Game Chat – West Coast v Essendon

Written by Motts on September 5 2019

Where and when: Optus Stadium, Thursday September 5, 6.10pm 

What it means for West Coast: The last time the Eagles hosted a Thursday night elimination final in 2016 they were ambushed by the fairytale Bulldogs, and there is a sense of trepidation in the west about Essendon’s visit. Keeping the back-to-back flag bid alive is one thing, but some need convincing that West Coast remains a serious contender after missing the top four.

What it means for Essendon: Winning a final was probably the Bombers’ pass mark before 2019 started and would go some way to appeasing a restless supporter base. Essendon has been waiting 15 years for a September victory – the longest stretch in the competition – and has lost its past five finals by an average of 49 points.

The stat: The Bombers have won all five of their finals against West Coast by an average of 46 points, but none of those have been in Perth. The teams built an intense rivalry during Kevin Sheedy’s era at the Dons’ helm but haven’t met in September since the 2002 elimination final at Marvel Stadium.

The match-up: Nic Naitanui v Tom Bellchambers

Naitanui will return for his first game in two months after an ankle complaint and there is no doubt the talismanic ruckman will energise West Coast early. If Bellchambers can weather the storm and the Bombers get on top around the contest an upset could be on the cards.

It’s a big week for: John Worsfold

You couldn’t script a more intriguing storyline for 2019’s opening final. West Coast’s favourite son, who captained the Eagles’ first two premierships and coached the ’06 triumph, heads back to Perth amid reports his job at Essendon won’t be safe without a victory over his former club.

Big call: Adam Simpson to emerge from the coaches’ box waving his jacket above his head after West Coast holds on in a thriller.

Mottsy’s Tip: Eagles by 60+ points.


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      Thursday 5 September, 8.10pm EST at Optus Stadium


      B: S. Hurn, T. Barrass, W. Schofield

      HB: B. Sheppard, J. McGovern, L. Jetta

      C: D. Sheed, J. Redden, A. Gaff

      HF: W. Rioli, J. Darling, C. Masten

      F: J. Cripps, J. Kennedy, L. Ryan

      FOLL: N. Naitanui, E. Yeo, L. Shuey

      I/C: J. Waterman, T. Hickey, J. Nelson, M. Hutchings

      EMG: L. Duggan, N. Vardy, J. Cameron, B. Ah Chee

      IN: W. Schoefield, N. Naitanui, M. Hutchings

      OUT: O. Allen (Injured), L. Duggan (Omitted), J. Petruccelle (Omitted)


      B: A. Saad, C. Hooker, A. Francis

      HB: C. McKenna, M. Hurley, M. Redman

      C: A. McGrath, Z. Merrett, D. Parish

      HF: J. Stringer, S. McKernan, P. Ambrose

      F: A. McDonald-Tipungwuti, M. Brown, O. Fantasia

      FOLL: T. Bellchambers, D. Shiel, D. Heppell

      I/C: J. Laverde, K. Langford, W. Snelling, B. Ham

      EMG: T. Jok, D. Clarke, M. Hartley, J. Ridley

      IN: C. Hooker, O. Fantasia, D. Heppell, W. Snelling, J. Stringer

      OUT: M. Hartley, (Omitted), T. Jok (Omitted), J. Begley (Omitted), D. Clarke (Omitted), M. Gleeson (Injured)


      Friday 6 September, 7.50pm EST at the MCG


      B: Z.Tuohy, M.Blicavs, H.Taylor

      HB: M.O’Connor, J.Henry, T.Stewart

      C: M.Duncan, P.Dangerfield, B.Parfitt

      HF: G.Ablett, E.Ratugolea, G.Rohan

      F: L.Dahlhaus, T.Hawkins, J.Bews

      FOLL: R.Stanley, T.Kelly, J.Selwood

      I/C: J.Kolodjashnij, T.Atkins, G.Miers, Q.Narkle

      EMG: S.Selwood, S.Menegola, J.Parsons, L.Henderson

      IN: J.Kolodjashnij, T.Atkins

      OUT: L.Henderson (Omitted), C.Guthrie (Injured)


      B: L.Greenwood, J.Roughead, J.Howe

      HB: J.Crisp, D.Moore, B.Maynard

      C: T.Phillips, S.Pendlebury, C.Mayne

      HF: S.Sidebottom, B.Mihocek, W.Hoskin-Elliott

      F: J.Elliott, J.De Goey, J.Stephenson

      FOLL: B.Grundy, A.Treloar, T.Adams

      I/C: J.Noble, C.Brown, J.Thomas, R.Wills

      EMG: M.Scharenberg, T.Varcoe, J.Madgen, J.Daicos

      IN: S.Sidebottom. J.De Goey, J.Stephenson

      OUT: M.Scharenberg (Omitted), T.Varcoe (Omitted), J.Madgen (Omitted)


