Game Chat – Sydney vs Essendon

Written by Thommo on June 23 2017

Venue: SCG at 7:50pm AEST

R7, 2016, Sydney 20.15 (135) d Essendon 7.12 (54) at the SCG
R1, 2015, Sydney 10.12 (72) d Essendon 9.6 (60) at ANZ Stadium
R19, 2014, Sydney 11.13 (79) d Essendon 8.9 (57) at the SCG
R9, 2014, Sydney 18.6 (114) d Essendon 9.10 (64) at Etihad Stadium
R10, 2013, Sydney 17.13 (115) d Essendon 10.11 (71) at the SCG

Game notes: The Swans have stormed back into finals calculations after winning five of their past six games, and suddenly look like the Sydney of old. John Longmire’s side fought back from a big deficit to beat Richmond at the MCG last week to maintain the momentum after smashing the Western Bulldogs the previous round. Essendon is coming off the bye so it will be interesting to see how the week off has affected the Dons, given they played their best footy of the year against Port Adelaide the week before. The Bombers’ leg speed caused the Power all sorts of issues and has the potential to do the same to the swans, with Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Orazio Fantasia and Conor McKenna providing the run and excitement for John Worsfold’s team. Essendon has a woeful record on the road, especially at the SCG, so a win on Friday night would be massive.

Thommo’s Tip: Sydney by 20 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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46 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs Essendon”

  1. Sydney v Essendon at the SCG, 7.50pm AEST


    Sydney: Gary Rohan, Callum Sinclair, Nic Newman, George Hewett
    Essendon: David Zaharakis, Kyle Langford, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Conor McKenna


  2. Not sure what move to make now with all this carnage…

    T/up Trade out Fyfe to Zerret/Neale (despite me thinking he will finish strong and I planned to keep)
    T/d Trade out Scheer for Gray (who in long run becomes a loop hole option)

    Comments: Trade out Scheer for Callum Brown/Mountford and take the risk on their mediocre score


  3. Heeney/Kennedy/Lloyd (projected 308) for me

    Franklin/Merrett/Parker (projected 301) for opponent

    Looks tight but could be a big swing either way.

    Could be a nervous night


  4. finished my team tonight
    doc laird adams hibbard lloyd newman
    … ryan sharenberg
    danger t.mitchell dusty pendles oliver j.kelly oliver m.crouch
    … greenwood cousins m.hibbard
    goldy sandi
    … strndrica
    mcrae dahl yeo heeney nank burton
    … jones b.eddy
    DPP gives me a full team this week
    projected 2449 with Kelly fyfe n sandi on the bench
    7 trades left , fingers crossed
    sitting in 2000th rank , 1300 pts behind the leader


  5. I’m not sure how I ended up with so many Sydney players in my team, but tonight they’re all going brilliantly except for Buddy.


  6. HT Syd 41 v Ess 33

    L Parker 75
    J Kennedy 70
    I Heeney 62
    H Grundy 60
    S Reid 55
    D Hannebery 53
    O Florent 51
    J Lloyd 51
    N Newman 46
    G Rohan 42
    C Mills 40
    D Rampe 38
    T Papley 36
    L Melican 34
    C Sinclair 33
    K Jack 32
    G Hewett 28
    W Hayward 26
    D Towers 26
    L Franklin 25
    S Naismith 22
    N Smith 6
    Z Merrett 62
    J Green 54
    D Zaharakis 53
    M Hurley 47
    T Bellchambers 43
    J Daniher 42
    O Fantasia 42
    J Kelly 41
    J Stewart 35
    J Watson 35
    M Gleeson 32
    B Howlett 31
    B Goddard 30
    T Colyer 28
    A M-Tipungwuti 23
    A McGrath 23
    M Baguley 22
    C McKenna 21
    K Langford 21
    M Hartley 19
    D Heppell 18
    S McKernan 15


      1. If it wasnt for supercoach Id be really happy with that result he usually tears the bombers apart but hartley has done a good job on him.


  7. Is it possible that Buddy can drag himself back to mediocre standard,
    because he is far from elite at the moment.


  8. Syd 65 v Ess 53

    J Kennedy 109
    L Parker 97
    H Grundy 96
    I Heeney 87
    D Hannebery 85
    J Lloyd 72
    C Mills 66
    S Reid 66
    T Papley 64
    O Florent 57
    N Newman 55
    G Rohan 55
    L Melican 54
    G Hewett 49
    C Sinclair 49
    D Rampe 48
    K Jack 48
    L Franklin 43
    W Hayward 42
    D Towers 42
    N Smith 36
    S Naismith 35
    Z Merrett 91
    T Bellchambers 87
    D Zaharakis 84
    M Gleeson 71
    M Hurley 71
    B Howlett 59
    T Colyer 58
    J Watson 53
    J Kelly 53
    C McKenna 52
    J Green 52
    J Daniher 51
    J Stewart 47
    B Goddard 45
    M Baguley 44
    D Heppell 44
    O Fantasia 42
    M Hartley 39
    K Langford 38
    S McKernan 38
    A M-Tipungwuti 37
    A McGrath 35


    1. 16 points in the last quarter, all respect to Merrett but really ! did he have more impact on game than JPK. CD needs to look at their scoring system.


  9. FULL TIME |
    Sydney 11.20.86 vs Essendon 12.13.85

    J. Kennedy 127
    H. Grundy 115
    L. Parker 105
    I. Heeney 103
    C. Mills 102
    D. Hannebery 98
    J. Lloyd 96
    G. Rohan 86
    N. Newman 83
    L. Franklin 82
    T. Papley 72
    C. Sinclair 70
    G. Hewett 65
    S. Reid 65
    S. Naismith 64
    D. Rampe 62
    O. Florent 61
    L. Melican 60
    K. Jack 59
    N. Smith 50
    W. Hayward 43
    D. Towers 41

    Z. Merrett 129
    M. Hurley 110
    D. Zaharakis 106
    T. Bellchambers 103
    T. Colyer 88
    M. Gleeson 76
    J. Daniher 72
    C. McKenna 70
    B. Goddard 70
    J. Green 69
    O. Fantasia 69
    A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 69
    J. Watson 65
    K. Langford 64
    J. Kelly 63
    B. Howlett 62
    M. Baguley 61
    D. Heppell 54
    J. Stewart 50
    S. McKernan 47
    A. McGrath 45
    M. Hartley 44


    1. Newman scaled up to 90. I really just cant justify the Newman->Lloyd trade. Newman can match the points with half the disposals and when he’s on, he goes 150.

      Similar BEs, Prices and Output… BUT if I go into a game and that’s the only POD, I’d be nervous as hell….


  10. Great win! Still not playing well, but finding a way to get it done anyway is a good sign.

    Oh, and Brian Taylor? Take that microphone and sit on it pal. It’ll be far more useful that way.


    1. Not as bad as Bruce Thursday night Chillo, the awkward ‘man love’ he has for Hawthorn is sickening, (aww Poppy, Hodgy ,Roughy) thank christ Cyril wasn’t playing.


  11. Rohan’s score would have been about 125 three or so years ago, and Newman should have got a hell of a lot more for his goal as well, Ahh the good ole days of c/d scoring I miss.



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