Game Chat – Sydney vs Footscray

Written by Thommo on June 8 2017

Venue: SCG at 7:20pm AEST

R2, 2017, Western Bulldogs 16.14 (110) d Sydney 13.9 (87) at Etihad Stadium
GF, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.11 (89) d Sydney 10.7 (67) at the MCG
R15, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.5 (83) d Sydney 11.13 (79) at the SCG
R5, 2015, Western Bulldogs 11.11 (77) d Sydney 10.13 (73) at the SCG
R22, 2014, Sydney 20.10 (130) d Western Bulldogs 9.13 (67) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: Last year’s grand finalists meet for the second time this season fresh off the bye, and while it’s sixth versus 16th, this clash should be extremely close at the SCG. A loss for the Swans will end their already slim hopes of making the finals, while a win for the Bulldogs keeps them in touch with the top four, and in a solid position heading into the second half of the year. The Dogs have won their past two games against the Swans in Sydney, and showed in their win over St Kilda, before the week off, that they’re finding some of their best form. Superstar forward Lance Franklin looms as a headache as usual for coach Luke Beveridge, as does Jake Stringer at the other end for John Longmire, and if one of those goalkickers can have a big impact, it might be enough to tip the result their team’s way.

Thommo’s Tip: Doggies by 12 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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70 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs Footscray”

  1. Sydney v Western Bulldogs at the SCG, 7.20pm AEST

    Sydney: Gary Rohan (illness) replaced in selected side by Harry Marsh
    Western Bulldogs: Nil

    Sydney: Callum Sinclair, Nic Newman, George Hewett, Harry Marsh
    Western Bulldogs: Matthew Boyd, Tory Dickson, Caleb Daniel, Liam Picken



    I. Heeney 51
    H. Grundy 38
    N. Smith 31
    D. Hannebery 30
    L. Franklin 30
    Z. Jones 26
    L. Parker 24
    C. Mills 23
    J. Lloyd 23
    D. Rampe 22
    N. Newman 19
    H. Marsh 19
    W. Hayward 18
    S. Naismith 17
    T. Papley 16
    C. Sinclair 14
    J. Kennedy 12
    K. Jack 12
    D. Towers 10
    G. Hewett 6
    L. Melican 5
    S. Reid 4

    C. Daniel 39
    T. McLean 34
    L. Hunter 31
    M. Adams 28
    M. Boyd 21
    S. Biggs 21
    B. Dale 20
    M. Suckling 20
    L. Dahlhaus 20
    T. Cloke 17
    M. Bontempelli 16
    T. English 16
    M. Wallis 16
    J. Roughead 13
    J. Macrae 11
    T. Dickson 9
    L. Picken 9
    J. Johannisen 9
    L. Jong 9
    F. Roberts 9
    E. Wood 7
    J. Stringer 2


  3. I have had trouble with fan footy the last couple of weeks. No data at all. Am I doing something wrong or do you have to register. As I had no probs before this time


    1. Still works for me bobo, although I’ve heard they updated the site and older mobiles don’t work anymore



    SWANS 38 vs DOGS 15

    I. Heeney 79
    T. Papley 73
    L. Franklin 69
    H. Grundy 65
    Z. Jones 48
    N. Newman 46
    L. Melican 42
    J. Kennedy 41
    D. Hannebery 41
    L. Parker 39
    C. Sinclair 39
    S. Naismith 39
    N. Smith 38
    J. Lloyd 37
    C. Mills 34
    D. Rampe 28
    D. Towers 24
    K. Jack 23
    H. Marsh 21
    W. Hayward 21
    G. Hewett 19
    S. Reid 9

    J. Macrae 71
    C. Daniel 71
    M. Adams 55
    T. McLean 54
    L. Dahlhaus 51
    M. Boyd 46
    M. Suckling 45
    M. Wallis 44
    M. Bontempelli 42
    E. Wood 32
    L. Jong 32
    J. Roughead 31
    S. Biggs 27
    L. Hunter 27
    L. Picken 25
    T. Dickson 24
    B. Dale 23
    T. Cloke 22
    F. Roberts 21
    T. English 17
    J. Johannisen 7
    J. Stringer 5


  5. 6 on field with the lowest JPK’s 42 at the half. Now i dont want to jinx it but this is looking like it will be a higher score than my normal weeks.


  6. Glad I offloaded Reid.

    Anyone go vc on Buddy?

    Massive inaccuracy from the swans. Should be 6 goals up.


  7. Supercoach points in Q2 (Highest/relevant players)

    T Papley 57
    L Franklin 39
    L Melican 37
    J Kennedy 29
    I Heeney 28
    N Newman 27
    D Hannebery 11

    Western Bulldogs:
    J Macrae 60
    C Daniel 32
    L Dahlhaus 31
    M Wallis 28
    M Bontempelli 26
    M Boyd 25
    J Johannisen -2


  8. Cant get live scores from fan footy on my android tablet been happening for a couple of weeks – no probs on my i phone ?


  9. All good now- thanks guys
    There’s a link under ‘live game chat’ on the right hand side of page that you can click if the data isn’t loading which is what I had to do.