      Saturday 7 September, 3.20pm EST at Giants Stadium


      B: H.Shaw, P.Davis, S.Reid

      HB: A.Corr, N.Haynes, L.Whitfield

      C: Z.Williams, T.Taranto, A.Kennedy

      HF: J.Finlayson, H.Himmelberg, B.Daniels

      F: T.Greene, J.Cameron, B.Deledio

      FOLL: S.Mumford, H.Perryman, D.Lloyd

      I/C: S.Taylor, J.Hopper, J.Kelly, Boer

      EMG: I.Cumming, A.Tomlinson, L.Keeffe, I.Hill

      IN: N.Haynes, T.Greene, B.Deledio, J.Hopper

      OUT: I.Cumming (Omitted), L.Keeffe (Omitted), A.Tomlinson (Omitted), I.Hill (Omitted)


      B: T.Duryea, Le.Young, H.Crozier

      HB: J.Johannisen, Z.Cordy, E.Wood

      C: L.Hunter, M.Bontempelli, E.Richards

      HF: B.Dale, J.Schache, S.Lloyd

      F: B.Smith, A.Naughton, T.McLean

      FOLL: T.English, J.Dunkley, J.Macrae

      I/C: M.Suckling, R.West, P.Lipinski, W.Hayes

      EMG: J.Trengove, T.Dickson, B.Williams, R.Smith

      No changes


      Saturday 7 September, 7.25pm EST at the Gabba


      B: L.Hodge, H.Andrews, M.Adams

      HB: A.Witherden, D.Gardiner, D.Rich

      C: D.Zorko, J.Berry, M.Robinson

      HF: C.Cameron, E.Hipwood, H.McCluggage

      F: O.McInerney, D.McStay, C.Rayner

      FOLL: S.Martin, L.Neale, J.Lyons

      I/C: A.Christensen, L.McCarthy, Z.Bailey, N.Answerth

      EMG: B.Keays, J.Walker, L.Taylor, R.Lester

      IN: A.Christensen

      OUT: C.Cox (Omitted)


      B: D.Astbury, N.Broad, D.Grimes

      HB: B.Houli, N.Vlastuin, J.Short

      C: B.Ellis, D.Prestia, J.Caddy

      HF: D.Rioli, T.Cotchin, K.Lambert

      F: S.Bolton, T.Lynch, J.Riewoldt

      FOLL: T.Nankervis, S.Edwards, D.Martin

      I/C: I.Soldo, L.Baker, J.Graham, J.Castagna

      EMG: J.Ross, M.Pickett, M.Chol, D.Butler

      IN: T.Nankervis

      OUT: N.Balta (Omitted)



    West Coast: Jake Waterman, Dom Sheed, Tom Hickey, Will Schofield
    Essendon: Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford, Aaron Francis, Brandon Ham


  2. West Coast Eagles: 6.4.40 Essendon Bombers: 3.1.19
    Willie Rioli 41 Andrew McGrath 37
    Jamie Cripps 39 Dyson Heppell 32
    Jeremy McGovern 31 Darcy Parish 30
    Jack Redden 28 Tom Bellchambers 29
    Jack Darling 27 Will Snelling 29


  3. Half time
    West Coast Eagles: 10.8.68 Essendon Bombers: 6.2.38
    Josh J. Kennedy 3.1,Jamie Cripps 2.2,Liam Ryan 2,Will Snelling 2.
    Jamie Cripps 72
    Josh J. Kennedy 70
    Willie Rioli 62
    Jack Redden 59
    Liam Ryan 59

    Adam Saad 59
    Andrew McGrath 57
    Dyson Heppell 55
    Dyson Heppell 51
    Dylan Shiel 51


  4. Third Quarter
    West Coast Eagles: 13.11.89 Essendon Bombers: 8.5.53

    Jamie Cripps 107
    Josh J. Kennedy 90
    Luke Shuey 83
    Willie Rioli 78
    Liam Ryan 73
    Jack Redden 73

    Adam Saad 86
    Patrick Ambrose 81
    Dyson Heppell 81
    Aaron Francis 75
    Conor McKenna 74


  5. West Coast Eagles: 17.14.116 Essendon Bombers: 9.7.61
    Jamie Cripps 4.3,Josh J. Kennedy 4.2,Liam Ryan 3, Jake Waterman 2.1,Jack Darling 2,Dom Sheed 1.1,Willie Rioli 1.1

    A. M-Tipungwuti 2.2,Will Snelling 2,Adam Saad 2, Orazio Fantasia 1.2,Jayden Laverde 1,Andrew McGrath 1.

    Jamie Cripps 142,Dyson Heppell 111,Jack Redden 110,Luke Shuey 108, Andrew McGrath 107,Josh J. Kennedy 104,Dylan Shiel 103,Adam Saad 100.


  6. Might look at McGrath next year if he’s a DEF plus they mentioned that Lewis Jetta might be taking a few more kick ins in the future.


    1. Yeah, McGrath piqued my interest as well.

      Scored 108 and had 30 touches from only 59% TOG, but priced at an awkward 400k.



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