Game Chat – Sydney vs Collingwood

Written by Huttabito on August 4 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: SCG, Saturday, August 4, 7.25pm

The Swans dropped from fourth to ninth after losing a fourth game from their past five last week, and their season looks in danger of slipping away if they can’t reverse their worrying form. A return to the SCG would usually be comforting for John Longmire’s men but they’ve lost nine of 21 games at the venue over the past two seasons, and the Magpies got them in Sydney last year. Collingwood’s horror run with injury continued last week but with ruckman Brodie Grundy in All Australian contention and onballers Scott Pendlebury, Steele Sidebottom and Taylor Adams in top form, their midfield is still formidable. Scoring has been a problem for the Swans recently and with superstar Lance Franklin carrying some injuries, the likes of Tom Papley, Will Hayward and Ben Ronke will need to step up at ground level. This game has massive implications with the Pies under pressure to maintain their spot in the top four, and Sydney battling to stay in finals contention.

R3, 2017, Collingwood 11.14 (80) d Sydney Swans 11.13 (79) at the SCG
R1, 2016, Sydney Swans 18.25 (133) d Collingwood 7.11 (53) at the SCG
R20, 2015, Sydney Swans 13.9 (87) d Collingwood 10.16 (76) at the SCG
R2, 2014, Collingwood 12.17 (89) d Sydney Swans 10.9 (69) at ANZ Stadium
R20, 2013, Collingwood 14.16 (100) d Sydney Swans 10.11 (71) at ANZ Stadium

Hutta’s Tip – Sydney by 15 points.

 While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.

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22 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs Collingwood”


    Sydney: Will Hayward, Dan Robinson, Nic Newman, Jordan Dawson
    Collingwood: Sam Murray, Callum Brown, Josh Daicos, Jaidyn Stephenson


      1. Yeo and Simpson. Laird, Lloyd, and Hurley have played already. I’d sub McDaid (blues) on if I were to take the 93


  2. Is it just me or is Lloyd’s scoring a joke? Every possession is uncontested yet he still gets 5 or 6 points for every touch.
    I do own him btw


    1. I am completely with you on that, i can’t understand how his scoring is like that. I thought Champion Data scored less for the kicks that were just around the back half as they gained no meterage the marks were uncontested yet he gets so many points. I can look at other players and they receive less for the same thing


      1. The end of that 4th quarter he was sitting on 92 the whole time and then with a few minutes to go gets 2-3 uncontested possessions and then bang 20 points and 2nd top scorer for Sydney?????? This is what frustrates me as i thought some of the goals that were scored or key marks should of been earning that not simple possessions


    2. I’m having less and less faith with the SC scoring system each year.

      At this stage I am not 100% committed to a team in 2019. I was in 3 draft leagues in AFL fantasy and one classic league. I do my trades in them after SC but the reality is the ONLY positive SC has in 2018 is vc loophole and the guaranteed cash of bubble players as they have sorted out a lot of website stability issues.


      1. The AFL Fantasy site is still a bit clunky, though. If you like the SC format but are sick of SC scoring, you should check out RDT.


  3. Champions don’t have to train they just rock up game day and perform never ever doubt the budwah franklin!!!


      1. It does. But that’s like suggesting Sydney has no injuries, nor any other team.

        It’s a list management issue, and sometimes shit happens. Recruit depth. You’ve had players like Oxley, Mihocek and Murray in reserve all year, so it’s hardly like your depth players were spuds.

        I’m not keen on us being short our #1 & #3 ruck all season either. But I’m not sooking either.

        End result, a close but gallant loss. I still expect Swans will find it hard to be in the 8 at years end.


    Sydney 11.7.73
    Lance Franklin* 175
    Dane Rampe 109
    Aliir Aliir 102
    Nic Newman 99
    George Hewett 101
    Callum Sinclair 69
    Jake Lloyd 114
    Jarrad McVeigh 101
    Luke Parker 89
    Alex Johnson 67
    Harry Cunningham 54
    Nick Smith 69
    Jordan Dawson 65
    Isaac Heeney 70
    Josh P. Kennedy 75
    Daniel Robinson 49
    Ben Ronke 49
    Tom Papley 47
    Kieren Jack 43
    Oliver Florent 37
    Tom McCartin 39
    Will Hayward 32

    Collingwood 10.11.71
    Brodie Grundy 168
    Taylor Adams 110
    Jack Crisp 107
    Tom Langdon 120
    Brayden Sier 70
    Tom Phillips 81
    Chris Mayne 79
    Steele Sidebottom 67
    Brayden Maynard 73
    Scott Pendlebury 83
    Levi Greenwood 74
    Travis Varcoe 77
    Jaidyn Stephenson 46
    Mason Cox 52
    Josh Thomas 84
    Callum Brown 39
    Samuel Murray 73
    Josh Daicos 49
    Brody Mihocek 40
    Jack Madgen 74
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 57
    Darcy Moore 22


  5. As I mentioned last week I will try to review several SC relevant players for 2019 over the next month. One of the players that will dominate discussion during the 2019 pre season is B Grundy and whether it will be worth forking out approximately 680,000+.

    B Grundy:
    2017 Hitouts: 714 (35.7 per game)
    2018 Hitouts: 736 (38.74 per game)

    2017 Hitouts to Advantage: 194 (9.7 per game)
    2018 Hitouts to Advantage: 233 (12.26 per game)

    2017 HTA Rate: 27.17%
    2018 HTA Rate: 31.66%

    2017 Disposals Avg: 18.4
    2018 Disposals Avg: 20.84

    SC Avg when disposals equal/exceed 21: 139.9 from 10 (7/10 120+, 6/10 140+, 5/10 150+)
    SC Avg when disposals below 21: 115.33 from 9 (3/9 below 100, 3/9 120+)

    2017 Contested Possession Rate: 53.53%
    2018 Contested Possession Rate: 60.10%

    2017 Tackles Per Game: 3.90
    2018 Tackles Per Game: 5.26

    2017 Kick to Handball Ratio: 0.8
    2018 Kick to Handball Ratio: 0.6

    2017 Disposal Efficiency: 66.2%
    2018 Disposal Efficiency: 72.5%

    2017 Time on Ground: 85.6%
    2018 Time on Ground: 88.53%

    Improvements in nearly every statistical category has helped him establish himself as 1 of the premier ruckmen in the competition and in Supercoach. Since RD9 2017 he has only dipped below 90 twice from 31 games and 22/31 100+ which highlights his consistency. Also 10 120+’s in 2018 from 16 100+’s.

    Most of the aforementioned categories he should be able to sustain or improve in 2019 but the only worry would be if opposition teams can negate his impact around the ground which could potentially lead to a 105-110 average. The only 3 games below 100 this year all occurred when Grundy amassed less than 15 disposals (Rd1=12D=95SC, RD12=13D=98SC, RD17=14D=99SC)



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