Game Chat – WBD v Adelaide

Written by Father Dougal on August 25 2019

Where and when: Mars Stadium, Sunday 25 August, 1.10pm AEST

What it means for the Western Bulldogs: A spot in the finals is on offer for the Bulldogs, whether that be seventh or eighth depending on other results in round 23. Destiny is in their hands, this is a win-at-all-costs match.

What it means for Adelaide: After another disappointing loss at home, the Crows now must win by a fair margin to secure a finals spot. The Crows trail the Dogs by four points and 2.6 per cent on the ladder, but the Hawks and Power are in a similar boat, so the Crows will be hoping other results fall their way too.

The stat: Jack Macrae is averaging 37.2 disposals over his last ten matches. His lowest disposal tally for any game this season is 22 touches.

The match-up: Patrick Lipinski v Wayne Milera
Lipinski headed forward and kicked two goals against the Giants last week, while Milera looms as one of Adelaide’s strongest weapons on the wing. Both players loom as potential gamebreakers.

It’s a big week for: Don Pyke

The Crows have won just two of the past eight games since the bye. The heat is already on Pyke, but to miss out on the finals would be a clear failure considering the relative health and age profile of Adelaide’s list.

Big call: Aaron Naughton announces himself on the big stage and towels up Daniel Talia.

Prediction: Western Bulldogs by 27 points


While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – WBD v Adelaide”

    1. if they win, they’ll have four more points than you … so 1. it’s ADE you have to worry about! they need to win by 145pts i think


  1. i flicked the C to Dunks. VERY risky, but the only way I can win all my GFs. need 200+ min. for any chance.



    1. Good luck allsaints.
      I had Dunkley as captain last week and won my way to finals. I took Grundys score this week but I had the C on Dunkley again.


  2. I heard that if the tigers beat the lions today
    they play their 1st final away
    but if they loose today
    they play their 1st final @ the G
    is that correct ???


  3. M. Bontempelli 46
    R. Laird 39
    R. West 34
    M. Crouch 35
    B. Dale 33
    P. Seedsman 32
    B. Smith 32
    S. Jacobs 28
    J. Macrae 31
    T. Lynch 23
    M. Suckling 30
    R. Sloane 22
    J. Johannisen 24
    L. Brown 20
    T. English 23
    B. Crouch 20
    J. Dunkley 21
    B. Smith 19
    T. Duryea 20
    C. Jones 17
    E. Wood 20
    A. Keath 15
    H. Crozier 19
    W. Milera 14
    J. Schache 16
    D. Fogarty 14
    S. Lloyd 16
    H. Greenwood 14
    Z. Cordy 15
    T. Walker 10
    L. Hunter 15
    B. Gibbs 10
    P. Lipinski 14
    R. Knight 9
    L. Young 12
    R. Douglas 8
    A. Naughton 8
    D. Talia 6
    W. Hayes 8
    J. Kelly 6
    T. McLean 6
    E. Betts 4
    E. Richards 2
    D. Mackay 2


  4. Even though he has the haircut of an 8 year old bogan, I really like Ben Dixon’s commentary. Very insightul.


  5. Didn’t realise how hollow the feeling would be knowing before today I would lose 8/8.Greene donut and Goldy 100 below proj doesn’t help.A big thanks to SCT for all your helpful information in my first year taking over from dad.


      1. Carlton and Adelaide have swapped first-round draft picks; the lower the Crows finish, the better this deal works out for us. Realistically, we’re probably going to trade that pick anyway, so it’s not hugely important, but it’s still gives us more options.


  6. Bulldogs are the underdog they are so underrated look at them go! i wouldn’t be surprise if they win the premiership cup !


    1. 3 frees against, 3 tackles and 11/47 contested possessions did him no favours. Also he usually kicks short or backwards which is scored less than longer kicks heading forward.



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