Game Chat – West Coast Eagles vs Melbourne

Written by Father Dougal on June 24 2017

Venue: Domain Stadium, Saturday, June 24, 5.40pm AWST

Last Time They Met: R18, 2016, West Coast 10.6 (66) d Melbourne 8.12 (60) at Domain Stadium
R14, 2015, West Coast 16.18 (114) d Melbourne 9.6 (60) at TIO Stadium
R22, 2014, West Coast 18.11 (119) d Melbourne 8.5 (53) at Domain Stadium
R2, 2014, West Coast 18.15 (123) d Melbourne 4.6 (30) at the MCG
R3, 2013, West Coast 27.15 (177) d Melbourne 13.5 (83) at the MCG

Game notes: West Coast got to work focusing on physicality at training over the bye period and claimed an important scalp when Geelong came to Perth last round. The Eagles’ next challenge is to bring the same pressure and intensity against an up-and-coming Melbourne outfit. The Eagles laid 93 tackles in their impressive 13-point win over the Cats and kept a tight leash on some of Geelong’s prime movers. Their priority this week be matching the Dees’ hard-nosed midfield, which will be bolstered by star ruckman Max Gawn’s return from hamstring surgery. At 7-5, both sides have plenty to play for. The Demons are in a strong position to break their 11-year finals drought and a rare victory in Perth – where they should have beaten West Coast last year in the wet – would be a major boost coming off victories over Collingwood and the Bulldogs.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Eagles by 6

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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24 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast Eagles vs Melbourne”



    West Coast: Dom Sheed, Tom Cole, Josh Hill, Malcolm Karpany
    Melbourne: Dom Tyson, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neal-Bullen, James Harmes



    West Coast Eagles 2.5.17
    Melbourne 3.1.19

    L. Duggan 38
    D. Petrie 32
    E. Mackenzie 31
    T. Barrass 28
    J. McGovern 26
    E. Yeo 25
    D. Sheed 25
    M. Priddis 23
    A. Gaff 22
    L. Jetta 21
    M. Karpany 19
    N. Vardy 19
    J. Cripps 17
    T. Cole 12
    S. Hurn 10
    S. Mitchell 9
    B. Sheppard 8
    M. Hutchings 7
    W. Schofield 7
    L. Shuey 6
    J. Hill 6
    J. Darling 6

    J. Viney 50
    B. Stretch 43
    M. Gawn 35
    C. Salem 28
    D. Tyson 27
    B. Vince 27
    T. McDonald 21
    J. Lewis 19
    M. Hannan 18
    C. Oliver 16
    A. Neal-Bullen 14
    J. Melksham 14
    N. Jetta 14
    J. Hunt 13
    C. Petracca 12
    M. Hibberd 12
    C. Pedersen 10
    S. Frost 10
    O. McDonald 9
    J. Harmes 8
    T. Bugg 5
    J. Garlett 3


    1. Not ideal Gawns first game back is against the ruck decimated Eagles. With a BE of 212 it would have been nice to have a real hard match up!



    West Coast Eagles 5.7.37
    Melbourne 6.6.42

    D. Sheed 55
    J. McGovern 52
    L. Duggan 51
    D. Petrie 50
    L. Jetta 46
    T. Barrass 45
    E. Yeo 45
    M. Priddis 45
    A. Gaff 41
    J. Darling 38
    B. Sheppard 38
    S. Mitchell 37
    E. Mackenzie 36
    J. Hill 32
    L. Shuey 32
    N. Vardy 31
    M. Karpany 28
    J. Cripps 28
    M. Hutchings 23
    W. Schofield 20
    S. Hurn 18
    T. Cole 18

    J. Viney 81
    M. Gawn 76
    B. Stretch 58
    D. Tyson 57
    B. Vince 52
    M. Hannan 51
    T. McDonald 48
    T. Bugg 44
    J. Harmes 42
    J. Lewis 37
    C. Salem 36
    J. Hunt 36
    C. Oliver 34
    J. Melksham 30
    A. Neal-Bullen 29
    M. Hibberd 26
    N. Jetta 25
    C. Petracca 24
    C. Pedersen 22
    S. Frost 21
    O. McDonald 12
    J. Garlett 1


    1. Gawn will only drop $27k and have a BE of 158ish if he hits 150 points.

      Won’t even drop to $550k let along $500k like most of us hoped.


