Game Chat – Sydney vs West Coast

Written by Thommo on June 15 2018

WHERE AND WHEN:  SCG, Friday, June 15, 7.50pm AEST

The term blockbuster gets thrown around way too often these days, but Friday night’s clash between the Swans and the Eagles deserves top billing as one of the matches of the season so far. Ladder leader West Coast has won 10 straight since it was toppled by Sydney and a Lance Franklin masterclass in the season opener, while the home side has steadied to win five in a row after a patchy start to the year. There’s marquee battles wherever you look, but the match-up between in-form Swan Callum Sinclair and his former teammate Nic Naitanui in the ruck will be pivotal. The return of Luke Shuey (hamstring) adds even greater potency to the Eagles’ midfield and he could find himself with George Hewett as a minder for the evening, unless the Sydney onballer gets sent to Andrew Gaff on the wing. Two outstanding teams on the big stage makes for a Friday night classic at the SCG.

R1, 2018, Sydney 18.7 (115) d West Coast 13.8 (86) at Optus Stadium
R4, 2017, West Coast 13.13 (91) d Sydney 10.5 (65) at Subiaco Oval
R5, 2016, Sydney 12.16 (88) d West Coast 7.7 (49) at the SCG
R17, 2015, West Coast 15.13 (103) d Sydney 7.9 (51) at Subiaco Oval
R16, 2014, Sydney 10.19 (79) d West Coast 7.9 (51) at Subiaco Oval

Thommo’s Tip: West Coast by 12 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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51 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney vs West Coast”

      Sydney: Harry Cunningham, Kieren Jack, Ben Ronke, Harry Marsh
      West Coast: Dom Sheed, Jarrod Brander, Lewis Jetta, Jake Waterman


    1. Same – along with Simpson. Ryan more out of desperation to get 18.

      Some weeks you’re really unhappy with your trades. This is one of those weeks…


  1. If you think the AFL has finally got the Friday games right, look forward to the rest of the season…


    1. I’m seriously tempted by him and if I had a few more trades up my sleeve I might jump that way. His standard differentiation is too big for me. Far too up and down with his scoring over the years.


  2. Thinking about trading Doedee to Hurn

    Back line is

    Laird, Simpson, Doedee, Cole, Austin, rice, (McDonald, Murphy)

    Tu do it
    Td bad move


  3. Fritsch to Buddy? Roughly a $50K upgrade. Have plenty of warm bodies next week; am a tad short this week.

    TU: Do it.
    TD: Save the trade.

    Comment: JJK instead.


  4. QT Syd 3 v WC 9

    Heath Grundy +6 61
    Jake Lloyd 58
    Isaac Heeney 48
    Aliir Aliir +6 40
    Nick Smith +6 37
    Oliver Florent +2 35
    Josh P. Kennedy 25
    Callum Sinclair 22
    Harry Cunningham 22
    Dane Rampe 20
    Zak Jones +2 20
    Luke Parker +3 19
    Ben Ronke 17
    George Hewett 17
    Harry Marsh +3 15
    Dan Hannebery 7
    Tom McCartin 7
    Kieren Jack 6
    Will Hayward 6
    Lance Franklin 5
    Tom Papley 5
    Gary Rohan 2

    Chris Masten 43
    Elliot Yeo 30
    Jack Redden 28
    Jeremy McGovern 24
    Jamie Cripps 24
    Scott Lycett 22
    Brad Sheppard 21
    Mark LeCras 20
    Liam Duggan  17
    Josh J. Kennedy 17
    Andrew Gaff 16
    Willie Rioli 15
    Jackson Nelson 14
    Tom Cole 13
    Lewis Jetta 13
    Jarrod Brander 12
    Dom Sheed 12
    Luke Shuey  9
    Jake Waterman 8
    Shannon Hurn 8
    Nic Naitanui 5
    Liam Ryan 1


  5. Wow. Amazingly tight game.

    Be amazed if either side gets 10 goals by the end.

    Spirit of 05-06. That’s a rivalry.


  6. HT Syd 33 v WC 19

    Heath Grundy 87
    Jake Lloyd 74
    Nick Smith 68
    Josh P. Kennedy 60
    Isaac Heeney 59
    Aliir Aliir 58
    Zak Jones 52
    Callum Sinclair 52
    Dane Rampe 47
    Ben Ronke 45
    Tom Papley 45
    Harry Cunningham 45
    Luke Parker 42
    Oliver Florent 42
    George Hewett 42
    Harry Marsh 35
    Tom McCartin 32
    Lance Franklin 28
    Dan Hannebery 24
    Kieren Jack 19
    Gary Rohan 10
    Will Hayward 4

    Chris Masten 70
    Elliot Yeo 58
    Jack Redden 48
    Jackson Nelson 43
    Jamie Cripps 43
    Liam Duggan 37
    Andrew Gaff 35
    Lewis Jetta 35
    Brad Sheppard 35
    Nic Naitanui 32
    Scott Lycett 31
    Tom Cole 31
    Luke Shuey 29
    Jeremy McGovern 28
    Shannon Hurn 26
    Mark LeCras 24
    Willie Rioli 24
    Josh J. Kennedy 23
    Liam Ryan 18
    Dom Sheed 17
    Jake Waterman 15
    Jarrod Brander 14


  7. Geeeeeee, so glad I moved players around to get Hurn in!!!

    Deplorable effort thus far!

