Game Chat – Sydney vs Hawthorn

Written by Huttabito on August 25 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: SCG, Saturday, August 25, 7.25pm

Two great modern-day rivals are set to face off at the SCG on Saturday night, and with for fourth spot and a vital double chance during the finals on offer, the winner of this one will set itself up for a huge September. Superstar Swan Lance Franklin will be the major focus for his former club, and despite the concerns over his heel problem and lack of training, he’s booted 15 goals from his past four matches. Both teams are stacked with experience and the likes of Shaun Burgoyne, Jarrad McVeigh, Ben McEvoy, Josh Kennedy, Isaac Smith and Kieren Jack will be crucial in such an important contest. Sydney youngster Ben Ronke stunned the Hawks with seven goals from nine kicks earlier in the season, and with Will Hayward, Tom Papley and Tom McCartin, he’ll need to chip in again to help Franklin inside 50 for the home side. The finals have come early and the team that takes their opportunities in the big moments will be rewarded greatly when the regular season is over.

R8, 2018, Sydney 12.7 (79) d Hawthorn 10.11 (71) at the MCG
R19, 2017, Hawthorn 10.12 (72) d Sydney 9.12 (66) at the MCG
R10, 2017, Hawthorn 12.9 (81) d Sydney 11.9 (75) at the SCG
R17, 2016, Hawthorn 11.9 (75) d Sydney 10.10 (70) at the SCG
R9, 2016, Sydney 10.9 (69) d Hawthorn 7.13 (55) at the MCG

Hutta’s Tip: Sydney by 15 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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      Sydney: Lance Franklin (groin) and Luke Parker (groin) replaced in selected side by Jordan Dawson and Robbie Fox
      Hawthorn: Nil

      Fremantle: Oliver Florent, Nic Newman, Jordan Dawson, Robbie Fox
      Collingwood: Liam Shiels, Harry Morrison, Teia Miles, Conor Nash


  1. Take Mihocek’s 83 or field Jimmy Webster.
    TD Webster
    I have ten minutes to put Doedee on field
    Thanks all


  2. Lance Franklin and Luke Parker were my superstar in my supercoach now they out I think I lost my supercoach GF dammit


      1. Yeh
        Grundy was on 124 with 10 mins to go
        Ended up on 150+
        Depends on person who is giving the scores for that player I think
        Some are better than others
        Makes u wonder about betting agencies & their fantasy betting ..


        1. Thanks catta,only listened to game on radio,commentators saying how brilliant he was etc .those clangers kill the scoring.


  3. Half Time

    Sydney Swans: 6.7.43

    Harry Cunningham 69
    Jake Lloyd 75
    Isaac Heeney* 87
    Heath Grundy 72
    Dane Rampe 61
    George Hewett 71
    Callum Sinclair 45
    Josh P. Kennedy 64
    Nic Newman 44
    Jarrad McVeigh 40
    Will Hayward 44
    Kieren Jack 24
    Oliver Florent 35
    Jordan Dawson 30
    Tom Papley 42
    Dan Hannebery 24
    Tom McCartin 33
    Robbie Fox 24
    Aliir Aliir 22
    Zak Jones 34
    Ben Ronke 23
    Daniel Robinson 21

    Hawthorn Hawks: 3.6.24

    Ben McEvoy 68
    Jarman Impey 40
    James Worpel 65
    Liam Shiels 51
    Tom Mitchell 56
    Luke Breust 56
    Harry Morrison 17
    Shaun Burgoyne 43
    Ryan Burton 34
    Jaeger O’Meara 36
    Ricky Henderson 28
    Jack Gunston 29
    Isaac Smith 11
    Jarryd Roughead 20
    Connor Nash 25
    Paul Puopolo 22
    Ryan Schoenmakers 12
    Teia Miles 8
    Kaiden Brand 25
    Blake Hardwick 24
    David Mirra 21
    Ben Stratton 18


  4. Wanted to trade in Hawkins today, in case Buddy was a late out – but with only one trade left, couldn’t risk it, in case Buddy played and I had a late withdrawal tomorrow = a donut. So Hawkins gets 144, Buddy is a late withdrawal and I’m left with no forward emergency so traded in Gunstan who is only 29 points at half time. Breust may have been a better choice, on 59. And the worry of a late withdrawal tomorrow …..7 GF’s on the line!


    1. wouldn’t worry about on of them Lisa. You have me on toast unless Gawn gets a double-ton and Webster pumps out his best score of the year. Neither are likely!
      Well played in advance. Too good for me 🙂


  5. Full Time – Hawks by 9 points

    Sydney Swans: 10.14.74

    Jake Lloyd 149
    Isaac Heeney* 93
    Josh P. Kennedy 117
    Callum Sinclair 102
    Harry Cunningham 98
    Nic Newman 72
    Dane Rampe 92
    George Hewett 96
    Heath Grundy 104
    Oliver Florent 78
    Jarrad McVeigh 98
    Kieren Jack 54
    Tom Papley 67
    Will Hayward 71
    Ben Ronke 39
    Jordan Dawson 32
    Tom McCartin 43
    Zak Jones 62
    Dan Hannebery 28
    Aliir Aliir 53
    Daniel Robinson 59
    Robbie Fox 28

    Hawthorn Hawks: 12.11.83

    Ben McEvoy 128
    Tom Mitchell 110
    Harry Morrison 88
    Liam Shiels 126
    Ricky Henderson 87
    Shaun Burgoyne 98
    Jaeger O’Meara 85
    James Worpel 98
    Jack Gunston 87
    Jarman Impey 61
    Ryan Burton 74
    Luke Breust 120
    Jarryd Roughead 98
    Paul Puopolo 69
    Isaac Smith 30
    Kaiden Brand 48
    Connor Nash 67
    Teia Miles 30
    Ryan Schoenmakers 27
    Ben Stratton 42
    David Mirra 45
    Blake Hardwick 46



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