Game Chat – West Coast v Sydney

Written by Thommo on April 13 2017

Venue: Domain Stadium at 6:10pm AWST (just for our WA readers!)

Last Time They Met: Rd 5, 2017: Sydney 12.16 (88) def West Coast 7.7 (49)

Game notes: So who predicted this match to be between 6th place and 16th place on the ladder in the preseason?

With injuries to key personnel and gun midfielders struggling to find form, the Swans have suffered a spluttering start to season 2017 and couldn’t have timed this trip to the House of Pain any worse. They are staring down the barrel of an 0 and 4 start to the season, unheard of for last year’s runners up.

However despite the slow start, Sydney is a team more than capable of recovering from a slow start so the Eagles will be wary of the wounded beast. After wasting opportunities against the Tigers in the wet last week, they will look to jump the ailing Swans early and bring the crowd into the match.

While it will surprise nobody if the Swans get up, it’s hard to predict anything but a comfortable Eagles victory tonight.

Thommo’s Tip: West Coast by 4 goals.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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75 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Sydney”

    1. Same here – very surprised not on free-to-air for a long-weekend Blockbuster. Oh well, will have to settle for the Telstra Pass on my iphone which incidentally they also seem to have now blocked connecting to the TV….


  1. Random fact from the official match feed: Sydney is the only side this season that is yet to score from a kick-in chain.


  2. Young Skywalker has had 2 marks, 4 kicks (only at 25% D.E., sadly), 1 one-percenter, and and two inside-50s in the first five minutes. I love this guy!

    UPDATE (5 minutes later): he’s added a tackle to that list.


      1. Time will tell. I brought him into my tech league team last week; I’ve made the rather ballsy decision to bring him into my real team this week.


    1. Quarter-time: 6 kicks, 1 handball (42.9% D.E., 1 clanger, 1/7 contested), 3 marks, 2 tackles, 1 one-percenter, 2 inside-50s, 78% TOG.

      25 SC, 37 DT.


  3. Come on Swans! I’ve had you as my second team since I was about five, and as a Carlton supporter I’m relying on you to be good this year!


  4. West Coast 2.2 14 VS Sydney 2.2 14
    T. Barrass 32
    L. Shuey 31
    J. Redden 28
    E. Yeo 27
    M. Priddis 27 (5/5 contested, 4 tackles, 2 clangers)
    S. Mitchell 24
    A. Gaff 24
    S. Hurn 22
    C. Masten 20
    J. Cripps 19
    N. Vardy 17
    J. Nelson 16
    J. Giles 16
    J. Kennedy 15
    S. Butler 10
    B. Sheppard 10
    S. Wellingham 9
    J. Hill 8
    M. LeCras 4
    W. Schofield 3
    L. Duggan 2
    J. McGovern 0

    J. Kennedy 58 (8/12 contested, 2 tackles, 75 d.e)
    G. Hewett 36
    L. Parker 35
    C. Sinclair 35
    H. Grundy 27
    H. Cunningham 26
    J. Lloyd 25
    N. Newman 24
    J. Foote 23
    R. Fox 22
    D. Hannebery 20
    H. Marsh 19
    Z. Jones 18
    A. Aliir 16
    L. Franklin 13
    K. Jack 12
    S. Reid 10
    N. Smith 10
    C. Mills 8
    W. Hayward 8
    T. Papley 5
    O. Florent 4


  5. This is the first year I’m finding scores frustrating. I was watching Mills as I have him in draft league. He was on 5, had an intercept mark, long effective kick and went to 9..
    Now correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve always been under the impression an intercept mark got between 4-6 points and a long effective kicks always been a couple.
    Meanwhile, the AFL app tells me Yeo is running at 0% efficiency with 4 disposals for 28 SC..
    I don’t get it.


  6. So…. with Barrett not named.

    I’ve taken the V/C off JPK five minutes before the first bounce.

    58 at quarter time. WTF.

    Newwwwwwwman looking great.

    Hope Buddy is alright.


  7. Dear Adam Simpson,

    Please go back to the web defence, and stop having Barrass go one-on-one with Buddy.

    All Lance Franklin Owners


    1. Buddy is very sore from that big hit by Hurn. You could play Sam Mitchell on him and he’ll struggle to get free!


      1. This is why I hate playing multiple formats.

        Top 700 in AF, have Buddy… so its killing me watching him like this, but at the same time I’m thinking how juicy he’ll be in SC in a few weeks.

        Can’t win can you?


  8. “Josh P. Kennedy is playing West Coast next round, historically he doesn’t score as well against them” – great words of wisdom from SuperCoach Gold.


