Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v West Coast

Written by Father Dougal on April 1 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Etihad Stadium, Sunday, April 1, 1.10pm AEST

SUMMARY:  There was much optimism around the Bulldogs’ fortunes this year despite their underwhelming premiership defence last season, but all that hopefulness appears to have disappeared after they were smashed by Greater Western Sydney in the opening round. While the effort was there for most of the game, the Dogs’ notoriously poor use of the footy once again shot them in the foot. Injuries have once again hampered Luke Beveridge’s men, but only a strong showing against West Coast on their home deck will give the red, white and blue faithful hope that last year was a one-off flag hangover. The Eagles were honourable last week without really ever threatening Sydney. Nic Naitanui made a successful recovery from 18 months out with a ACL tear, and the star big man will be better for the run. Josh Kennedy has been a constant thorn in the home team’s side, but with goal machine missing through injury, the Dogs should do enough to get the win.


R15, 2017, West Coast Eagles 12.15 (87) d Western Bulldogs 11.14 (80) at Etihad Stadium
R8, 2017, West Coast Eagles 9.15 (69) d Western Bulldogs 8.13 (61) at Subiaco Oval
2EF, 2016, Western Bulldogs 14.15 (99) d West Coast Eagles 7.10 (52) at Subiaco Oval
R11, 2016, Western Bulldogs 12.11 (83) d West Coast Eagles 11.9 (75) at Etihad Stadium
R21, 2015, West Coast Eagles 25.12 (162) d Western Bulldogs 13.7 (85) at Subiaco Oval

Father Dougal’s Tip: Bulldogs by 10 – I think playing at home will make the difference. If the Eagles were hosting, I’d tip them.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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24 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v West Coast”

  1. First 10 team league match

    Opponent: 51points ahead, lycett and lloyd

    Sicily, mclean and ruckman

    T/u. Trade cameron for english. It will be enough to get the job done (trade ryder next week)

    T/d. Ryder for nic nat. Need the points.


  2. Western Bulldogs v West Coast at Etihad Stadium, 3.20 AEST


    Western Bulldogs: Lukas Webb, Bailey Dale, Bailey Williams, Caleb Daniel
    West Coast: Jack Redden, Daniel Venables, Jackson Nelson, Willie Rioli


  3. WEST Coast senior coach Adam Simpson will not lead his team against the Western Bulldogs on Sunday after rushing home to Perth to be with his ill daughter. Who was admitted to hospital on Saturday night

    Forwards coach Jaymie Graham will coach the side against the Bulldogs.



    Bulldogs 3.3.21

    J Johannisen 49
    M Bontempelli 39
    B Williams 29
    T McLean 27
    M Suckling 25
    Z Cordy 24
    J Trengove 23
    L Hunter 21
    E Richards 21
    L Webb 20
    B Gowers 19
    J Roughead 19
    J Macrae 18
    M Honeychurch 15
    E Wood 15
    J Dunkley 14
    B Dale 12
    L Jong 8
    C Daniel 8
    L Dahlhaus 5
    A Naughton 4
    T English -1

    West Coast 3.5.23

    S Hurn 52
    L Ryan 35
    T Barrass 30
    C Masten 29
    J Darling 27
    J Cripps 20
    B Sheppard 19
    J McGovern 19
    S Lycett 18
    W Rioli 18
    J Waterman 17
    A Gaff 17
    D Venables 16
    D Sheed 16
    E Yeo 16
    M Lecras 15
    L Jetta 12
    L Shuey 11
    N Naitanui 8
    J Nelson 6
    J Redden 4
    L Duggan 4


      1. He’s definitely looking the slowest of all slow burn rookies. Much like Luke Brown was at the Crows a few years back. Most won’t habe the cash to sideways trade up to Bonner and most will have the other defensive rookies. Whilst his scores are low I’m not sure what options I have. If you’ve got good dpp links maybe you could swap Sicily back, bring a mid fwd and bring in another mid rookie. Bout all i can think of.


        1. He started to show a bit in the last 10 minutes, got a couple of confidence boosting intercept marks.


          1. He scored 23 points in the second quarter. If he can keep that up from this point forwards he could end up on around 70.


    1. same . I will have ryan, holman and doedee on bench this week. only good rookie I had on field was finlayson.


  5. TU – also a schmuck with Ryan sitting on the bench
    TD – own a flying DeLorean and know how to us it


    1. Don’t own Ryan!

      I started with English thinking he would be my loophole, and I may have gotten the right. Of course with the rest of the team looking so bad……



    Western Bulldogs 3.6.24

    M Bontempelli 63
    J Johannisen 59
    T McLean 54
    J Macrae 53
    L Hunter 51
    Z Cordy 44
    B Williams 35
    E Richards 33
    B Dale 32
    M Suckling 30
    J Trengove 29
    M Honeychurch 28
    B Gowers 27
    E Wood 27
    A Naughton 27
    J Dunkley 26
    L Webb 25
    C Daniel 22
    J Roughead 19
    L Dahlhaus 12
    L Jong 10
    T English -1 (yes, still…)

    West Coast 9.9.63

    T Barrass 81
    S Hurn 80
    L Ryan 73
    E Yeo 59
    J Darling 56
    J Waterman 55
    J Cripps 51
    A Gaff 49
    J McGovern 45
    S Lycett 42
    B Sheppard 39
    C Masten 37
    M Lecras 35
    D Sheed 34
    L Jetta 33
    L Shuey 32
    N Naitanui 30
    D Venables 25
    W Rioli 22
    J Nelson 22
    L Duggan 18
    J Redden 17


  7. I won’t be home during the second half, so someone else will have to take over copy/paste duties.


  8. Waterman covering for T.Greene , I was hoping for a 60 or so , nearly there at half time , hope he keeps going . Have McLean as well , haven’t seen him much but he is scoring ok


  9. There were THREE eagles in the square with no dogs anywhere near. What on earth is going with the dogs? They can’t seem to do two right things in a row.



    DOGS 70 vs EAGLES 121

    J.Macrae 140
    T.McLean 124
    L.Hunter 113
    J.Johannisen 109
    M.Bontempelli 101
    B.Williams 80
    Z.Cordy 75
    M.Suckling 72
    M.Honeychurch 66
    E.Wood 65
    J.Dunkley 65
    B.Gowers 57
    J.Trengove 56
    L.Dahlhaus 51
    L.Webb 50
    E.Richards 49
    A.Naughton 47
    B.Dale 46
    C.Daniel 37
    L.Jong 33
    J.Roughead 30
    T.English 29

    S.Hurn 137
    L.Ryan 115
    T.Barrass 111
    J.Darling 111
    E.Yeo 104
    A.Gaff 100
    J.Cripps 92
    J.McGovern 91
    M.LeCras 86
    S.Lycett 86
    N.Naitanui 85
    J.Waterman 78
    C.Masten 76
    B.Sheppard 76
    L.Jetta 73
    D.Sheed 64
    L.Shuey 63
    D.Venables 59
    J.Nelson 48
    L.Duggan 41
    J.Redden 39
    W.Rioli 31


  11. Wow. Eagles forward pressure was intense. However the really story is what has happened to the doggies!?! First time in a while I really watched them and wow they have fallen away.



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