  10. Dalhaus…… Can you please KICK the ball rather than handball every time you get the pill

    regards 95k coaches

    And as i type this he kicks a goal!!!


  11. 3QTR TIME

    SWANS 68 vs DOGS 39

    I. Heeney 105
    T. Papley 95
    H. Grundy 81
    J. Kennedy 77
    L. Franklin 71
    L. Parker 70
    N. Newman 68
    D. Hannebery 66
    S. Naismith 65
    S. Reid 65
    Z. Jones 57
    J. Lloyd 56
    K. Jack 56
    L. Melican 53
    N. Smith 52
    C. Sinclair 50
    C. Mills 45
    D. Towers 42
    W. Hayward 39
    H. Marsh 35
    D. Rampe 34
    G. Hewett 30

    J. Macrae 98
    C. Daniel 97
    L. Dahlhaus 79
    M. Bontempelli 72
    M. Boyd 70
    T. McLean 69
    M. Suckling 63
    L. Hunter 60
    M. Adams 58
    M. Wallis 56
    E. Wood 55
    S. Biggs 49
    J. Roughead 46
    L. Jong 44
    T. Dickson 41
    F. Roberts 38
    L. Picken 34
    B. Dale 32
    T. Cloke 30
    T. English 29
    J. Stringer 28
    J. Johannisen 18


    1. Just got in for the evening and checked the scores. Had to make sure he wasn’t injured. Does he know Murphy isnt playing?


    1. Have consistently fallen behind all year. I think they might have been found out a bit. Certainly haven’t improved as expected.


  12. Some sort of recovery for Lloyd. 60-70 points final DT quarter by the looks of it. All junk time for SC so not as many but looks good to go!


      1. Because they are hard earned contested. Richo just gave him his three
        votes.100% efficiency in uncontested handballs score better.


  13. looking at 4 scores in the 90s which isnt amazing but much better than previous weeks. Happy with my doggies trio.


  14. The Bont 92 pre-scaling. % free against, and 38% DE.

    Not sure if I’m unhappy about the score and or happy he did that well with such amazingly bad stats!


    1. 11 tackles. I still dont get it though as watching the game the only time I noticed him was when swans mids were pressuring him into making another mistake.


  15. Hang on a minute. Rant incoming

    So Champion data are trying to tell me Bont only got 7 less than JPK??? JPK had 19 more touches at 48% efficiency (yes terrible) but bont had 38% efficiency.

    Can anyone tell me how cause to me i feel like if Bont had JPK’s stats it would be a score of 105-110 at least compared to 99. (Btw i have both). Heeney and macrae saved them


    1. You beat me to it Zac, the scoring system is crap this year. Tackles must be worth a lot of points now. Did Papley deserve to get that many points i don’t think so. Clangers are getting penalized more. Kennedy was robbed, he works hard in packs and makes mistakes but the way CD are scoring its better picking receivers that get the ball given to them by blokes like Kennedy .


      1. The most annoying thing for me is not so much blokes being
        over scored ( it is annoying though ) more so blokes (JPK) being
        blatantly under scored.


        1. Agreed Bruce. I just can’t understand how 19 more touches at a better efficiency can only lead to 9 more points! Thats like 0.5 points per touch after 20 disposals it just doesn’t add up! If ont had half decent efficiency i could understand more hut he had 10% worse than JPK!


  16. FULL TIME (pre-scale)

    SWANS 88 vs DOGS 42

    I. Heeney 133
    T. Papley 122
    L. Parker 108
    H. Grundy 102
    D. Hannebery 99
    J. Kennedy 99
    L. Franklin 96
    J. Lloyd 93
    N. Newman 90
    S. Reid 84
    C. Sinclair 80
    S. Naismith 79
    Z. Jones 71
    K. Jack 69
    C. Mills 68
    L. Melican 68
    N. Smith 66
    D. Towers 62
    D. Rampe 57
    W. Hayward 53
    H. Marsh 49
    G. Hewett 48

    J. Macrae 125
    C. Daniel 116
    L. Dahlhaus 103
    M. Boyd 95
    M. Bontempelli 92
    T. McLean 87
    M. Wallis 81
    L. Hunter 79
    M. Suckling 77
    J. Roughead 67
    E. Wood 66
    M. Adams 66
    S. Biggs 66
    L. Jong 59
    T. Dickson 57
    L. Picken 56
    F. Roberts 46
    T. Cloke 42
    J. Stringer 36
    T. English 33
    B. Dale 33
    J. Johannisen 21


  17. Earlier today, my gut was telling me to stick the VC on Heeney. Then I saw the historical data, and figured that Bontempelli was a no-brainer… I wish I’d backed my gut instead!


    1. The curse of Cloke has been passed to Bulldogs.

      It’s a communicable disease spread by end of season trades.

      Apparently a glove is insufficient protection.


  18. Anyone at SCT land know the break evens for Jake Lloyd & The Bont for next week yet?

    Or does this info become available at the end of the round?


    1. My rough guess is Lloyd will still be around 160
      Bont not so sure, maybe 130-odd?

      Father D, little help?



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