  4. I have sandi , wont be trading in any players coming off injury , gawn a good chance to break down again this year


  5. FULL TIME |
    West Coast Eagles 14.12.96 vs Melbourne 15.9.99
    J. McGovern 122
    D. Petrie 113
    D. Sheed 100
    E. Yeo 97
    N. Vardy 94
    S. Mitchell 93
    M. Hutchings 90
    A. Gaff 89
    L. Shuey 88
    T. Barrass 85
    L. Jetta 79
    E. Mackenzie 75
    M. Karpany 65
    M. Priddis 65
    L. Duggan 64
    J. Hill 58
    J. Darling 51
    B. Sheppard 48
    J. Cripps 45
    W. Schofield 41
    T. Cole 28
    S. Hurn 24
    T. McDonald 138
    J. Viney 127
    M. Gawn 113
    C. Oliver 110
    B. Vince 110
    D. Tyson 106
    B. Stretch 102
    J. Harmes 97
    M. Hibberd 92
    C. Pedersen 90
    J. Lewis 80
    J. Melksham 66
    S. Frost 61
    C. Petracca 56
    M. Hannan 56
    A. Neal-Bullen 55
    N. Jetta 52
    J. Hunt 49
    C. Salem 43
    T. Bugg 37
    O. McDonald 34
    J. Garlett 14


      1. Max will drop to just over 550K this week, with a BE of around 185. Wait one more week, then get him for around 520K I reckon.


        1. Fingers crossed cause SandiWitts with a floating Nank was awesome in the first half of the season but is fast become my achilles heel this season.


  6. Pathetic last quarter from Priddis. Game on the line and did absolutely NOTHING. Going to burn a trade to get these regular 60’s, 70’s and 80’s out of the mids.


    1. Priddis’s score seemed very harsh considering he had 9 contested possessions and 9 tackles which should equate to 72 points therefore meaning his 17 disposals and 1 mark garnered zero/negative points.

      As seen with Champion Data’s statement regarding Bontempelli/Kennedy from their Round 12 encounter the points for certain categories differ (e.g SC site Tackles: 4, CD: Bont: 2.7, JPK: 2.6).

      I think we can all agree that the CD scoring this year is utterly ridiculous. Again referring to the statement released from the Round 12 match a contested knock on was worth more than a contested possession, tackle or an effective kick. So, Champion Data think that not taking possession of the ball garners a greater score than taking possession of the ball which is a complete travesty.

      Also the scoring provided highlighted that Bont was favoured in several categories although in a losing side by 8 goals and a disposal efficiency of 38.9%.

      Contested possession
      Bont: 3.5 JPK: 3.4
      Gather from Hitout
      Bont: 2 JPK: 1.5
      Handball receive
      Bont: 1.25 JPK: 1
      Effective Handball:
      Bont: 1.5 JPK: 1.07
      Bont: 2.73 JPK: 2.67

      This clearly illustrates what we all believe as bias towards several Champion Data favourites.


      1. FAKE NEWS 😉

        Seriously though, why would CD have favourites? You’ve included 5 statistics in your analysis. Don’t they include something like 100 different things into their ranking points? CD collect the data for statistical purposes, to record what’s happening in our game, for analysis now by coaches and the media and into the future as a history of our game. Not to get the edge in their weekly SC H2H against their mate.

        S’pose you believe man hasn’t been to the moon and that yetis exist? It’s not all a big conspiracy.


        1. The main purpose of the aforementioned post was to highlight the differences between several stats and the difference between what they provide as the scoring key on Supercoach compared to the actual scoring.

          For example a contested knock on was scored higher than a contested possession. (Contested knock on= 4 points, Contested possession= 3.5 points). Which means that not taking possession of the ball is valued higher than taking possession which seems nonsensical.

          I don’t believe it is a big conspiracy I was just trying to highlight the differences and to garner conversation as it is irritating that they provide a scoring key yet the actual scoring for certain categories greatly differs.


          1. First Post
            “This clearly illustrates what we all believe as bias towards several Champion Data favourites.”

            Second Post
            “I don’t believe it is a big conspiracy”


  7. I should not have included the statement as it distorts what I was trying to achieve but the purpose was to garner conversation about the differences between players and the scoring system provided. I don’t have a problem with all the categories for scoring, scaling and impact on the game, it’s just the inconsistencies of what has been provided and no clarity on how players earn their scores.

    Sorry if I have infuriated or annoyed anyone as that is not my purpose and I do not want to tarnish my credibility.

    I think we would all like clarity on certain elements to the scoring system and why some elements are not disclosed to Supercoach players and paying customers.


    1. You’re not infuriating at all. Some people honestly do seem to believe in a Bont conspiracy, just like the umpires have orders from HQ to help teams. Thought you were one of those but you’re clearly not. Just cause we don’t get the formula doesn’t mean they sprinkle extra points on a few selected players.



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