    As a nuetral supporter, the umpiring in that 3rd quarter was putrid!


  8. 3QT Syd 66 v WC 40

    Heath Grundy 104
    Jake Lloyd 96
    Nick Smith 94
    Josh P. Kennedy 91
    Aliir Aliir 78
    Ben Ronke 74
    Lance Franklin 74
    Isaac Heeney 73
    Harry Cunningham 72
    Zak Jones 70
    Callum Sinclair 69
    Oliver Florent 66
    George Hewett 66
    Luke Parker 60
    Harry Marsh 59
    Dane Rampe 59
    Tom Papley 59
    Tom McCartin 54
    Dan Hannebery 54
    Kieren Jack 31
    Will Hayward 25

    Elliot Yeo 102
    Chris Masten 85
    Jack Redden 66
    Nic Naitanui 63
    Liam Duggan 60
    Scott Lycett 56
    Jackson Nelson 55
    Jeremy McGovern 51
    Andrew Gaff 51
    Jamie Cripps 46
    Brad Sheppard 46
    Lewis Jetta 44
    Josh J. Kennedy* 41
    Liam Ryan 41
    Tom Cole 40
    Luke Shuey 39
    Mark LeCras 37
    Willie Rioli 35
    Dom Sheed 35
    Jake Waterman 31
    Shannon Hurn 29
    Jarrod Brander 16


  9. Kennedy and Ryan’s debut games have been disappointing thus far. Hopefully a big 3rd qtr.

    I’ll be happy if Yeo can put another 40 points on, stuck a sneaky VC on him.


  10. FT Syd 72 d WC 57

    Heath Grundy 127
    Jake Lloyd 122
    Josh P. Kennedy 113
    Nick Smith 108
    George Hewett 103
    Isaac Heeney 98
    Aliir Aliir 94
    Lance Franklin 94
    Callum Sinclair 91
    Harry Cunningham 89
    Zak Jones 87
    Oliver Florent 87
    Ben Ronke 84
    Luke Parker 79
    Tom McCartin 75
    Harry Marsh 75
    Dane Rampe 71
    Dan Hannebery 68
    Tom Papley 64
    Kieren Jack 45
    Gary Rohan 43
    Will Hayward 37

    Elliot Yeo 143
    Chris Masten 100
    Liam Duggan 86
    Scott Lycett 85
    Nic Naitanui 84
    Jack Redden 84
    Jeremy McGovern 81
    Andrew Gaff 74
    Jackson Nelson 67
    Luke Shuey 64
    Shannon Hurn 61
    Mark LeCras 60
    Tom Cole 59
    Brad Sheppard 58
    Jamie Cripps 58
    Lewis Jetta 52
    Josh J. Kennedy 47
    Liam Ryan 46
    Dom Sheed 44
    Willie Rioli 41
    Jake Waterman 38
    Jarrod Brander 26


    1. I think it’s ok. Its highly impactful time but you have to remember he is only playing 55-65% game time so that’s his limiting factor.


  11. Yeo was impressive tonight. In hindsight I should have bought him in but I was scared off by his high BE. Well done to those who grabbed him.


  12. I am more than a little fascinated by the supercoach fall from grace of Dan Hannebery

    He used to be an absolute gun but now he is pretty much supercoach irrelevent and am just wondering on peoples thoughts as to why


    1. Me too Shags. Used to be one of my first picked! He was in the top 5 for distance covered tonight, just can’t seem to get his hands on the ball. Should be in his prime.


      1. That’s what happens to blokes who get off the piss.

        Let that be a lesson to all of you. LOL.

        I dunno, it’s a combination of him not getting into the right places and him not seeming to get passes from teammates.

        Wonder if he’s gonna be trade bait? Both him and Rohan haven’t made an impact at Sydney for a long time.


    2. I reckon the groin injuries are still lingering. He’s seems to have lost his acceleration and agility.


      1. 24 possessions last night, only 3 kicks. I think that about sums it up.

        He just doesn’t have the tank to get into open space anymore. So much of his game was based around hard gut running before, but now he has to hand the ball off straight away because he can’t get that distance from his opponent. Whether that’s because of injury or he’s just cooked, I don’t know.


        1. He reckons he feels the best he has in a few years but looks well off the pace. Thought Rohan had a bit more impact around the ground last night.
          Sadly, their prolonged injury histories might just be too much for them both to handle … unless they reduce the length of quarters (an idea that seems to be gaining some traction)



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