  9. HT: West Coast 5.9 39 vs Sydney 4.3 27
    E. Yeo 76
    J. Kennedy 72
    L. Shuey 58
    S. Hurn 54
    S. Butler 54
    M. Priddis 49
    S. Mitchell 45
    C. Masten 43
    B. Sheppard 42
    J. Redden 40
    J. McGovern 38
    T. Barrass 37
    A. Gaff 36
    J. Giles 35
    M. LeCras 32
    J. Cripps 28
    N. Vardy 25
    W. Schofield 24
    J. Hill 23
    J. Nelson 22
    S. Wellingham 22
    L. Duggan 16

    J. Kennedy 73
    L. Parker 65
    H. Cunningham 57
    H. Marsh 51
    J. Lloyd 48
    H. Grundy 47
    Z. Jones 46
    G. Hewett 44
    C. Sinclair 43
    D. Hannebery 37
    A. Aliir 34
    N. Newman 32
    L. Franklin 26
    R. Fox 25
    T. Papley 25
    O. Florent 22
    J. Foote 22
    C. Mills 21
    S. Reid 19
    N. Smith 17
    K. Jack 15
    W. Hayward 10


  10. Q2 Supercoach points:
    West Coast:
    J Kennedy: 57
    E Yeo: 49
    S Butler: 44
    J McGovern: 38
    B Sheppard: 32
    M Priddis: 22

    H Marsh: 32
    H Cunningham: 31
    L Parker: 30
    Z Jones: 28
    O Florent: 18
    D Hannebery: 17
    J Kennedy: 15
    L Franklin: 13
    N Newman: 8


    1. Shaw always drops a shocker in early but ends up banging out a string of 150+.

      Always a risky choice versus aiming gor him as a downgrade. But he could start a purple patch at round 1.


  11. looks like JPK score gone nowhere for some time?? still sitting on 79??

    Typical Ch7 in Brisvegas, we get no decent games up here (yes, I saw posts earlier saying not on anywhere) even when they are covered we are lucky to get games and then they are usually only Lions and Suns games each weeekend (apart from the usual Friday night game) … way to grow the game up here CH7 and AFL … NOT!!! … I mean, CH7 have at least 7 or 8 stations they could play all matches on … take that over Gator Boys or Doomsday preppers or whatever other tripe they offer up!! … sheesh .*rant over*!!


  12. 3QT: West Coast 9.10 64 VS Sydney 7.4 46
    E. Yeo 107
    J. Kennedy 102
    L. Shuey 85
    J. McGovern 81
    M. Priddis 79
    S. Hurn 77
    S. Butler 72
    A. Gaff 72
    J. Redden 70
    S. Mitchell 67
    B. Sheppard 62
    C. Masten 62
    J. Cripps 58
    T. Barrass 51
    S. Wellingham 50
    J. Giles 49
    J. Hill 43
    M. LeCras 41
    N. Vardy 34
    W. Schofield 34
    J. Nelson 33
    L. Duggan 20

    J. Kennedy 76
    H. Marsh 70
    L. Parker 70
    J. Lloyd 65
    L. Franklin 65
    Z. Jones 61
    C. Sinclair 61
    H. Cunningham 60
    H. Grundy 60
    G. Hewett 56
    D. Hannebery 56
    N. Newman 53
    A. Aliir 47
    S. Reid 44
    W. Hayward 43
    C. Mills 41
    J. Foote 39
    R. Fox 36
    O. Florent 35
    K. Jack 34
    N. Smith 30
    T. Papley 25


    1. Newman’s on 53 at 3-quarter-time; that should see him get to around 70-ish by the end of the match. That’s a pretty decent score for a $123,900 player.


      1. yeah, I was kind of looking (dare I say hoping) for a 90-100 score … and factoring 53 at 3QTR time it didn’t compute out to that … but as you point out I guess anything 70+ is a bonus …


  13. Yeo seems to be th real deal in a good side
    Took St Nick instead but Yeo is probably the next fwd trade in next round


    1. Yeo is looking very good when he’s given a set role.

      Been sucked in the last 2 years. I must not do it again…


      1. Just saw the stat that Yeo’s had 16 intercept possessions. He’s been everywhere around the ground – he’s probably the real deal!


          1. He was in my side for about 10 minutes tonight but reversed trades i just could’nt do it after last year . Matteo went a year too early i think because he is looking really good.


        1. He was playing as a loose man in defence for most of the night though, so you’d expect him to get a bunch of intercepts. I can’t trust him given what I have seen in previous years, if he is given a more accountable role, he goes missing.


  14. Come on Swans…. JPK to win it out of the stoppages, passing it out to Skywalker, who can kick it long to Buddy, who in turn can kick lots of goals. And Newman can play a sweeping role off half-back. Swans win, and I get lots of points. Please make it a reality!


  15. FT: West Coast 13.13 91 VS Sydney 10.5 65
    Pre Scaling:
    E. Yeo 142
    L. Shuey 128
    J. McGovern 115
    J. Kennedy 111
    M. Priddis 107
    S. Hurn 94
    C. Masten 92
    S. Butler 87
    B. Sheppard 86
    J. Redden 86
    J. Cripps 79
    A. Gaff 78
    S. Mitchell 77
    J. Giles 66
    J. Hill 66
    T. Barrass 64
    S. Wellingham 62
    L. Duggan 61
    N. Vardy 54
    M. LeCras 43
    W. Schofield 43
    J. Nelson 42

    J. Kennedy 114
    J. Lloyd 94
    D. Hannebery 93
    L. Parker 92
    S. Reid 84
    H. Grundy 84
    H. Cunningham 82
    H. Marsh 81
    N. Newman 80
    L. Franklin 77
    Z. Jones 73
    G. Hewett 69
    C. Sinclair 66
    R. Fox 59
    W. Hayward 59
    C. Mills 57
    A. Aliir 52
    J. Foote 51
    K. Jack 46
    O. Florent 42
    N. Smith 39
    T. Papley 23


  16. For Mitchell owners he played out with an ankle injury. Now has ten days to get over it. Can’t see him missing vs the hawks.



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