cripps 13
    Sam Kerridge 11
    Cam O’Shea 10
    Dale Thomas 9
    David Cuningham 9
    Zac Fisher 9
    S. Petrevski-Seton 7
    Lochie O’Brien 5
    Lachlan Plowman 5
    Jed Lamb -3


  6. Being very unsure about my trades this round. Decided to hold Charlir Curnow just before the bounce. Was thinking of playing others instead of Curnow and playing him as emergency. Last minute change and threw him on the field. He’s the leading scorer at quarter time!!


    1. I was expecting a 100 point loss, so I stuck him on the bench and played Tim Smith instead.

      I was worried early, and with the benefit of hindsight I would rather have his 89 points on the field, but barring a shocker from Smith, it shouldn’t hurt me too badly (and could still work in my favour if Smith backs up his first two performances).

      I do have him selected as an emergency, but have temporarily sent Keeffe to the backline so that I could bring Tim Smith in, so don’t have any way to loophole it.


  7. A Friday night poll

    TU – Charlie will drift along to a 70
    TD – Charlie will go large with 120

    I fear the former!!


  8. HT Swans 37 v Blues 38

    Luke Parker 82
    Josh P. Kennedy 59
    Isaac Heeney 58
    Gary Rohan 55
    Nick Smith 53
    Callum Sinclair 49
    Lance Franklin 49
    Zak Jones 48
    Jarrad McVeigh 48
    Heath Grundy 44
    Harry Cunningham 40
    Kieren Jack 36
    George Hewett 36
    Oliver Florent 35
    Harry Marsh 34
    Jake Lloyd 30
    Ben Ronke 29
    Dan Hannebery 28
    Will Hayward 24
    Nic Newman 23
    Dane Rampe 11
    Ryley Stoddart 3

    Jack Silvagni 86
    Matthew Kreuzer 72
    Charlie Curnow 56
    Liam Jones 54
    Sam Kerridge 50
    Kade Simpson 49
    Ed Curnow 47
    Patrick Kerr 47
    Jacob Weitering 44
    Darcy Lang 39
    Paddy Dow 38
    Matthew Wright 33
    S. Petrevski-Seton 26
    Cam O’Shea 26
    Zac Fisher 24
    Dale Thomas 23
    Sam Rowe 23
    David Cuningham 19
    Lachlan Plowman 15
    Lochie O’Brien 12
    Jed Lamb 6
    Patrick Cripps 5


  9. Instead of vc on Cripps I should have emergency loopholes him it seems.
    I do feel he gets a rough trott with the umpires. A lot of frees against paid that seem to happen just because he is a big unit standing up around the ball.
    He can be a bit clumsy with his tackling


  10. 3QT Swans 69 v Blues 42

    Luke Parker 102
    Callum Sinclair 100
    Lance Franklin 80
    Isaac Heeney 80
    Nick Smith 69
    Josh P. Kennedy 69
    Will Hayward 67
    Heath Grundy 67
    Zak Jones 63
    Jarrad McVeigh 59
    Jake Lloyd 59
    Oliver Florent 58
    Harry Cunningham 57
    Kieren Jack 55
    Gary Rohan 54
    George Hewett 52
    Ben Ronke 50
    Harry Marsh 42
    Dan Hannebery 35
    Dane Rampe 34
    Nic Newman 33
    Ryley Stoddart 12

    Sam Kerridge 99
    Ed Curnow 90
    Jack Silvagni 85
    Matthew Kreuzer 84
    Liam Jones 73
    Charlie Curnow 68
    S. Petrevski-Seton 65
    Jacob Weitering 64
    Kade Simpson 63
    Patrick Kerr 61
    Zac Fisher 53
    Paddy Dow 46
    Darcy Lang 45
    Sam Rowe 42
    Cam O’Shea 42
    Matthew Wright 37
    Lachlan Plowman 36
    Dale Thomas 32
    Patrick Cripps 30
    Jed Lamb 28
    David Cuningham 24
    Lochie O’Brien 14


  11. FT Swans 91 d Blues 61

    Callum Sinclair 132
    Luke Parker 126
    Lance Franklin 106
    Isaac Heeney 106
    Josh P. Kennedy 102
    Jarrad McVeigh 90
    Jake Lloyd 90
    Oliver Florent 89
    Nick Smith 87
    Zak Jones 86
    Will Hayward 82
    George Hewett 80
    Heath Grundy 78
    Gary Rohan 77
    Kieren Jack 70
    Harry Cunningham 65
    Ben Ronke 64
    Harry Marsh 54
    Dane Rampe 54
    Dan Hannebery 46
    Nic Newman 44
    Ryley Stoddart 22

    Sam Kerridge 134
    Matthew Kreuzer 116
    Ed Curnow 110
    Jack Silvagni 102
    Liam Jones 96
    Charlie Curnow 88
    Jacob Weitering 81
    Kade Simpson 81
    Patrick Kerr 78
    S. Petrevski-Seton 74
    Zac Fisher 68
    Paddy Dow 67
    Lachlan Plowman 59
    Patrick Cripps 55
    Darcy Lang 55
    Cam O’Shea 49
    Matthew Wright 48
    Sam Rowe 46
    Dale Thomas 44
    Jed Lamb 37
    Lochie O’Brien 36
    David Cuningham 36


      1. wow parker, I really didn’t think you’d get over 100 watching the game… the mysteries of champion data…..


        1. Cripps looks sore, should I trade him before he loses too much cash? Or will he come back with renewed spunk after his bye?


          1. Hold. His bye is next week, and it looks as though it couldn’t have come at a better time, but he’s still a top midfielder this season.


              1. Up until tonight his worst score for the year was 92 (twice), and it’s not like he isn’t used to a tag โ€“ he first started getting tagged in just his 13th (!) game. He also managed one of those 92s against the Jacobs tag earlier in the year.

                Without wanting to sound disrespectful to Hewitt, I suspect the strapping around his legs had a bigger impact on tonight’s performance than anything else.


              2. If Murphy isn’t there then who would you send your tagger to? Even if Murphy comes back I’d still be tagging Paddy C


                1. Looks like he’s got a bad corky, should be a lot better after his bye. Thank god it was this week. As a guy who started him last year and loves him as a player it’s a bit of a reminder to be slightly cautious of starting him next year at a bigger price, his style of play has to make him prone to injury.


  12. Yes good insight Salamander, It’s just impossible to know how injured he really is. I think he will be a top 8 mid so I’ll probably hold but its got me nervous.
    Parker will still average 100+ even if he plays forward, could be a good M9


    1. He’s currently equal 27th for mids, with a 99 average.
      Most years, a 115 average is top 8 mids – what is he going to do in the second half of the season to lift his average to around that mark? I can’t see it happening – may still finish strong but I can’t see him moving that much higher.


      1. As long as he averages 115 from here on, heโ€™s a top 8 mid from now to end of season. Points to now count for nothing. Likely Pts from here to seasonโ€™s end is all we need to consider when trading.


  13. Salamander you have convinced me! Hail Cripps! He is staying.
    Now if it turns to turds I have someone to blame hahah


    1. yeah you’re right daniel, that’s what I’m worried about.
      But is it worth burning a trade to score an extra 20 pts a week?
      Maybe yes, but if Cripps has a big last half of the season then I’ve spent a trade on nothing…. that’s why I’m holding for now



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